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Why Are Road Bike Shifters So Expensive?(Fully Explained)

Road bike shifters are different from the thumb and top tube shifters, there is a smaller distance between the fingers of the rider and road bike shifters as compared to other types of shifters. road bike shifters are attached and installed with the levers of road bike brakes, but the thumb and top tube shifters are far from the fingers of the rider, which means road bike shifters are also known as road brake shifters. these road brake shifters are much more comfortable and are much easier to gear change as compared to other shifters, because of this major and advanced difference, the price levels of these shifters are also much higher and greater as compared to other shifters just because of more advanced features and more comfortability.

Road bike shifters are an addition of both brake levers and shifters, more expensive and modern brands of road bikes require proper brake bleeding in which, Shimano and SRAM fluids are used to insert within the brakes of your road bike from the same part and same area( road bike shifters) of your bike. it means this part of the bike is more complex and more complicated due to which there is a difference of 60$ to 70% between road bike shifters and mountain bike shifters, you can easily buy MTB shifters for less than 28$ range, but road bike shifters have prices more than 100$.

These are registered and are recommended for road bikes but other shifters are not recommended products for road bikes, these are also long-lasting products with much more durability as compared to shifters, which is the reason these are expensive with higher price ranges as compared to other shifters. these have many advantages, you don’t need to move your hand too far when shifting gears, and brake levers and shifters are too close and nearer to each other. when riders experience and notice these shifters, they would easily buy them without looking at their prices, and this step has given a big advantage to manufacturers of these shifters, when they saw that people are widely buying their product, they have got a chance and they increased price levels.


Road brake shifters are lighter in weight as compared to other shifters, lighter more durable products are signs of an excellent brand, those riders who run their bikes in racing festivals usually install these expensive brands due to weight advantage and durability.


These shifters would also give a better and more modern look as compared to other shifters, usually, those riders whose hobby is riding and biking, and these riders would take care of their bike, these people have installed these shifters in their bikes, these are usually installed by rich riders, although almost more than half of the road bike riders have installed thumb shifters because their prices are in a normal range.

Increases Riding Level And Confidence:

Riders who are new to biking and cycling would also need brake levers and gear shifters installed near the fingers and palms of their hands, so brake shifter assembly is much easier and more comfortable for them, at a higher speed when the bike goes out of control, you can easily change gears by braking and changing of these brake shifters. in this way gripping, handling, and confidence level would also increase, it shows that these shifters are directly attached and relatable to your biking style and confidence level on the trails.

It is common that when you want to change or shift gears you need a few seconds by changing the position of your hands and fingers, but these shifters have fast responses as compared to others.

Designing And Material Of Shifters:

The upper surface and top plate of other shifters are made up of steel and aluminum materials because those bike parts and products which are made up of these materials are cheap in their prices but these road brake shifters would contain an addition of a minimum amount of carbon material, as you know carbon material is too much expensive than aluminum, due to this composition price of these road brake shifters are greater and higher than other types of brake shifters.

Manufacturing And Engineering Of Road Brake Shifters:

Road brake shifters are those products that are manufactured and engineered by paying a lot of attention to each shifter within industries and companies. but the other types and brands of road bike shifters are manufactured less worthy by paying less attention, when engineers pay a lot of attention to making each product, then obviously these products are much roe better with increased working power and capacity. engineers pay a lot of their time to increase their profession and their level.

Popularity Among People About Road Brake Shifters:

Those people who are above 30 to 40 years, these people want road bikes just for commuting and touring purposes, these people would also want their ride much more comfortable, so they also want parts of their bikes much more easier and comfortable and these people would dislike irritating and cheap bike products, these people are coti9nously buying expensive products, it is the main reason that when industries and manufacturies have noticed that the number of sales of road brake shifters is much increased, they took advantage of the moment and now their prices are touching the sky.