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What are the advantages of tubeless tires over normal tires Things you didn’t knew

For a long period of time, I used tube tires but to my surprise, tubeless tires were a blessing since the track I was using was rough and had many broken glasses thorns bushes, etc there and I had a punctured tire almost every day also way much comfortable because I never tire too much pushing the pedals forward,

these tires provide relief to the riders because of their minimum pressure and very low resistance also they worked for me because they don’t get pinched that much and even if they do I keep sealing liquid and it’s just a bliss to wait 2 minutes and your tire is fixed I am never going back to tubes I wrote this article based on my own experience but I am no expert and not everything works for everyone. here are the advantages of tubeless tires.

  • Good durability
  • less resistance
  • longer mileage
  • slower leakage of air when punctured
  • good grip

did you ever wonder why tubeless tires are used on four wheels?

if so here, Let me explain to you about the tubeless tire its inner coating is thick in case of any thorn pinched in the tire the internal air pressure slowly leaks it’s very secure in accidents.

because the air slowly leaks from the punctured hole due to the thickness of the tire. Tubeless means there is no tube in the tire which indicates the tubeless tire is lesser in weight as compared to the tube tires. its repairing is also easy as compared to the tube tires.

the tubeless tire does not become flat when a nail or thorn is entered as compared to the tube tires. it does not create any kind of pressure with the earth’s surface because of the tubeless advantage,

the tire does not create any heat it increases the life of the tire. while you are driving at a high speed the tubeless tire stays stable you can handle the tubeless tire very easily in this way the engine of the vehicle remains good and it will pull every kind of weight you lift on.

Mostly for mountain bikers, tubeless tires are best because while riding through uphills these tires have the lowest pressure which will feel better, and do not tire literally. Pro riders especially recommend the tubeless tires for long rides and for performing amazing stunts in case of any puncture the inner pressure slowly decreases and it helps a lot to get rid of the irritating moment.

I can share also some disadvantages about the tubeless tire, after 4 to5 days the pressure of the air becomes low so you to fill the internal air pressure again due to tubeless design riding through harsh places the rim of the tire becomes weak due to the friction, the tubeless tire got slipped in rainy seasons.

Types of tubeless tire

Depending on the internal lining of the wires in the rubber of tubeless tire it has two types

Bias PLY tire

  • Hybrid surface
  • firm
  • mostly recommended for weightlifting


Radial PLY tire

  • Rolling surface
  • good grip on road
  • recommended for racing.

It indicates that the radial tires are used for high-speed engines these tires remain stable when you are in the race and you are in high speed, instead of these on your daily based routine for fewer power engines you need to have a tire of strong rubber, everyone wishes to have a tire that may have the capability of lifting heavy object on vehicles you can buy a bias-ply tire. Most people cannot have to change the bias tires for 2 or 3 years.

What are tube tires?

  • tube tires are unsafe than tubeless tires
  • Made of fragile rubber
  • Air is filled in the tube
  • Release inner pressure very quickly
  • Takes time in fixing the puncture

Advantages of tube tires

Tube tires are not expensive as compared to tubeless tires.

Tube tires Give proper shape when air is filled in them.

Tube tires do not give any damage to the rim.

Tube tires retain internal air pressure for months.

Provides smooth running on roads.

Disadvantages of tube tires

  • It Leaks internal air very quickly.
  • Small pointy things puncture the tube.
  • Generates heat when the vehicle is at high speed.
  • Any kind of sealant does not help when punctured.
  • Very less durable.

Everything has its own advantage according to our mindset, you may choose tube and tubeless tires according to the trails you face. tube tires are often used for road bikes after 2008 there came tubeless tires the main advantage is that you can fix a puncture on tubeless time in just 5 or 10 minutes.

How you can fix a tubeless punctured tire?

Tires do not consist of only rubber in their designing if you rupture the tire you will see a glitch of wires lining in the internal structure of the rubber. You got a hole in the top middle of the tire

hold the screwdriver and pick a single tire plug rubber insert it in the hole it will fill the space of the hole follow the second step apply some glue on the punctured hole area it will hold the inner pressure, the rubber patches are available among the shops before riding buy some patches or you can use your old tubes as a holder, many riders prefer their old tubes in case of any puncture.

Remember the puncture in the middle of the tire and side puncture have different methods of fixing 

You got a side puncture in your tire, the best way to fix it is to sew the cut with a needle or any screw you have got after sewing inflicts the glue top of the sewing and in the inner side of the side fix it with a patch with a glue coating in the edges  100 percent sure it will work in a better way.

Remember not to forget to insert the sealant in the tire because the plug rubber will fill all of your holes and hold the inner pressure perfectly in case of small leaking just hold the tire and shake it the sealant will fill the damaged area instantly.

How to inspect a new tire.

If you had bought a new tire and it’s your first time then remember never ignore the use full tips before installing a new tire firstly inspect the whole tire by rolling through hands because sometimes the tires may have cuts on their casings or its badly designed or any fault in its manufacturing, now just notice the width of the rim and buy a wrapping tape of the same diameter so that it would be accurately wrapped in the middle of the rim and there should be no space in the right and left side of the rim.

This is important for every rim because the rims are may in such a way it has many small holes in the middle through which the sealant may leave the tire entirely and it’s risky for the riders who cannot wrap a seal on the rim. Remember never to use  CO2 sealant because there are chances of reactions, blasts due to temperature it badly affects on the tire.

If it’s the first time you are inserting a tubeless tire use an old tube as a protector for your tire after some psi of air pressure the tube fully sits in the base and it acts as a protector when you ride through harsh and rocky trials.

One more tip for buying tubeless tires you will have to buy a new rim, new valve, and a new sealant because it fits differently when you compare them with tube tires.

How long do tubeless tires last?

tubeless tires run for at least 35 to 40km, it depends on the driving conditions, how you ride, where you ride, how you keep maintaining your bike while riding through trails. You can say that the rocky tracks are inversely proportional to the tubeless tires.

What is best for you? tube/tubeless

Everyday chores you have to ride for the exercise on the road you will choose tube tire bike because the track is clean and there are not any bushes, thorns rather than if any nail or something pinched in your tire you know as well there are many local mechanics that might refix your puncture it would be comfortable for your body because it does not sucks on road beside

this if you want to go for a ride across the country choose your tubeless mountain bike the reason is that it does not tire you while pedaling through uphills. The purpose of choosing a tubeless tire is that these tires are strong and they are lesser in weight it does cost much time while fixing the puncture of a tubeless tire.


I will choose tubeless tires over tube tires any day because they are much more durable they have a longer life span and they are easily repairable, but still, it’s up to you to choose what’s best for you, you should see the circumstances around you and make a choice depending on what you need and what kind of track you ride on daily basis.


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