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what are mountain bikes

Mountain bikes are specially designed cycles for off-road tracks, they come with a wide range of gears, they have suspensions and a good braking system.

this is what typically a mountain bike looks like they have wide tires that provide grip on different types of off-road terrains. They have a very large gearing scale to help with ascending and descending on rough tracks the brakes on mountain bikes are sharp as well since you never know what to expect on an off-road track. mountain bikes come in a large variety buy you could break them down into two main categories hardtails and full-suspension bikes.

Mountain Bike types :

Typically mountain bikes are produced in 4 styles/types there are

  • hardtail
  • full suspension
  • XC/cross country
  • trail bikes

The most popular among them is a hardtail it is lightweight easier to handle and beginner-friendly, They have suspensions on the front wheels only and no sus on back wheels when I say beginner-friendly it is mostly recommended to use a hardtail as a beginner it helps you quickly learn the skills you need they are even the most liked among the pros and personally I prefer a hardtail over a full suspension bike as well, They are well known or used for uphill tracks or tracks which have a lot of climbing involved

Now that doesn’t mean that full suspension bikes are any less important, They have suspensions on both front and back, each type of bike have their own unique qualities tied to them full sus mountain bikes are really good for rough terrains they provide a cushy ride on those terrains and are usually used on downhill tracks because are flying on those tracks and they provide really big support.

XC/Cross country bikes are a mixture of a hardtail and full suspension they were introduced as prototypes combining hardtails and full suspension bikes, They have great efficiency on normal/mid-level difficult tracks but if things get rough they don’t prove too much but still, they are loved by many and are still popular among mountain bikers.

Trail bikes are specially designed for downhill rough terrains they shine brightly on the downhill tracks you can spot a trail bike from far as they have coil springs unlike the full sus or XC bikes they are one of the fastest and more reliable bikes for downhill trails.

The trails in this case are more jumpy and grumpy, these bikes have rigid suspensions they are much more rigid than their fellow downhill rides

Downhill bikes as the name suggests are similar to trail bikes but they are very good rides for downhill trails and have a similar setup as trail bikes they too have coil springs on the rear instead of suspensions they perform extremely well on the really rough downhill terrains the suspensions on the downhill bikes are less aggressive pushable as they are built to race down

Most popular mountain bikes :

Usually, mountain bikers have 2 or 3 or more bikes in their collection, it’s just like you will a dish you can not eat steak all day every day for a year same thing with mountain bikers we like to have multiple bikes it just adds more flavor if you as mountain bikers why they have so many bikes they will most often reply as to why not.

As for the most popular bikes, amount mountain bikers would be

  • Hardtail
  • full suspension

Most often they will have both they both are quite good both have their ups and downs they may prefer a hardtail but full sus also gives cushy rides and are as popular as hardtails so, in the end, the debate will always be end with why not have both.

Are mountain bikes different from road bikes:

Mountain bikes are very different from road bikes the reason being they are made for rough tracks durability is their signature, unlike the road bikes which have speed as their signature.

mountain bikes are laced with wide tyers mostly often they are tubeless and they are equipped with suspensions, higher set of gears, adjustable parts and more, they were specially designed for rough tracks jumps and bumps, stunts and high performance than road bikes, they are perfect to take on adventures since they can carry lots of loads and still run smoothly and efficiently on either roads or mountain tracks.

Why mountain bikes have wide/fat tires and suspensions:

Mountain bikes are made meant to be ridden on sloppy and rough terrains all the skating riding through those single trails twists and turns and all that requires a good grip if the grips are not there you can’t perform or enjoy the riding thinking you might slip up or an accident is waiting to happen to you that why

Mountain bikes have wide tires they help with the grip the wider they are the better they are also suspension attached you can ride freely knowing that suspensions will take on the massive shocks and help the riders ride comfortably if the terrain is rough.

Now you may see very wide or fat tires on mountain bikes are fairly thin compared to other mountain bike tires reason being really simple that they are good for their respective purposes if they are fat they perform extremely well on the roughest of terrains and if they are thinner than what you see mostly they are simply because they are lightweight and are for more of the less rigorous tracks.

How to get started in mountain biking :

It’s very easy if you want to start mountain biking I also encourage you to do it it’s great for exercising socializing and a very good sport as well all you need to have is a mountain bike now you may be wondering what to ride and where to ride don’t worry its fairly simple, you can check to see the nearest shop where you can get your mountain bike from and ask them as well where you can ride they will actually provide you with a very good guide on where to start but still you had like to know where you can get additional tracks info or where to find more tracks from.

There are several or should I say hundred of tracks around you if you  see a forest or woody areas you will find mountain bike tracks there but there are several apps out there dedicated to finding tracks near you here’s a list

  • komoot
  • Strava
  • trail forks
  • Vikiloc

these are some of the most popular ones, I do recommend using multiple apps since one app might not point in the exact direction so use 2 apps at a time and you will be good to go now the question would be how to purchase or select the bike read the below article.

What kind of mountain bike is good for you :

Now there can be all kinds of guides on buying this buy that and it has this and it has that this one’s budget-friendly this has more features etc it all boils down to if you have already decided on buying one why not put an extra penny you are not going to use it for one or two days so it’s always better to consider budget but not cutting down what you had wanted and going with people suggestions also if you are a beginner and you are looking where to buy from

Don’t buy online, you do not know what kind of track you will be riding, it’s best to go to a local shop like them for tracks near you and what kind of bike would be best for you.

This will allow you to know someone who will be riding the same track as you are you can easily ask them for advice and you made a friend as well it won’t be so awkward as well.

So at least, in my opinion, you should always buy from a local store instead of buying online.

But of course, you can always buy your gear online like helmets and protective gear to wear.

Conclusion :

Mountain biking is awesome if you had never ridden one before you are missing a lot i would say you should try mountain biking at least once in a life time it offers good health its a great outdoor activity and it has a lot more to offer than health and mental benefits.

If you are into any kind of sports that’s great but you should definitely try mountain biking you wont regret it.

Let me know in the comment section if this guide was helpful or not what more you would like to know and any lingering questions that you have about mountain biking i will be happy to help.


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