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Tired of carrying backpacks while mountain biking?I have a solution| tube straps

You have been mountain biking for some time now and you have been carrying a backpack or a hydration pack for quite some time now and you have got tired of them and you are looking for an alternative but instead of carrying or you are just new to mountain biking and you don’t like carrying a bag pack but you can’t seem to find something appropriate that has style doesn’t look so odd on your bike and holds your tools as well? well, I have just the right thing for you something that can cover your tools and you can just hang it on your bike as well.

Backpacks are great I have nothing against them they are good and they provide good storage for your tools as well

they have enough storage that you can even throw your dog in it if it’s exhausted

well back to the topic at hand…

SO not denying that they are not useful, but if you are like me well backpacks are not just your style and the extra weight on your back gives you kind of an itchy feeling.

There are a lot of options out there that can be a great replacement for backpacks and they are great as well but then again you have to keep up with the style looks are not everything and you need the storage and stability as well, so here’s what I found that is very useful goes anywhere on the mountain bike has stability and doesn’t stand out too much as well.

Tube straps :

If you haven’t heard of tube straps or never seen one well it’s not your fault until recently I mean past 3-4-5 years ago they were pretty popular until the hydration bags and other types of bags came along but since

modren problems require modren solutions

and even though they may be underrated or out of style these days but you cannot deny that they were useful and still today many of the riders utilize them instead of backpacks, like this guy

casually cruising with his tube staps instead of backpacks

so what do they offer in terms of space and where can you install/hang them on your bike.

How much space tube staps offer :

well you can carry

  • spare tube
  • a mini co2 pump
  • stem caps for your valve
  • a sealant if you run tubeless tires
  • a multi-tool kit

and other things that you can force on them, well all in all they can carry most of your things that are extremely essential on tracks.

where can you mount your tube staps on your bike :

This is the most useful feature about the tube straps that I personally like a lot and most of you guys will as well, straps are easy to mount at almost any part of your bike.

You can mount tube staps on the top tube and your seat tube as well and anywhere else you see fit they fit really well and stay put.

Do tube straps slip :

One of the biggest concerns you would have is if the straps become lose when you are riding for a long time or in general if the trail is a bit harsh and jumpy well the simplest answer is

Tube straps are really sturdy they stick with the tubes almost like they are glued together they can move if you fall down and the bag takes a hit but other than that you don’t need to worry too much since they barely move from any jumps or vibrations.

Are tube straps water/mud proof :

tube straps are waterproof to some extent but they are not totally water or mud proof but that’s not their drawback either because you easily move them on your bike if it started pouring on you simply move them under your seat the seat will shield them and of course, your body will be shielding it as well so it’s not a drawback.

What are tube straps made of :

Tube straps are made of mostly plastic and fabric like any other kind of bag they are plastic and fabrics mixed.

Do tube straps make noise :

tube straps are tightly mounted on your bike so they don’t move and hence they don’t make noise as well.

Disadvantages of tube straps :

Of course, everything that has an advantage does come with its own disadvantages here are some of the major disadvantages

  • Not enough storage
  • straps become loose over time

tube straps are good as long as it’s your necessary trail stuff but they are actually smaller and as for something like a hydration pack replacement you may need to install a bottle stand on your bike as well that way you can have both your tools and your water on trail as well.

But if you are not far from a water source like a lake or something well then tube straps are perfect for you.

will you lose bike color because of the tube straps :

Yes, you can lose color where there are straps if there is a  constant spot on your bike that you will be attaching it on then after a fair amount of use you may start losing color from that spot and that may be very visible.

How to avoid losing color :

There is a way to avoid the color loss you can use a transparent tape to cover the areas where you are going to mount the bag almost all the time by transparent tape I mean like helicopter tape it’s really cheap and really great the tape itself doesn’t damage the paint nor it will damage it once you take it off of your bike.

Can you wash your mountain bike with tube straps on it :

Yes, you can wash your bike with tube straps on it just be careful that the dirt doesn’t slip under the straps if it does it will end up scratching your bike.

In what riding conditions tube straps are ideal :

strap bags are ideal for short-distance travels they are much more appropriate and productive rather than hauling a big bag in your bag just to carry some tools.

on other hand they can be useful for long-distance as well you can use them as a mini bag just for the tools you think might get lost in the big bags.

The most distinctive features of tube straps :

the most distinctive feature of tube bags is that they are theft-proof if you are in a densely populated area there is always a chance that even your tool bag may get stolen or lost they are perfect for these kinds of situations.

Because they are small you can take them with you and instead of hauling a big bag on your bag, they seem more appropriate, and because they are so small and you can put less weight on them makes them easy to carry around thus making them theft-proof.

another useful feature is that due to their smaller size they can be attached to the very complex bike structures as the technology and the designs vary we can see more bikes are coming with lesser space under the top tube.

these straps don’t really take much space and are ideal for the task of holding your tools.

Low prices :

tube straps prices are not that high they can cost you from 10$ to 30$ at most for the best quality so it doesn’t cost you much either and can be mounted at any place on your bike.

Best tube straps :

  • Oneup EDC straps
  • Backcountry Research strap
  • Dakine Hot Laps Gripper
  • Backcountry Mutherload

Backcountry straps are quite popular they do produce good quality stuff but, the brands I mentioned above all produce quite nice products I have personally used dakine and backcountry products they are quite good and so far my experience with these products have been really great.

Dakine products are produced in Canada in case you are having issues with the other brands not shipping to Canada.


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