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Small cheap amazing accessories for mountain bikers

personalized items are one way to show love for your most loved possessions or sports items like paint jobs on your car exhaust upgrades equipping cars with hydraulics or getting paint jobs done on your motorcycles as well, well so what items you can add to a mountain bike to give it a more of a personalized look? don’t know?

Well here’s a list of some of the gadgets that you can add to your mountain bike to give it a more personalized look.

  • stem caps
  • stem bolts
  • headset spacers
  • Presta valve stems
  • bar end plugs

These are all the things you can get customized and you can ask some service providers to do your logo on them as well and also you can get them in different colors and different shapes as well.

Some of you may not understand are stem caps and stem bolts,s especially beginner mountain bikers who may not remember all the bike parts names so let me briefly explain how they look and work, and then we will move on to how to get your logos and paint jobs are done on them and if they are available in premade styles.

Stem caps and bolts:

Stem caps are fitted right on the stem there is a bolt in the middle of it to keep everything tightly held in place here’s a picture to better understand what I am talking about.

The stem bolt and the stem are highlighted in the picture as you can see

There’s not a cap fitted on it yet but you can buy a cap and fit it on.

There are alot of service providers out there who make custom stem caps, bolts head set spacers and even presta valves and bar end plugs.

How can you make the most out of these :

if you like topaint or style your things these little gadgets are perfect for you, you can use them on your bike as a

  • color contrast
  • matching colors
  • adding unique styles.

With these you can add a unique style to your bike and if they are in constrats to your bikes color all the more reason to make it stand out.

Cheap prices :

you may think that these may cost you alot they dont these are really really cheap and you can get them delivered to your home as well. A custom cap with you logo on it will cost you as little as 13$ and if you had like to get the bolt and the stem colored as well it will cost you 20$ more but i would suggets getting a cap since the stem and the bolt will be hidden and you got yourself a logo of your own on your bike.

These may not make a significant change but if you had like you can go along and get a presta valve as well as headset spacers, if you dont know what head set spacers are here’s a picture to make you understand just that.

The ring around at the bottom of the handle is called a headset spacer

you can get matching colors of headset spacers,presta valves and stem caps to really pimp your bike.

Material :

all of these little gadgets on most of the market places are made of aluminium but i think they provide diversity in the material as well so you can get them in carbon and steel according to your bikes material.

If you had like to go a little more beyond than you can get custom bar end plugs as well, bar end plugs are very important and very usefull as well.

Bar end plugs :

bar end plugs are fittled on the both ends of the handle bars they are made up of plastic and you can get them custom made with your logo name or face or just color your unique color scheme on them as well.

in addition to the style you can promote your brand name or your products as well.

There is a little confusion between bar ends and bar end plugs specially in new mountain bikers you may come across bar ends when searching for bar end plugs.

Bar ends :

Bar ends are different than bar end plugs and you may usually not spot them on mountain bike these days but in the past they were really popular and a very usefull product they used to be attched to the end of the handle bars of mountain bike just like you see on the road bikes but they were shorter in length.

People dont use them more often these days nor do they promote them and the biggest reason they disappeared is for more slick designs anyways lets get to the topic at hand.

bar ends specific to mountain bikes

Branding or promoting product :

You can utilise these accessories not even for the looks and your personal preference but for even promoting your brands products or even use them to promote your youtube channels as well.

the real benefit of these is that they are small but if you combine them all you bike will stand out more and its bound to attract more attention to your bike as well as yourself you can use that attention to promote your own products your brand or your youtube channel and you will instantly make a trusting bond with your custommers as well.

How to take measurements :

All most all of the mountain bikes these days have a standard it mean almost all of them have same diameter for their bar end plugs and plug caps and you wouldnt need one but if you had like to make sure that you may get the exact diameter than you can either use a measuring tape convert cms into mms or you could go more precise and use a vernier caliper to take measurements.

Where can you find these bar caps and bar end plugs :

There are alot of sites out their that take your order online and deliver it to you in about a week time but the most famouse are kustom caps they make make some good quality caps and bar end plugs.

There you can find premade designs and also you can place custom orders and ask them to print your custom logos or brand names as well.

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