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Mountain bikes and Aerobars|everything you need to know

Aerobars are used for both road bikes and mountain bikes, the main difference which feels while riding on the mountain bike is in their geometry. , mostly the tall riders install aero bars in their bikes because it gives them extra reach and comfortability.

it’s just a difference that does not mean that it’s impossible to install the aero bars on a mountain bike, I was recently interested in them for long travels something that could speed me up that show I came across aero bars and decided to write an article on it since a lot of people were searching for it.

Aero bars are especially comfortable and useful for a long drives but they can be very handy for people who have a longer reach.

Aerobars are two long straight rods/extensions with elbow pads, that provide an extra position for handling. The purpose of the aero bars on a bike is to find a comfortable position for both hands during the long rides.

they give you a better position and help you not tire so soon while increasing your aerodynamics that helps in increased speed. aero bars are fixed in the stem region of the flat handlebars.

brief Info on aero bars:

The flat bars need to grasp the handle with the wrist arms but aero bars are long bars that provide rest to your both arms from wrist arm to elbows .these are mostly installed for long rides, long tours, and having long journeys where you might know that your wrist arms will tire holding the bars for a long time in the straight position.

Aerobars make a 90-degree angle between your shoulders and the elbow provides an extra option to grasp them and gives traction. The elbow position of the aero bars contains foams for comfortability. The weight of the aero bars is usually around 600 to 800 grams.

10 best and most popular aero bars:

  • Jammer GT
  • Tech Aero Cockpit
  • T3 Plus
  • T4 plus
  • Schwinn Prelude
  • Mini Aerobars
  • Fold-up Armrests
  • Vision Trimax Carbon SI
  • Control Tech TTH-14 Falcon Mini Clip
  • Vision Team Mini TT Handlebar (175mm)
  • T5 plus
  • Strength Aerobars TT Bike(350mm)
  • Profile Design Sonic Ergo
  • Profile Design Supersonic Ergo

Their prices vary differently depending upon their quality.

How to choose an aero bar for a bike?

choose an accurately sized aero bar for handling. the best method for choosing an aero bar would be that you can check the aero bar by placing both elbows on the elbow pads by holding both extensions with your wrist arms. you will notice that your elbow and the wrist arms are in a comfortable situation when you install them on your bike. This is the proper way of buying a comfortable-sized aero bar for your bike.

Wind speed:

While grasping them with your hands it lowers your upper body, in this case, the wind will not resist your speed on the trails. Aerobars mostly double the speed of your bike as compared to the flat bars like you will take 40 minutes in covering 10 kilometers without having bars and when you install the bars on your mountain bike you will cover a 20-kilometer distance within 40 minutes.

Your bike gains aerodynamic is very useful in racing because it does not allow your bike to resist its speed. having the aero bars in bike rides faster than the bike without aero bars. Prices of aero bars start from 60$ to 300$.

How do you ride with aero bars?

Riding a bike with aero bars needs to forward the saddle of your bike and also adjust an appropriate height of the saddle where it feels natural while traveling. You can also reposition the nose of the saddle while having the aero bars for stability so that the ratio of the aero bars and the saddle becomes the same and you will adopt an aero position. if you want to up the position aero bars then add some spacers in the flat bar and in the aero bars and adjust the height depending on your own body height.

You can adjust the aero bars based on your comfort level because the position of aero bars varies up and down. basically, the aero bars are positioned during their installation.

it seems to face a little bit of difficulty in the beginning because your position of handling is directly changed from straight to aerodynamic, you may feel weird keeping the elbows on the bars but after 3 to 4 times it does not irritate you become usual and gives a comfy ride.

Shapes of aero bars:

The aero bars are available in short and long in their lengths, the best way of having stable aero bars is to buy them of your elbow size. some aero bars are bent in their forward ends making a U shape and some are separated(extended in the straight parallel position).

Aerobars have different positions to grab(flat and rise aero bars) and these are available in L, S, and flat shapes. The most comfortable shape of aero bars which is famous is J-bend.

You can ride your bike at a faster speed because aero bars make your ride easier at fast speed it does not tire you, you will feel easier at high speed like it provides an extra advantage in riding.

While applying brakes you can pick one hand from the aero bar and pull the lever brake in this way the balance of your bike remains stable while riding.

Essential benefits of aero bars:

  • Aerobars do not consume much of your energy while pedaling and make your ride easier.
  • Aerobars are installed to burn your body extra weight and make your muscles strong because of your stretching position and allow your upper body and backbone to continuously move.
  • Aerobars are light weighted and heavier depending upon the material used in their manufacturing(carbon and aluminum aero bars)
  • Aerobars provide you with faster speed while riding as compared to non-aero bars.

Safer from injury:

Mountain biking trails are very hard, dangerous, and risky trails. Riding a bike with aero bars provides many benefits to the rider and acts as a safety measure and a protective barrier. while riding through the down trails and corner trails every rider avoids falling. in this case, aero bars are useful, if you got a crash or accident Your bike hits down badly, the aero bars protect you from destroying the bike also save you from hitting the ground.

Aerobar dangers:

Aerobars are mostly prevented while riding among the cycling groups the reason is that, in case of any crash or hitting there are chances of hitting the aero bars to some of your friends, fellow, or mate. that’s why when you ride in groups your friends may not allow you to ride closely to them with the aero bars, but if you are riding on a single trail with a large distance from your friends then you may as well use them

this is the most important feature of the aero bars for mountain biking, that’s why most riders recommend aero bars in mountain bike life for safety measures to protect your body from any serious injury.

How to install aero bars?

There are different spare parts of the aero bar which are given below:

Aerobars contain

  • clamps and bolts
  • Two connectors
  • two long extensions
  • elbow/Armrest pads
  • foam disk
  • aero bar riser kit
  • extension tower
  • Aero spacer kit

Installation of the extensions of the aero bar:

  • Firstly pick two connectors of the aero bar so that their circle size would match exactly the same with the diameter of the rod of the flat handlebar.
  • Insert both of these connectors in the handlebar near the stem region(right & left).
  • Pick the bolts of the connectors and fix them in the holes of the connector(up and down) tightly with the Allen wrench or a screwdriver.
  • Now pick a single extensor of the bar.
  • lengths are given in millimeters and centimeters on the surface of both extensions.
  • you have to insert an extensor rod in the top of the connector and rotate the extensor rod to bring it in an accurate position and tight both clamp bolts of the extensor with the Allen wrench so that the extensor would not move or rotate.
  • Now insert the second extensor rod in the connector and position it by rotating left and right.
  • Look at the top ends of both extensors, they must be equal to each other in length.
  • Now insert the bolts of the connector and tighten them with the Allen key so that the extensor would not be moveable.
  • Check both extensions with your hands so that they would not be flexible/movable.

installation of foam disk of aero bar:

  • Pick a single foam disk and put it in its place on the connector.
  • it has two clamp bolts insert these bolts in the foam disk pad and tighten bolts with the Allen wrench.
  • Now adjust the foam in the disk by pushing inward.
  • Do the same with the second disk pad by tightening its clamp bolts and inserting foam so that it becomes much comfortable for the elbow.

Installation of the aero bars is an easy and simple method for every rider who owns does not require any skill. you just need an Allen key and the above-mentioned spare parts of the aero bars. its parts are also available in the local mechanic shops and also these are available online.

Other features of aero bars:

These bars are also used for hanging any useful thing on both of them which may be your bag, food, or your water bottle. grasp both bars tightly through your hands while riding and it provides pushing force in the forward position, it’s the main reason most people install them in their bikes.

Conclusion :

Aerobars may not be considered very often for mountain bikes but there are exceptions to the rule and people do but avoid putting up aero bars on heat trails or generally trails you can use aero bars if you had like to go on a road trip with your mountain bike and you are looking for something that’s more comfortable while provides you with enough speed.

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