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Mountain bike socks-Best comfort Socks for every rider

Socks are one of the most important and necessary accessories in mountain biking. these are soft and warm and necessary to wear in winter and summers while having a ride. these create a grip with the shoes and cover the ankle, feet fingers, feet palm one without wearing socks desire to ride their bikes on a single trail. these are easy to wear and the material used in their making is much soft and fragile which even most of the time works as a barrier between the shoes and your feet and ankle region, in case the shoes are bending and irritating you.

socks compress the feet in such a way that your shoes do not take off and give a comfy ride to pedal peacefully without any discomfort. mountain bike socks are different from normal shoes because the difference occurs in compression, tightness, quality material, durability, and size.

If you are feeling pain in your feet and you feel unpleasant in wearing the shoes, wearing socks makes your feet comfortable and the pain does not feel much and you are free to go on the trails. however most people would not deeply think about the socks and they may think that socks are a small inexpensive accessory but when you can study and think about the advantages that the socks give, our minds become clear, and then we will understand why everyone is wearing socks in their daily life.


How do socks give relief to mountain bikers?

Socks are the main thing the riders use to wear to relieve pain that is present in the feet and the ankle region. if you are having pain in the feet for months then you can wear socks that give relief from pain and you will make your ride possible without any trouble. you can massage your feet with vaseline or any pain-relieving cream and then wear socks to reduce the pain and feel easier to go on a ride.

If your feet are swollen or arising pain and it is impossible to wear shoes in such cases mountain bike socks are tight enough in wearing and make your feet pain-free. if you are having an injury in the feet region wrap a protective band and wear socks above and go for a ride.


Which material socks are best for MTB rides?

Although socks are made up of nylon, fiber, cotton, polyester, and wool. these materials makes difference in wearing socks in winters and summers. the thicker wool socks are used for winter seasons which will keep your feet warm mostly in snow rides and in bad rainy seasons. the thin cotton socks are used in summer seasons which will absorb the sweat released from your palm feet and do not cause any slips on the trails while you are pedaling and climbing the uphills.


The lifespan of mountain bike socks:

Their lifespan depends on their usage not stretch them when you are wearing otherwise too much-pulling causes weakness in their sleaves which will start slipping and going down while you are pedaling, in these circumstances their lifespan reduces.

Using cotton, nylon, and polyester socks for more than six months, you will notice they start becoming old and stretchy and they start rupturing, besides this the wool socks have a lifetime warranty and long-lasting durability.


How do socks give protection to mountain biker feet?

We all know the trails of a mountain bike ride, long grown bushes of the trees, close distance between the trees, and the big rocks staying on both sides of the trails. wearing socks will protect the feet of the rider from the thorns of the bushes.

if you got a trail accident and your shoes got badly ruptured from the lower and both left and right sides, socks will give enough protection to your both feet.

Socks prevent small injuries that will happen due to the closeness of the frame of your bike and the crank legs.

Socks protect the skin from many harsh things especially if you hit a tree or rock or any other irritating thing.


Do mountain bike socks breathable?

The socks with tightened sleeves and tight used texture are not breathable because of their thickness which differs them from the normal wearing socks.

the wool socks are breathable which are used to wear also for winter seasons because of their breathability and the sweat which is pouring from the feet will become dry when the air reaches the socks.

Always buy breathable socks due to which the air fully reaches the feet and makes your ride comfortable.


Are compression socks good for mountain biking?

Compression socks are usually used for long ridings like more than 12 hours of the ride because the main advantage of using these socks is that they will not cause any pain in the feet region also the compression socks will increase the blood circulation of your body and these socks will cover any pain in a few hours of wearing. compression socks are tighter in their sleeves as compared to the other mountain bike socks.

When you go for a long ride then your feet would start originating a pain, for such circumstances compression socks are used to provide relief from that is also helpful for ankle pain because it tights the ankle and heals the ankle pain.

Mountain bike socks for wet rides:

Almost it’s very difficult for every mountain biker to ride on wet trails where the shoes and socks become wet by splashing a ton of muddy water. the shoes are waterproof but if the socks are not waterproof then your feet become wet and the most irritating moment is when the socks become wet on the trails because it feels disgusting.

the best waterproof socks for mountain biking which are famous for wet rides are given below:

  • Sealskinz All-weather
  • Sumade
  • Dexshell Hytherm Pro
  • Tanzant
  • Hanz
  • Dexshell Waterproof Ultraite Bamboo
  • Layeba
  • Sealskinz Trekking Thick Mid
  • Randy Sun Waterproof
  • Meikan

After having a discussion with your friends and the other riders about these brands of socks you can choose a single best brand and buy from amazon and through the stores where you have easy access to get them.

Does the size of mountain bike socks matter?

Yes, the size of the socks matters and varies from rider to rider if you choose bigger size socks they will be uncomfortable for your feet and you have to stop on every corner to up the sleeves of your socks.

  • If your shoe size is from 5 to 8 number then small and medium-sized socks are recommended for your feet.
  • if your shoe size is 9 to 12 number then medium and large-sized socks are recommended for your feet.
  • if your shoe size is from 12 to 15 number then the large and extra-large socks would be fitted exactly on your feet.


Does the height of mountain bike socks matter?

Yes the height of the socks also matters in mountain biking and cycling life, the reason is that there are kids, women, and men who are riding a mountain bike .for them the height of the socks really matter depending on the trails.

  • the best height of the socks for men is 8 inches
  • the best height of the socks for women is 6 inches
  • the best height of the socks for kids more than 12 years old is 4 inches.



10 Best mountain bike socks for kids:

  • Dawn Patrol Cold Weather Merino Wool Socks
  • Surplus MTB Socks-Desert Camo
  • Switch Double Digits MTB Socks
  • Double Digits MTB Socks (Process)
  • Median Double Digits MTB Socks
  • Double-Digit Socks (Rising Sun)
  • Back Flag Double Digits MTB Socks
  • Harvest Double Digits MTB Socks
  • Indivisible Double Digits MTB Socks
  • Socal MTB Sock

Out packing is necessary either if you going for a ride or going to visit some cold amazing places all around the world so these are the best kids mountain bike socks for those kids who wish to go for a ride with their parents on the trails just for commuting and having fun with their friends.



5 best women mountain bike socks:

  • 6 Women’s Ranger Socks
  • 8 Women’s Ranger Socks
  • 6 Women’s Flexair Merino
  • 8 Women’s Ranger Lunar
  • 6 Women’s Ranger Cushion

These are the best MTB Socks for women as we know women are equal to men’s in cycling life so it’s necessary for the women to pack the protective necessary gears before going on a ride.


Always wash your socks after having a ride on your mountain bike:

Washable socks prevent diseases and also improve your health and prevent causing a bad smell which is emitting from your feet after a ride when you reach home. never wash the socks with large hot temperature water because it affects the stretchiness of the socks and makes them wide.

put the socks in the normally hot water and wash them with a soap or washing soda and leave them to dry after that wear them and go for a single trail ride.

it is better to wash your socks after every ride because of the bad smell and the disease-causing bacteria that will become a permanent partner of your socks if you never wash them.

the smelly and dirty socks would also stink the bacteria to your hands and your feet and that would be disgusting for you.