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Mountain bike number plates | Are they necessary (answered)

Mountain bike number plates or number boards are a sign and identity of a rider and biker which is seen and recognized from far away when you are coming through the trails. these make bikes pretty good, everyone wishes to have their own desired logo or an aluminum plate which makes the front of a bike is used by high-speed racers in fast racings. they will own from the coaches and the organization which is known as license plates but you can not put your own desired logo by making in-home or buying online like it is a kind of decoration of your bike. hand plates make your bike different and good looking view from the bikes which do not have number plates or race plates.

You also own a license plate from the organization for your bike which will help you in cases if you got troubled with your bike that might be some kind of stolen by the thief, in such cases you will report to the police by telling them about the number plate of your bike.

riders make logos of number plates and buy them online for their bikes with their own desired designs .these things will increase the beauty of your bike. these plates are of plastic, aluminum and cardboard made.

These are adjusted in the middle of the handlebars of mountain bikes. these are light weighted and do not feel your bike heavier. these are tightly adjusted on the bars so that you can ride on the trails(DH, Uphill, and jumpy trails) as usual.

If you got a number plate from the organization then it’s very difficult or it is impossible to change this number plate with a new one. number plates or race plates resist the front air and it will cause resistance which will make your bike slower on the trails. if you have downhill racing trails then these plates would not affect you so much.

How to ride a mountain bike with number plates and race plates?

In some countries, the rules are strict so that the traffic police will ask the riders about their plates while in some countries the police do not even ask about that where are you going? although if your number plate is illegal surely traffic will stop you and ask you about it. the race plates are mostly used by all the mountain bikers which do not contain any type of penalty, so the best option would be that try to mount logo race plates on your bike handlebars which does not cause any type of trouble making a scene while riding MTB on the trails.

mountain bike riders use race plates mounted on the handlebars of their bikes which will cause air resistance and slower your bike in fast speed racings if you are a pro rider. a second delay in racings will drop you back from winning.

Another noticeable thing about the plates is that the bumpy trails will shake plates too much and make the zip ties flexible so there are chances of falling of these plates if you are riding on jumpy trails.

is it possible to mount any number plate on a mountain bike?

it is against the law and traffic rules to put any number plate in your mountain bike, BMX, and other bicycles. the organization gives a required number plate to you which is registered through which you and your bike data have been owned in the is not possible to make your own illegal number plate by hand or pick another plate and mount it on your bike, these kinds of stuff are strictly prohibited by the police and the organization.

Mountain bike race numbers:

Number plates are of different sizes from small(6 by 5) to large(10 by 9).number plates contain your race numbers on the aluminum plate which is given by the organization for your bike. the race number of a mountain bike is an identity of the bike in the racing festivals. if you win the race your race number will be announced by the also contains your name written on them and your race number on the plate.

Weight of number plates:

number plates are made of plastic and these are lighter in weight if you are thinking that will resist your bike in fast-speed racings, their weights do not exceed 100 grams which is not too much.

How to put number plates on a mountain bike?

You need two zip ties, these both are needed to mount on the handlebar of the them in the center of the handlebar with one zip tie on the right side of the stem and the other on the left side. these are easy to mount, they can be done from your hands without using any key, etc.

insert two holes in the plastic race number plate through a nail or a key and insert both the zip ties in the holes and tight them with the handlebar. remember to push the cables of the brakes in the backside of the number plate so that the race number on the plate will clearly be visible to all the viewers.

How to get mountain bike number plates:

frames of number plates are available online or through the bike shops in fully new condition when you can get one then you had to find a logo or race number for it. a race number or any of your own desired logo that you want to attach on the screen of the plate would stay on the number plate and becomes your identity in the mountain biking world. number plates are manufactured all over the world. if you want an expensive designed number plate it will cost a few bucks more than the middle-level number plates.

Many designs and shapes of the number plates are available online .also these have many places of attachment on a mountain bike. you can also attach them to the frame of your bike and the inside of the stem of the handlebar and the saddle pipe. so the choice is yours .its not a complicated thing to get and these are easier to install on mountain bikes.

Mountain bike race plate holder:

it is a clamp that is used to mount on the pipe of the frame and the dropper post is available online you can buy it from contains nut bolts that are tightened to hold the number plate perfectly. these are available in plastic and steel materials. if you want to reduce weight then buy a plastic holder. the best place for the race plate holder is the saddle pipe because the front frame pipe got scratched if you hang the number plate through it, under the saddle the race number plate also remains safe in case of an unexpected accident.

Mountain bike number plate template:

it is the main front flat part of the race number plate. if happens the template of your plate got broken or fractured then it’s easy to find them online .spare parts of the number plates all of its things are available in the hardware stores and online stores. you can attach the logo and the race number on the template with the help of glue or wrap tape and it will last along. when it expired you have easy access to buy a new one. The weight of the mountain bike template is 10 to 15grams.

Mountain bike Downhill number plates:

The best and most popular DH number plate is given below:

ODI Signature Downhill number plate:

It is available in black, silver, grey, blue, red and other is used for downhill fat racing speeds. The price of the ODI Signature downhill trail is 23$.



mountain bikes usually run in the forests and strange trails but following the traffic, rules are a must. so the first thing is that you cannot put your own handmade number plates on a bike. actually, mountain biking is expanding day by day, so sometimes thieves will ride mountain bikes without number plates and they will steal things .people saw him from far and if the police or traffic see him they will start thinking that all the mountain bikers are like that and then their behavior becomes rude to mountain bikers that’s why number plates are a good thing to attach on the bikes through which the traffic police and your hometown people will know you such cases, if a stranger comes around your area with a mountain bike you will easily recognize whether he is your mate’s friend class fellow or a stranger.


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