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Mountain bike Neckbraces(Pros,Cons and all about to make your ride worth)

In this article, I am going to cover all about the neckbraces and the points which I am going to write about them are:

  • What are neckbraces?
  • Pros of neckbraces
  • Cons of neckbraces
  • How do neckbraces work?
  • How to wear neck braces?
  • Size of neckbraces?
  • Materials used in neckbraces
  • Prices of neckbraces
  • Comparison of helmet and neckbrace
  • Neck brace with straps


Neckbraces are protective gear used to wear around the neck for the safety of the neck. Although we use all other gears for all of our body parts same neckbraces are also important in mountain biking or every kind of bicycle riding. these have their own worth of saving the neck. these are made up of foam which means riders do not feel uncomfortable in wearing them around the neck. although many mountain bikers are new to neckbraces which do not know briefly about them. neckbraces have their own benefit while riding after knowing the advantages you will not miss wearing them on the trails. these have many straps through which you can wrap them around the neck.

As you know mountain bike riding is not an easy way of riding, it is sure that if you are on the trails and a crash happens if you wearing a neckbrace your neck area will be protected from having an injury. you have to buy a neck brace a single time and after it will give enough protection that you also know the worth of having or without having a neck brace. as we know before riding we will wrap all the protective gears(knee pads, shoulder pads, helmets, shin guards, etc) around our bodies. the main and important part of our body is the head, neck, and backbone. in past, the protective gears were a bit but now everything that comes to your mind is available in the market and online.

Neckbraces are mostly used to wear for downhill single trails the reason I that you coming downward in a fast motion, crashes, and falling are a part of riding. many times it happens that you may come forward on your bike toward the handlebar and the neck which hits first on the bar, to prevent this neckbraces are used.


  • It protects the c5 and c6 backbone
  • it protects the collarbone of your shoulder
  • it protects the neck region of your body(back & front)
  • especially it is used to wear around kids neck.
  • Mostly recommended for high-speed racing.
  • It protects from spinal injuries
  • Expensive and good quality neckbraces are thicker in width which provides more protection as compared to the cheaper neckbraces.
  • When you are on the trail neckbrace also gives protection to your back.


  • Wearing a neck brace will create difficulty in rotating or moving your head all around.
  • If you are wearing a neck brace and you got a big crash while riding and your shoulder area hit the tree or ground there are chances the fracture of the collarbone occurs if you are riding downhill at a fast speed.
  • These are a little bit lose in wearing and they create a little bit of space which proves that these have a lot of mobility.
  • Neckbraces are mostly used to wear for fast racing rides and downhill trails.
  • If you had a crash while riding then the neckbraces push back force on your vertebrae region, in this case mostly the injury and trauma will result due to a sudden hit.
  • Large-sized neckbraces are unpleasant and they will cause trouble at every terrain.
  • Neckbraces are mostly used to wear in winter seasons because in summers they will heat up and the riders will bother by wearing them.
  • Don’t wear neck braces for a long time otherwise, you will notice that the pain originates in the shoulder and neck region which is due to the weighted neckbraces. if you are riding a single time or two times a week then it’s good to wear neckbraces it does not affect you so much, if your body is weak then it will cause pain in wearing.

Do mountain bike neck braces work?

Surely neckbraces are made for the safety of the neck and the shoulders. we know that we wear all the protective gears for going on hard trails, neckbraces are among one of them. while you are riding wearing a neckbrace and you got a crash the most important noticeable thing is that don’t lose conscious otherwise it would be hard to handle the crash because the safety measure you are wearing may become a cause of suffering or injury.

riders have different thoughts about neckbraces, the reason is that most of them got injured because of wearing the neckbraces and the others used to wear them and they have been saved after having accidents.

So the best way would be that never miss them on the trails, always wear all the body things including neckbraces as these are probably the things which will protect your body from any permanent injuries.

How to wear a neck brace?

Wearing a neck brace is The easy and the simplest way you don’t need to ask from anyone or watch any video about wearing a contains a single red-colored button by clicking on it the neckbrace will open into two parts. neck braces have many shapes which have different openings some will open from the sides and some open in the front place. neckbraces have pins through which you can adjust the width of the neckbrace. these also contain foams on the lower surface which will sit on the shoulders, chest, and back neck region.

these are made in such a way that they will not come up while riding on the trails, they will remain aligned around the neck and provide protection and safety.

Size of neckbraces:

their sizes matter the most which brings them loved or hated. if you choose a small or large size surely you will give a bad review about them although these are good if you choose the exact size which will fit accurately around the neck and shoulder region.

Measure the height of your neck and the round area around the neck where the neck brace will sit up entirely. Choose an appropriate size of neck brace by wearing the different sizes and note that it does not affect the mobility of the head and the neck region the one which will fit exactly around the neck without bothering, would be of the accurate size for you.

Materials used in making of neckbraces:

The research says that while having crashes on the trails the neckbraces are broken into many parts and the best thing opportunity they give is that the neckbraces will absorb the first bumpy hit of the crash and will save your neck, vertebrae, spine, and shoulders from any sudden injury. so one thing becomes clear after watching this scene these are not lightly manufactured, the products which are used in their manufacturing are:

  • Carbon
  • Aluminum
  • Best quality cotton
  • Plastic

Although these are not the cheap materials used for making the neck braces.

Prices of neckbraces cheap or expensive:

In past, the riders would not use to wear neckbraces even the riders does not know about neckbraces before. these were limited in the market with high prices of more than 500$.but as far as mountain biking became vast these started became popular now days almost every rider know about the neckbraces and these are widely available in the stock market and online with many sizes from small to extra large.

their prices are from 200$ to more than 500$. The price of the most expensive and high-quality neckbraces is around 500$.

Effect of helmet and neckbrace on a rider:

The main thing is the mobility of your head and the neck region when you are on the trails. when the helmet and the neckbrace combine they will feel the rider a little bit heavier and uncomfortable. we all know that their weights become a little bit higher which will bother both the head and the neck.

all the riders do gym and prepare themselves for the heavy rides. they do because they prepare their body to lift all the protective gears which are essential to wear before going on the trails. we all know that if you ride without all the protective gear you will feel much easier and comfortable. but it also has disadvantages if you own a stroke of bad luck and got an accident on the trails it would become horror even we cannot think about it.

The helmet ad the neckbrace comparison is cool enough to protect your head and the neck region because after having a crash or accident they will hit and strike each other because your body shakes and you are unable to control yourself in this case, both of them will protect you completely, this is the reason that mostly the pro riders used to wear the helmet and neckbrace on the single trails just to improve the protection of their upper body region.

Mountain bike neck brace with straps:

Neckbraces have an extra feature of straps through which they will not even shake or move from their actual place. these straps fit with the backbone and the hands and the neck brace which will give a comfortable ride for every rider who wishes to connect the straps with the neckbrace.

neckbraces also contain the front and back pads which will lean on the backside covered with foam, main aim is to allow comfort and absorb the bumps of the accidents or crashes of the trails.






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