Mountain bike fork oil substitute

In some countries or for some reason even you do not have access to fork oil for your mountain bike then.

Vaseline can be used as a mountain bike fork oil substitute, bear in mind that it does damage the rubber so it may damage your forks in case you don’t perform proper maintenance on it here’s how to do it.

The fork oil used in mountain bike shocks are mostly made up of silicon material or felon

Why and how Vaseline damages rubber :

The fork oil used in mountain bike shocks are mostly made up of silicon material or felon

Vaseline has alcohol in it any product that has alcohol in it damages rubber it reacts with rubber and rubber tends to decay much more faster resulting in swelling and finally breaking down.

Does vaseline damage metal :

No vaseline does not actually damage metal so if you are worried that it may damage your forks it won’t but bear in mind that you need to change it a lot more sooner than any dedicated product for your forks/shocks.

How long before you need to change vaseline :

Well, you could be looking at day end best guess it would take about one or if stretched 2 weeks before the seals on your mountain bike air shocks break or swell and start causing problems.

Alternative for vassiline :

Dedicated products would be the right answer but I don’t think you came here looking for that so you could use any kind of silicon-based product in case you are wondering if you could use motorcycle forks oil you can use them the products are almost the same and are mostly silicon-based product as for cars or any other four-wheelers it is not recommended to use those.

Is it okay to keep using vaseline :

While I do not recommend it but if you are in a pinch then something is better than nothing but I would recommend you to change it as soon as possible since it may do more harm than good to you.

Is it necessary to clean off vaseline before applying a dedicated product :

Yes, it would be best to clean it off before using any dedicated product since it may mix up with the product and waste it, it will keep reacting even if it is in there and keep causing the problem so when you do get your hands on the fork oil make sure to get rid of the vaseline completely.

Conclusion :

I do not recommend the use of vaseline as an alternative for but if you are in a  pinch and you can’t find anything useful then go ahead but for long term use if you can not afford the dedicated products like wpl fork boost lube, RockShox suspension oil or any other dedicated product than vaseline is again better than nothing.

Some budget-friendly fork oils :

Rock Shox suspension oil I believe costs about 5$.

Fox suspension Float Fluid costs about 2-3$

Maxima plush suspension fluid costs about 14$ for 1liter, there are more great deals out there that you could find as well.


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