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Mountain bike child front seat|10 best child seats for bike

Parents wish to take their children with them for commuting purposes on single smooth trails. child seats are used to install on the top front tube of the frame and with the handlebars with a small baby seat. there are different shapes and types of baby seats with different protection covering. the best baby front seat would be that which can provide protection from both sides, back, and front.

You can mount a baby seat on your mountain bike if the age of your child is more than a single year so that it can hold and be conscious about sitting on his/her seat with comfort. one year old babies are unable to stay and keep their neck and head on a front baby seat when you ride your bike, even the helmets could not fit properly on them.

Front baby seats give extra protection to your baby because the baby is sitting in between your legs and both arms and you are noticing every single movement of your baby. the baby feels pleasure and becomes happy by seeing the forest trails, the other riders, and the forest animals like it could be deer, elephant, giraffe and he birds you can easily point your finger towards them to show your baby because he/she is sitting next to you.

For the small baby front-mounted seat is better as compared to the back seat where you did not know and even you could not see your baby because he/she is sitting on your back.

Another reason for the front seat for babies is that the babies sleep too much on bikes, so if your baby is sitting on the bike front seat, you can easily know about when your baby falls asleep.


Does the front baby seat bring a difference in riding style?


Surely yes, it would be difficult for you to pedal the bike in a standing position because the legs become straight and the knees start touching on the baby seat creating discomfort to ride the bike in a standing position. you have to pedal your bike in such a way that your feet do not come near the top tube or near the baby seat place.

also, the weight of your bike increases and your bike does not run at a fast speed on the road or on the commuting trails, because baby front seats are usually for parents who want to mount them and have their kids with them on the trails all the day. if the weight of the baby is more than 16 kilograms then you can feel a little bit of difficulty in riding style and it also creates difficulty in handling the bike on the trails.


The front seat is better than the rear seat:

We all know kids are small and stubborn, they always want to see everything on the head and the front seat would be a better option for that because the rear seat blocks the front view for the kids and the kids would start angry and crying because they do not feel comfortable in the back.

The front seat is better to give your kids snacks, toys, talk with and play with it easily, and also the sunlight directly hit on your baby which is too better for the kid’s health, also the front seat is safer because you have an eye on your kid while riding a bike on the trails.


Difference between the trailer and the child front seat on a mountain bike:


The trailer is usually for the road bikes where the width of the road is more than that of the mountain bike single trails. trailers are usually mounted in the back of the mountain bike and road bike and the kids are lean in it and by the pushing of the bike pedals, the trailer also comes with your bike. the trailers are usually made for the kids we can say as these are kids cars in which the kids feel much easier and better to ride with you to enjoy the view of the surrounding which includes roads, trees, commuters, vehicles bikes, etc.

You can not ride a trailer on the single mountain bike trails because the tracks are single made for two-wheeled bikes and the width of the trailer is much more than that of a mountain bike, this is the reason that the front seat on your bike for your kids is far better than that of the trailers.

the trailers need more power and your energy to pedal the bike because you are stretching the trailers that contain your baby and you need more energy to push the pedals so that the trailer also comes with you in the back.

The trailers are more comfortable than the front mountain bike seats because they provide more protection to your baby than the MTB front seat that’s why the riders also love trailers for carrying purposes.

The choice is different from person to person some like trailers and some like front baby seats if you want to take your baby on the single trails then the front seat is the best option but if you want your baby to buy toys, home stuff, and grocery stores and for daily chores then the trailer would be better for you.


At which age do kids sit in a bike seat?


kids with age more than 18 months would sit in a bike seat and wrap the straps and seat belt around your baby so that he/she remains safe while sitting on the seat and there should be no chances of any risk or danger of falling and dropping.

Small aged kids do not support the helmet and there are chances they would leave their hands in the back so always buy a better child seat with back support and side protection that will keep safer your child, they do not know how to sit and how to keep balance on the bike if your child is not conscious about sitting on a bike for riding then train them on daily basis in your home, in parks or near the home so that he would easily be aware of the sitting on the bike.

How to carry 2 kids on a mountain bike?


If you are thinking about carrying two kids on your bike then in addition to the front baby seat you also need to install the rear baby seat, one can sit on the front seat and the second on the rear seat. front and rear seats are usually installed by those mountain biker parents who have two kids and they want to commute on the trails, the kids also will remain happy and enjoy nature.

Always ride safely with two kids on your bike because the balance and weight of the bike affect differently and kids never know anything about the balance they will move and shake left and right sides, so it would be best to keep and notice your kids what they are doing on the seats.


Safety measures:


Always install the baby seat from 200mm far from the stem of the handlebar because the kids don’t know about the bumps, in case you have got a large bump, the kid’s face or head suddenly hits the bar which is too dangerous for small kids.

Never grasp the handlebar with a single wrist arm on the trails while carrying a baby on the front seat, you don’t know about the risky trails they will slip the tires of your bike, and the risk of falling or dropping occurs more if you are holding the bar with a single hand.

Tight the nut bolts of the seat firmly and strongly so that they would not become loose and start shaking and slipping from their mounting place.

Installing baby seats on your bike needs to install the front tire mudguard which protects your child from muddy water, dirt, and the other small things that will stick with the front tire and come up when the tire rolls.

Never be lazy about the protective gears of your baby which includes a baby helmet, baby shoes, baby knee pads that protect the knees from hitting the frame on the bumpy trails, baby glasses prevent baby eyes from small insects, dirt, and wind.

Never ride too many miles and too long if you are with your baby on the front seat, because these are small and they tire after a few miles of rides and also they sleep very early.

Riding a mountain bike with a baby needs a little bit more attention towards the tracks, your baby and the other riders who are with you on the tracks, always keep a distance of 3 to 4 feet from the other riders for safety.

Do not follow the race and never do stunts more important never choose jumpy trails if you have got your baby with you on the front seat.

Never pull the levers of the brake suddenly and strongly, otherwise, you are hitting your baby’s head onto the handlebar of your bike.

10 Best Child front bike seat  mount on a mountain bike:


  • Weeride Kangaroo Child Bike Seat
  • TYKE TOTOR Front Mount Child Bike Seat For Toddlers
  • SHOTGUN Kids Bike front seat for mountain bikes
  • Thule Yepp Maxi Child Bike Seat
  • iBert Child Bicycle Safe T-seat
  • Ur rider Child Bike Seat
  • Oxford Little Explorer front bike seat
  • Bobike Front Seat
  • Polisport Bilby and Guppy
  • Weeride Safe Front

These are the ten best kids’ front seats used to mount on every kind and every type of bicycle including mountain bikes and road bikes.all of these are budget friendly and give full protection to small aged babies and kids.


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