Mountain bike BH | Brand overview case study

BH stands for Beistegui Hermanos , a spanish word which means beistegui brothers.BH is a Spanish company it is located in Spain but BH brand mountain bikes are widely available all over the world. In 1909 BH company was famous for making guns but after a few years, it started making bikes. till now it is one of the biggest mountain bike companies appreciated all over the world.

BH bikes have carbon frames.BH company bikes have a warranty which confirms that these bikes are manufactured really well. each and every bike is checked and tested many times after that it is stocked in the market and shipped to other countries. you can see the painted symbol of the name of their company (BH) on every bike frame.

BH bikes are not limited to a few colors but BH bikes have multi-colored frames which indicate the wideness of the company.

BH company has 100 years of experience in making and manufacturing mountain bikes. these have thousands of bikes available every time in standing position displayed in the mirrors.

BH mountain bikes have different prices from a few bucks to many thousand dollars which totally depends on the affordable range of the customer.

Are BH mountain bikes good?

As far as the BH brand is concerned, of course, BH brand mountain bikes are the best bikes with the high build quality, lightly weighted parts, and long-lasting durability.BH brand company have a professional experts team who will inspect every bike carefully and does not leave any fault which will affect the reputation of the company BH company have thousand of employes including men and women which are working day and night on a salary basis.

Can you buy BH bikes in the UK?

Yes, you can buy BH company mountain bikes in the UK.BH brand is importing its brands nearly all over the world but it will not sell its product to a single buyer.BH contacts with the large dealers through which the BH bikes will reach the other countries. These are mostly rare in the UK, the reason is that these brands are not manufactured in the UK.

BH company has many brands it is possible you can get one among them. So the best option for you would be that you can select two or three brands of BH company before buying. because most of the time the brand you had selected for yourself may rarely be available due to shortage, so in this way, you can buy a good brand BH company mountain bike in the UK.

Brands of BH company mountain bikes:

BH company has many brands which are listed below:

  • BH Lynx 6 27.5
  • BH Lynx Race EVO Carbon 8.5 bike
  • BH Lynx 5 Carbon bike
  • BH Lynx 6 27.5 Carbon XT
  • BH Lynx 5 LT Alu 5.5 bike
  • BH Ultimate EVO 9.0 bike
  • BH Lynx Race EVO Carbon 9.9 bike
  • BH Expert 5.0 bike
  • BH Lynx 5 Alu 4.9 bike
  • BH Expert 4.0 bike
  • BH Lynx 4.8 27.5 carbon bike
  • BH Lynx Race Carbon RC 7.5  LT Bike
  • BH Ultimate EVO 9.8 bike
  • BH Lynx Race Carbon RC 7.0 bike

BH Lynx 5 Carbon bike:

it is one of the best downhill trail bikes with large 29 wheels used for single has 150mm of the front fork and 130mm of the rear shock. as the name suggests the frame is of carbon metal. the geometry of the BH lynx 5 carbon bike is famous because it relates to modern expensive bikes. the handlebar is very easy and comfortable to handle and control the bike while downhills.

Disc brakes are of Shimano company with tubeless tires. The price of the BH Lynx carbon bike is 5500$ and you can buy it directly from the BH company online. it is a highly expensive bike due to the carbon frame.

BH Ultimate EVO bike:

it is one of the most popular bikes among worldwide riders which creates a strong relationship with the rider. All of its parts are firm and rigid. The weight of the frame is 830 grams. While climbing uphills it does not tire much because of the lesser has won many world cup racings throughout the world this is the reason it’s still used in the world cup racings because of its ideal geometry. it has many brands based on size and material difference.

  • Ultimate EVO 9.9 ( 7000$)
  • Ultimate EVO 9.5 (6000$)
  • Ultimate EVO 9.0(4900$)
  • Ultimate EVO 8.5(3700$)
  • Ultimate EVO 8.0(3300$)

These are the different brands of the BH ultimate Evo bike with low to high prices. you can buy them from the BH site.

BH Expert 5.0 bike:

BH expert 5.0 is a hardtail mountain bike and it’s a new model with a large wheel size of 29. the frame is made up of aluminum metal. All of its parts are of Shimano company including disc has super quality Maxxis tires.

BH Lynx 6 27.5:

Lynx 6 has both a large 29 and a small wheel size 27.5. the frame is made up of carbon is one of the best bikes used for downhill trails and for jumpy trails. the brakes are very sensitive. Lynx 6 is a trail bike. The rear shock is 150mm. The price of the lynx 6 27.5 carbon bike is 7000$.

BH Expert 4.0 bike:

BH Expert 4 comes in two versions (2020 and 2021). The frame is made up of has a large wheel size of 29. brakes and levers are of Shimano is a 12-speed bike.

BH Lynx Race Carbon RC 7.0 bike:

it also comes in two versions 2020 and 2021. it has a large wheel size of 29. brakes and levers are of Shimano company. the rear and front tires are Maxxis tires.

BH Lynx Race EVO Carbon 9.9 bike:

it is a cross-country mountain bike with a large wheel size of 29. brakes and levers are of Shimano is a 12-speed bike with tubeless tires. the frame is made up of carbon material. The price of the BH Lynx race EVO carbon 9.9 bike is 8300 EUR.

BH Lynx Race EVO Carbon 8.5 bike:

It has two versions 2020 and is a 12-speed mountain bike with 10-51 tooth cassettes. front and rear tires are of Maxxis has a 180 mm front brake rotor and a 160mm rear rotor disc brake. The price of the lynx race Evo carbon 8.5 bikes 2020 version is 4500 EUR.

Non-advertisement disclaimer :

Trusty sources in no way in any agreement with BH company for any advertisement or in any official affiliate, This article is just for the purpose of admiring just another brand that is making some good mountain bikes and their quality appreciation.


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