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Mountain bike Air Bags

Airbags are not small and cheap products, they cost too much and these are not available in any shops and stores, you have to order them online, because it comes from another city which shows these would not arrive in a few days, they will take more than 15 days and after that, they will arrive at your location.

These are made up of multiple layers and these are wider and thicker, also they have larger heights of more than 10 feet, these are specially ordered from the parents for their kids to play with their bikes on these airbags, an easy way of learning the backflips and doing stunts because these bags are much safer than that of any other flat wood jumps and single trail jumps.

These airbags are folded easily, these are made up of plastic, fabric, polyester, and flexible rubber material. you can easily carry them in your car, van, truck, and other vehicles because these are heavier and you cannot carry them by hand whereas if you have a back seat on your bike then also be possible to carry them anywhere. but their setup is a little bit difficult and time-consuming, you need a generator to run and fill the air in the bag because the filling of air in the bag needs time.

Flat the airbag on a large ground surface because it needs much more surface area when the air is fully filled within the airbag and you can easily learn the backflips and perform stunts by landing on these airbags without any danger and risk, the best places where can inflate the airbag are:

  • Backyard place
  • Playground
  • Parks
  • And other places with enough ground surface

Airbags are costly if you are a cheap mountain biker then it would be difficult to fulfill the wish of having airbags because it needs many thousand bucks to purchase the airbag and then the generator system, so the shortcut would be that, as you know there are many riders and your friends in your hometown which own airbags, you can ask them about the price and setup of the airbag, if friends are not willing to sell their airbags then you can go at least a single time in a week and ride enjoy the backflips and have fun by landing on the airbag.


How to do a backflip on an airbag with a mountain bike?


Airbags are placed at least two or three feet away from the curved way so that you would come at the lip and fly in the air to perform a backflip, in the beginning, run your bike from a far distance from the curved lip and when you reach the lip apply the hand’s force on the handlebar and rotate your body, never ignore to lift both palm feet from the pedals, otherwise you would not be able to control your bike and you will fall on an airbag.

It brings fear and nervousness when you are new to this trick but after doing a few jumps on the airbag, you can easily be able to perform a flip, even teenage kids are doing flips and landing on an airbag which is a much safer method.

The mountain bikers buy an airbag for learning the backflips and rotating their bike in the air, it is like a big balloon that does not cause any injury when you land on the bag, this is the reason many regular riders wish to have an airbag.

How to protect the airbag?

Prolonged placement of these airbags outside the place and open to the environment reduces their durability of working and stretching and then they do not last long and expire in an early stage. because these are not rigid and firm, they are flexible and do not bear any crash scratch on their outer surface.

When you finished usage of the airbag then fold it again and place it like it was before, in some safe place so that sunlight would not reach its surface. try to prevent enough weight on their surface when they are filled with air, a single rider with his mountain bike and BMX bike is enough at a time, and another noticeable thing is that never throw stones, bricks, woods, bushes, and other junky things on their surface when these are inflated fully even in flat condition because it reduces their ability and layers become weak.


Placement of the  airbag:

Airbags are placed on soft surface grounds like grassy plots, backyard places, and rough dry soil ground so that when the biker lands on its surface, these bags remain safe and their lower surface does not cause any pressure and damage to the ground. and the other safety measure is that you can place the air bag-sized large flat of cardboard below the airbags which will increase their safety and absorb bumps when the biker falls on the airbag.

These are usually placed when the ground is rough and contains ups and downs and also must be placed under the bag on rough mud surfaces. because there are small grown hidden bushes on rough surfaces and nailed rocks, and cardboard prevents all of these junky things.

However these cardboards are not necessary to use place them under the bag in those places where the ground is smooth, neat, and clean, then you can place the airbag and install air in it.

How to inflate the airbag with air?

Mountain bike airbags are large and massive and require a large volume of air to inflate them fully. these are not inflated with the air compressor, air pressure pump, and the other air systems used for the mountain bike tires and the other small airbags.

Inflating mountain bike airbags requires a generator through which these are pumped up with the air, however, there are also small airbags that require an air compressor and machine air to inflate them but for large airbags, you need to run the generator and connect it with the air pipe of the airbag through which the airbag constantly pumps and fully inflates with the air.

If you are a beginner then do not fill the air fully, because a fully inflated bag creates pressure on its above surface and when you land on it you would not properly be able to control your bike and you still receive bumps on your bike due to the high inner pressure of the airbag. fill that airbag 70 to 80 percent and 20 percent leave it empty because it becomes more comfortable and smoothly works.

But if you are a pro rider and you know well about the internal air pressure of the airbag, then fully inflate it and create a high internal air pressure for landing purposes.

BMX Airbags:

BMX bikes are small in size and lower-speed bikes as compared to mountain bikes because these do not contain enough speed cassettes. airbags are used by BMX riders because the backflip occurs much better on BMX bikes as compared to the mountain bikes, these will stay in the air and the weight difference is present between the mountain bikers and BMX riders.

BMX bikes are small in height as compared to mountain bikes that’s the reason BMX riders perform and learn backflips on the airbags.


Airbags are waterproof and you can enjoy the pleasure of these bags even on rainy days and snowy days in the backyard.

Mountain bike airbag sizes:

Their sizes vary differently and you can easily buy small and large-sized airbags according to your own choice also these have different designs in their shape.


Mountain bike airbags are long-lasting if you use them on daily basis they will last more than 2 years because the material is not cheap material for their manufacturing, although all of these are manufactured in china, so these have different prices depending on the material and durability of the airbag.