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How To Clean Rust off a Bike Chain and Bike Parts quickly

Rusting is a very common problem for cyclists and its the most damaging one as well but there are some easy ways to clean rust off a bike chain and parts quickly there are several methods that you can follow to remove the rust and some everyday things you can do to avoid it as well

Rust is caused by riding through wet, rainy seasons when the bike chain becomes wet and the water starts absorbing in the chain links the first thing you would need to do is to have some kind of a hard brush to poke off the rust on the surface of your bike chain or your bike parts here are some of the things you can use to do just that.

  • Dust mask
  • Wire brush
  • Biodegradable chain lube

How To Get The Rust Off a Bike Chain and Parts :

Here are quick steps that you can do to quickly get the rust off a bike chain and parts

There are 2 methods that you can perform based on what types of rust removal agents are present at your disposal

  1. Removing rust with Items commonly present in any home
  2. Removing rust with the help of a rust removal agent

Removing rust with Items commonly present in any home :

Here’s a list of items you would probably have at home and here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it

  1. watering hose
  2. a rag (dirty or clean for the first wiping)
  3. soap or detergent solution in water
  4. vinegar liquid/soda water/ENO/coca cola
  5. a clean rag for the final finishing touches

Now these are the things that you can assemble and they work well for rust removal but not to the extent that the rust removal agents work and they are not as quick as well.


The first step is to clean the bike with only water do not use any kind of soap-water mixture at this point and you can take that part off of the bike as well for better cleaning once the dust is removed from the given part of the bike (bike chain/handlebar/any other part) move on to the next step


Use your soapy water mixture or your detergent mixture and apply it on the bike part and start cleaning it with the help of a rag if you happen to have a wire brush or a steel spong use that for the best result


wash the bike again and give it some time to dry just a little bit not so much that the bike part completely dries off, its to make sure that the liquid we are going to apply next doesn’t get washed off with the water dripping from the bike


Use water ever you have at home from the given things above whether it is vinegar, ENO, coca cola, or simply soda water use it gently and with minimum quality and if you have enough of the things then just take the bike part of the bike and dip it in the solution and leave it for a few hours if not then gently pour whatever solution you have on hand over the rusted part and keep repeating it every few hours for best results.

Step 5#

After a few hours wash the bike with simple water or you can also use your soapy water mixture from before and apply that as well and rub off the rust that comes with it


If you didn’t get your desired results then, for now, ride your bike and repeat the process tomorrow it shouldn’t take more than 3 days and your bike should be completely clean.


After step 5 if you got your results and you are satisfied then use chains dry lube on your chain or the bike part you were trying to get the rust off of dry lube is the best agent against dust but not so much for the rainy season if you have wet weather use wet lube.

and whatever you do not forget to get the mud off of your bike as soon as you get it this is the only way to keep your bike safe from rusting clean water is not your enemy but your friend remember that!

Removing rust with the help of a rust removal agent :

Here are rust removal agents that you can buy from the market for quick rust removal

  1. watering hose
  2. a rag (dirty or clean for the first wiping)
  3. soap or detergent solution in water
  4. Evap-o-Rust/ Rust-Oleum Rust dissolver/ Workshop Hero Metal Rescue/ Naval jelly
  5. a clean rag for the final finishing touches

In this process, the steps are all the same as I have described above for home items the only difference here that you have to keep in mind here is

Rust cleaning agents will evaporate quickly do not be surprised by it and dont go berserk using them over and over again use them once clean your bike off after an hour and keep repeating the process that’s all there is to it.

Cleaning agents are usually expensive but if you are struggling with alot of rust you would need to keep repeating the process for at least 3 days to get the maximum results and the best thing you can do is to wash your bike after every ride that’s a very basic step ignored by most people but its the most effective way to keep the rust off of your bike.

WD-40 Best Rust remover spray

WD-40 is the best rust removal spray especially used for cleaning sticky dirt substances and lubricating. WD-40 gives better results if you can also use lubricating oil along with it like stans oil, orange glue, and dry lubes.

After washing the rusty surface with soda water, you can use this spray for the best cleaning purposes. WD stands for water displacement and it was originally developed for military use. They would apply this spray on the noses of missiles to protect them from outside weather in rainy seasons.

Not only does WD-40 wash away water, but it also penetrates deeply into chain parts, extending their lifespan for several years. It can also be used on tight brake bolts to loosen them up. On a daily basis, WD-40 can be used for knife sharpening purposes.

After applying this spray on rust, it’s important to use a lubricating oil afterward. WD-40 can also be used to clear unpleasant noises coming from any part of your bike. If you have bubble gum stuck on your bike or anywhere in your house, WD-40 can make it soft and easy to remove with just a few sprays.


Having a new bike most of the time riders don’t care about each and every part because of the misunderstanding that the bike is new and it should remain the same for the coming years this bad habit will lead you to ruin your bike.

The methods I discussed above can be applied to each and every part of the mountain bike especially since I noticed the rims of the wheel start taking rust quickly rather than other parts so you can apply the above methods for better results.

Because the bike parts never get old, they will never make any noises it never catches any kind of dust, dirt, and moisture. the bike will run smoothly through all tracks if you leave your bike on its own for 2 years your bike will expire and bike parts start losing and breaking and making bad noises

It’s a fact that if you take care of your bike on daily basis the bike will do the same for you as well. The electrolysis process also works for rust removal but it’s a quite difficult setup and expensive all the methods described are quite easy with definite results.

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