How To Remove Rust From Bike Chain (Proper ways Explained)

Rust is caused by riding through wet, rainy seasons when the bike chain becomes dry and the water starts absorbing in the chain links if your bike chain has good performance and it has a new chain you are not giving any wet lube the result shows you in terms of taking rust .,  To avoid rust use water repellant lubes for the chain that makes the chain waterproof. Every bike goes through the watery places or washes his bike in the garage, after washing with water using lube for a chain is among one of the most caring options of the bike. You can use the following things to make the bike chain rustproof

  • Dust mask
  • Wire brush
  • Biodegradable chain lube

It is necessary to lube the bike chain after washing off, the whole bike, never allow the chain to become dry. Wet lubes are available for the bike chain on amazon and also you can buy them from the nearer bike shops.

How to make the chain rustproof?

You can covert the fully rusted chain into a new chain with the help of the following methods

You can clean the whole chain by rubbing an old rag to the inner and outer links of the bike chain by removing the bike chain through the chain lock point rather this you can also rub it in the standing position of the bike. Most of the time you have fully rusted chains of your old bikes you may think I will buy a new chain it’s now useless here is the article that tells you how you can restore the fully rusted chain.

How to use vinegar liquid for rust removal?

Drop the chain in a small water tub the best thing for the removal of the rust is a white vinegar liquid bottle. Put this liquid in the chain tab so that the chain is fully dipped in the liquid leave the chain for some time after a while you can see the chain had absorbed the vinegar liquid and it starts repelling the rust from the chain surfaces. After a while the chain becomes

dry and the rust falls off from the chain. still, some rust stays on the chain now pick the chain from the liquid and take a brush of any kind make it wet by dipping in the vinegar liquid and start rubbing the brush onto the chain surfaces. Repeat this process many times by dipping the brush and the chain in the vinegar liquid and rubbing after that expel the chain from the tub and place it in a new clean watery tub or a frying fan.

This method can also be used for the handlebars and cassettes of your mountain bikes 

Using soda water to clean the bike chain

Put the chain in a tub with a mixture of soda water in it. continue to add soda water on the chain and shake the chain with your hands and rub the brush on-chain surfaces in the soda water so that the vinegar liquid completely falls off from the chain.

Wash the chain in the mixture of soda water many times to make the chain fully new like you have bought it from the shop. Now pick it up and take clean drinking water wash it thoroughly with the clean water. After doing this experiment your chain color be fully changed it becomes fully in new condition.

You can also use this method for the handlebars and cassettes of your bike

Removing rust by using ENO

It is among one of the cheapest methods for removing rust from the bikes. A single pack of ENO is enough for the removal of rust from the chain. unseal the pack and drop it in a small cup with a single lemon mixed in the ENO mixture. take a brush dip it in the ENO mixture apply to the chain.

make the whole chain wet containing ENO mixture with the help of a brush. Keep rubbing the whole with a mixture, it starts repelling the whole rust after repeatedly rubbing the chain links. In the end, the chain becomes fully in a new position you can apply it on the bike and enjoy the ride.

also appliable for the bolts of the handlebars and cassettes of your bikes and rims.

The proper way of removing rust from the bike chain

  • There are many types of methods for rust removal let me highlight some of these.
  • Wire brushes
  • Palm sanders
  • belt sanders
  • bench grinding
  • angle grinding
  • vinegar baths
  • Evap-o-Rust
  • Rust-Oleum Rust dissolver
  • Workshop Hero Metal Rescue
  • Naval jelly
  • Electrolysis Tank

These are mostly time taking methods of rust removal ever noticed every rider wants to remove rust quickly with a simple method Many chemicals are present through which you can dip the rusty chain in the chemicals and leave for a while

it will clear up the rust. bike chains contain outer and inner link surfaces and mostly the pins, when the bike is in motion the chain is revolving mostly the pins are stretching the chain due to which chain is bending and twisting. it shows that while riding the chain is basically working hard due to these small parts.

These parts need to remain wet every time for the proper working of chain these parts become slow or they become weak through which chain brokes the weakness of chain totally depends upon the dryness of the chain and the chain dries if you are not giving wet lube.

because mostly in snow falling the road track contains water and salts at the sides. while riding in winters the water and the dirt stitches in the chain parts which decreases the chain life.

For making chain rustproof always lube the chain parts properly because if a single pin has been broken it sets you in a trouble lube the pins so that each and every pin does not become dry.

Removing rust through coca-cola

Pick a mug and drop the rusty chain in it fill it half with coca-cola so that the rusty chain is fully dipped in the coca-cola liquid. Leave the chain for three days after that expel the chain and rub it with some metal or steel. After rubbing wash it with clean water. By using coca-cola you can remove the rust of your chain and make it rustproof.

Also, can be applied to the handlebars and cassettes of your bikes 

Best rust remover spray

WD-40 is the best rust removal spray especially used for cleaning the sticky dirt substances and lubricating. WD-40 gives better results if you can also use lubricating oil along with it like stans oil, orange glue, wet lubes.

After washing the rusty surface with soda water you can use this spray its the answer for the best cleaning purposes WD stands for water displacement. Basically, it originated for the use of military purposes they applied this spray on the noses of the missiles it was best because it does not allow the noses to become dry.

The missiles were naked to outside weather in rainy seasons so they used WD-40. it washes the water and penetrates deeply into the chain parts through which the chain life is extended for some years

It also works for the bolts of brakes if they are tight USe of WD-40 makes the bolts fine On our daily basis you can use the WD-40 for knife sharpening purposes

After applying this spray on the rust places it is must use a lubricating oil after the spray it is used for the clearance of the unpleasant noises coming from any place from your bike. Any bubble gum stuck in your bike or in anywhere in your house using the spray makes it soft and you can pull off the gum from any place like you are wearing clothes bubble gum stuck just a few pushes of spray and the matter is solved.


Having a new bike most of the time riders don’t care about each and every part because of the misunderstanding that my bike is new and it should remain the same for the coming years this bad habit will you to the ruining of your bike.

The methods I discussed above can be applied to each and every part of the mountain bikes especially I noticed the rims of the wheel start taking rust quickly rather than other parts so you can apply the above methods for better results.

Because the bike parts never get old, they will never make any noises it never catches any kind of dust, dirt, and moisture. the bike will run smoothly through all tracks if you leave your bike on its own in 2 years your bike will expire and bike parts start losing and breaking and making bad noises

It’s a fact that if you take care of your bike on daily basis the bike will do the same for you as well. The electrolysis process also works for rust removal but it’s a quite difficult setup and expensive all the methods described are quite easy with definite results.

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