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How to remove deep scratches from bike

Scratches can be very annoying and there’s no way to avoid them either but here’s a great guide and some tips on how to remove scratches from your bike, especially for mountain bikers scratches are inevitable if you already have scratches on your bike here’s how to remove them and make your bike look like new again.

here’s a 5 steps guide on how to remove deep scratches from the bike

  • you will need filler and hardener
  • sandpaper
  • paint and polish
  • paper to cover the bike

  • You can also do this at home for that you just need
  • sandpaper
  • filler and hardener
  • nail varnish/nail polish

That’s all you need to get started now how to remove deep/large scratches

Let’s go down with the home way first, Now I assume you don’t have any filler or hardener at home you should buy one if you have multiple deep scratches.

Step 1 :

you need to clean the scratched part but first, you need to scratch inside the scratched part

scratched inside the scratched part to remove the additional residue so that the filler sits well in there and you don’t get a bump over it in the end. you should use sandpaper if you don’t have it on you add this to your bucket list as well scratches this is a one-time purchase and it will come in handy every day so it’s better to have.

after scratching with the sandpaper use a rag to clean off the area.

Step 2 :

when you are done with the first part only then come down to the second its time to make the filler.

fillers usually have instructions on them on how much to use you need to dial that down to half of what’s written and mix it up with the hardener

now you need to use a paintbrush or something that you could be precise with you are not a professional so you may just mess up more than what’s already there, even if the filler goes around a bit don’t worry it won’t take off the paint just well a rag or use some petrol to clean off the extra filler around the scratch.

After mixing the filler and the harder all you need to do is to fill the scratch and wait for it to dry off, it will dry off in 5 minutes max so don’t worry.

Step 3 :

Now that the filler has dried up all you need to do is to smoothen the surface with the sandpaper don’t go crazy on it be gentle and put little pressure and gently smoothen it to the same level as your paint.

remove the extra filler around the scratched part and if in the process of using sandpaper you scratched a bit around the main scratch it’s ok there’s a solution for that as well, for now, let’s get these parts done first.

Step 4 :

Now here’s a tricky part now we need paint if the scratch is a big as the one shown above you can just use a black/white/red any color your bike is and just spray paint the part but if you don’t have paint or you can’t find the exact paint that’s used on your bike you can always use nail varnish/nail polish.

But before doing that remember to cover your frame or other parts with paper or something so the paint drops don’t fall off on the frame. or the area surrounding it.

you can use whatever you see fit to apply paint but I will definitely recommend using a paintbrush or something which can give a smooth surface and save you the trouble of dropping it all around that spot.

The amount of nail polish/nail varnish to use is you should give 2 or 3 coats max or what suits the situation well. The next thing you had like to do is to leave the nail polish or paint for hours don’t apply so much that it is obvious and don’t haste so much that the paint is not even dry.

The reason why I brought up nail polish is it is available in a lot more color varieties than paint so it’s perfect for specific colors.

Step 5 :

Now for the last part, all you need now is to polish the part that you just did and you are done, you can use all kinds of polishes for your bike even car or bike polishes they all do the same thing so don’t need to worry about that part.

Different polishes describe different amounts of polishes to use but you can use whatever you had like polish the area that you just did nice and clean. if you had like you can go ahead and polish the whole thing altogether and boom you are done just let it dry tho.

Leave it be for 10 to 15 minutes so the polish sinks in once that’s done even you won’t see where the scratch was before and neither will someone else.

So yeah there you have it let me know if something goes wrong or any problems that may come across you. If you are a perfectionist and you like to go above and beyond here’s how.

How to match exact colors on the internet:

This is a 1-minute hack that you could use to match exact colors. If you are bike has mixed colors and you are not sure and you can’t make sure what color is and you are confused you can use this hack.

There’s a google extension used by mainly web developers its called color picker you can match exact colors for basically anything on the internet with the help of it, here’s how it works.

Just go to chrome extension store and search for color picker install it and it should show up right where your other extensions show up all you need to do now is to click on the extension it will show up like this and click the color you had like to search for on any pain/nail polish or even clothes or any other site.

now all you need to do is to hover over the color you had like

Now you will see a + sign just press the plus sign and then just copy the code to the clipboard

Once it’s done copy the color code into some file and remember the color code now all you need to do is to repeat the process on any paint/nail polish/clothes/shoe site and repeat the process.

If the color codes match that’s it that’s the color you had like to buy or that’s the closest color you could get as close as possible.

if you are wondering how and where can I upload the pics of your bike or anything well you could always use your email inbox or dropbox or any online storage you use just hover over your picture pick the color match it with the colors available and you will have exact color that you are looking for

If you still have problems you can always comment on this post let us know where you are encountering the problems and we will help you guys.
Going above and beyond :

If you still don’t like the looks of it you can go all out the professional way use more coats of paint and find exact matching paint instead of nail polishes or you could try hitting a professional shop tho they might cost you a lot and usually they are not ripping you it’s just that this job requires a lot of attention and care.

Things not to use for scratches :

  • Toothpaste
  • Superglue
  • Candle wax

Now you may see these suggestions online they are not permanent solutions you may cause more damage than fixing it, I have already tried all these methods and didn’t find any results it may be the same for you if it is stop using them.

if you have already tried and used these methods here’s how to remove/redo them.

if you used toothpaste then you can just use water to remove it for candle wax as well.

To remove superglue you can use nail polish remover or hot water but I don’t recommend hot water since it may damage the paint as well nail polish remover is the best option.

How to remove small/normal scratches :

If you have just normal scratches that you had like to remove it’s better to use a more traditional post than follow local homemade recipes yes they work wonders sometimes but sometimes they are not any good and may do more harm than good.

here’s how to remove normal scratches.

here’s a list of some of the best compounds that I came across that work wonders on small scratches.

  • Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound
  • meguiar’s m105
  • m205

These are some of the best ones out there I don’t know about the others nor did I try any others but I have used them in the past they are old but gold they will very well be enough for those small scratches.

You don’t need to go all out and apply filler and everything on these scratches if if the scratches are a lot of them then don’t waste time by trying to fill each scratch just get a new paint job done on them and its good if you don’t do it yourself and get it done by a painter or a mechanic at this point, a few extra bucks may save you a lot of time and effort.

Conclusion :

Irritating as the catches are you can get them done at home in a day or so just choose a day to apply these methods these certainly worked for a lot of people and hopefully they will work for you as well.

If you think the jobs too much for you just go to a nearby painter or someone who knows their job.

Let me know what worked for you and what didn’t so it may benefit others and also let me know if I need to add/remove something.

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