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How To Remove Branding And Lettering From Bike Tires?

All the tires of different categories and different niches have different colors, including wide and narrower tires which have different logos and the company and brand names on their sidewalls, in the beginning when the tires are new then these logos or written letters or brand names have a cool and smart look, but after regular rides on offroad and on roads, these tire signs would also start scratching and removing from the edges which gives a bad look to tires, without this there are also riders which do not want logos and brand names on their tires when the tire is newly shipped, so these are removed by using different methods.

There are many methods but if you do not have complete knowledge and complete information about the liquids, paints, and acids for removing purposes, then avoid their use, because many times they are harmful materials that would damage bike tire rubbers due to their non-compatibility with the tire rubbers. mostly there are cheap tires also if you want to purchase them then it would also contain side lettering or logo which usually looks bad with an expensive bike frame on which bike company name is written on the tubes, due to these reasons mostly riders completely make those logos, lettering and brand names invisible. Mostly the tires contain their brand names on the front tires and white lettering on the rear tires which are easily removable.

Cheap Method Without Spending Bucks On Removing Tire Brands:

The cheapest and most useful method for removing lettering and tire brands is using a bottle of soapy water and a toothbrush or cloth brush, both things would not destroy tire rubber, but never rub by applying g a large force on the sidewalls of the tires, which causes damage to threads and the rubber layer which is covering the sidewalls, thee layers become weak due to which the threads start showing, apply a normal force on the brushing with your hands and it is time-consuming, you have to repeat many times.

In the beginning, the color and paint of the letters and brand name or logo start to disperse and spread on the sidewalls because the soapy water weak the layers of the written words to make their removal much easier. the paint and color of the letters are much stronger than they would remove in the beginning but you have to rub continuously till the sidewall become net and clean thoroughly. It is the cheapest method and also it is 100% applicable it works for bike tires without causing any damage.

Using Of Citrus Strip And Paint Brush:

Bike tires do not have higher raised rubber letters as compared to other heavy vehicles like cars and trucks, so it is much easier to remove letters and brand names from bike tires by using different methods, you have to purchase citrus strip, it is a small box and wet a towel or paint brush with the strip, start rubbing above the surface of the letters as soon as the letters become totally invisible. This method is used for removing tire logos, tire lettering, and tire branding names.

How To remove Raised Rubbers Of Bike Tire Letters?

Raised rubbers of lettering and branding of bike tires cannot be removed from the soapy water and citrus strip, but there is also a method of removing them permanently from bike tires, on a normal basis, these raised rubbers are not the layers of the tires, these are adhesions which are stuck by glue and other gummy materials on the sidewall surfaces of the tires, but these are not much higher on bike tires as compared to higher vehicles.

A heat gun machine is used for removing raised rubbers of the sidewall of bike tires, the hot air of the machine directly hits on the surface of the raised rubber letters, and holds the machine in the same place as far as when the written letters, tire logos, or rubber brand names would start causing a smell which is the indication of melting of the rubber, after that with the help of a plastic tool, scratch the rubber from the tire, it will easily leave the surface of the tire. repeat the same process until all the raised rubbers would rub from the tire.

There is also another method, using a razor blade that is not sharp but be careful to avoid cuts on the sidewalls of the tires, just remove the upper surface layer of the raised rubber of the tire and avoid deeper cuts.

Why Tire Lettering And Branding Is Removed?

Most of the time when the tires become old, then their brand names are removed, and if any new tire brand launches in the market, many riders would name this new brand of tire on their old bike tires for popularity. when you want to sell your old used bike with cheap tires, then users would not buy them just because of the tire brand and their company, for all of these purposes, tire lettering and branding are removed by using different methods.

There are some valuable old brands of tires which are even with much more durability and these are fully in performing condition than the new brand tires, but the difference between both of these tires are just their branding and lettering names which are visible to everyone on the sidewalls of the tires, for these conditions you can replace your old company name on the sidewalls of the tires with the new expensive brand names.

When you have bought fully new packed tires and there are chances of stealing of bike tires by thieves, it is also one of the main purposes riders would delete brand names so that the tires will look old when you ride on terrains.

Removing Bike Lettering And Branding By Using Sandpaper:

Sandpaper is foldable and wrappable, wrap the sandpaper on any long 1 feet tool and start rubbing on the sidewall of the bike tires, rubbing wet the surface of the lettering with water or soapy water, within a few minutes lettering would be completely removed by constant rubbing of the sandpaper, it is a much easier and cheaper process, never apply a large force on the sidewall of the tire so that the tire threads would remain safe.

Using Of WD-40 Spray For Removing Tire Lettering And Branding:

It is also an easier and cheaper method for removing tire letters and logos. spray the surface of the lettering by using a rag cloth, towel, paintbrush, or toothbrush, anything which is available right now to you, start rubbing the lettering until it becomes fully washed and cleaned thoroughly.

WD-4o spray is almost present in every garage because it has much more advantages, it is also used to remove rust for bleeding and lubing purposes and much more.

Wesley’s White Bleach:

It is also compatible with the rubber material of the tires, threads, and cords, its proper method is that first, you have to mix a few millimeters of water and make a mixture then wet the surface of the brand name and logo with the spray and start rubbing with the toothbrush, repeat the same process until the lettering and branding name is fully removed.

Condition in Which Avoid Rubbing And Removing Of Brand And Lettering:

If the tire is too old so that the threads and cords of the sidewalls are visible to you, then avoid rubbing and scratching of tires, it will further cause damage to the tires, the removal of brand names is only for new branded tires or when the conditions of the tires are better than the worst.

Why Acetone Is Non-compatible For Bike Tires?

Acetone mixture is not for removal purposes on bike tires, the reason is that the material which is used for manufacturing of tires is non-compatible with the acetone, it is the main reason acetone is not applied on tires and never do a mistake of sweeping of acetone mixture on the sidewalls of the tires.

How To Remove Rim Decals?

Rim decals are the adhesive stickers on the central spacing area of the rims which are present mostly on new wheelsets, and it is hard to remove them with empty hands, all the methods which are used for removing lettering and branding of sidewalls of the tires are not applicable for removing of decals on wheels of bikes except heat gun method.

Because of brand names and letters soft and soapy products are used but rim decals have a much stronger base, which cannot be removed from the above methods there are other materials used for cleaning of rim decals as given below:

  • Goo Gone
  • Kerosine Oil
  • Mineral Oil
  • Heat Gun

By using these materials the decals of the rim become weaker but the residue of the sticker still remains on the surface of the rims, you have to choose the best residue removal bottle for your wheel as listed below, these are just for residue removal purposes.

  • Sticky stuff Remover
  • Soft Furnishing Stain Remover
  • Universal Stain Remover And Prewash
  • All Purpose Cleaner

These all are different bottles with different sizes and different price ranges, choose a single one and order them from online stores.