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Here’s how Wrong tread direction(wheel direction) ruin your mtb tires and how to avoid it

Treads are tiny but their direction cannot be ignored on a usual basis, installing bike tires with the wrong direction of treads affects riding style, treads also show their role positively and negatively, especially for mountain bikes, gravel bikes BMX, and treads pattern is not necessary for road bikes. some tires have treads while some lack treads, those which have treads must follow the tread pattern in the installation of the tire these have their own effect on bike speed, bike brakes, and especially during the winter, rains, and snow.

Does Tread Pattern Matter for road Bike Tires :

No, road bike tires usually do not have treads while some road bikes contain treads just for decoration purposes and their second purpose is to repel water when road bikes run on roads and wet trails because treads are made for thick and knobby tires while road bike tires are slick and thin that’s why treads are not important for road bikes and these are recommended for mountain bike tires.

Affects of treads in mountain bike tires and gravel tires :

MTB tires are thick, knobby, and fat tires, and also trails are rough, hard, and rocky with steep and climbing mountains, all these things differ mountain bikes from road bikes. That’s why tread patterns of mountain bike tires are different and these are the effects that they can have

  • Affects Bike Speed
  • Affects Braking System of Bike
  • Affects Durability of Tire
  • The bike does not run smoothly through wet trails and snow in winter.

How Bike treads direction affect bike speed?

treads are made in such a way they will push the bike in the forward direction without creating any kind of resistance force but ignoring tread will affect your bike in many ways. The false tread pattern of the tire affects the running of the bike because the tire is in the wrong contact with the trail and path, due to which you will feel it harder to pedal and also bike does not run smoothly, after a few seconds you will notice that the speed of bike have become lesser than the usual

How does the Bike tread direction affect the braking system of the bike :

A wrong tread pattern will cause confusion when you pull the levers of your bike brakes, you will not be able to judge the brakes, and you will start thinking about the brakes but actually, it happens just because of the negative effect of the tread direction of the tire.

Brakes do not work properly, you will feel a clear difference just because of the treads.

Bike Tread direction affects the lifespan of the tire:

The opposite direction of treads has a negative effect on tires because the false direction of treads will rub the tire badly with the trail and ground, mountain bike trails are hard and rocky, and continuous rubbing of the treads will rub all the treads of the tire through which it reduces the lifespan of the tire and the tires do not last long.

How false tread direction will affect you in snow and rain :

False treads do not run smoothly in snow and wet trails, especially in snow they will cause an opposing force that resists bike speed and it causes it much more difficult for a bike to move in the forward direction, false directional treads produce resistance, especially in the snow.

If the trails contain rainy and muddy water, here also the wrong direction treads will affect a negative response you will feel like your bike is not in your control, tire continuously slips right and left and water comes in the middle of the treads and basically, the tire will be spouting all the water all over your bike and you.

which can result in a bad experience and your bike feels like it is swimming above the water same condition as an aquaplane, in such conditions you will be unable to ride your bike smoothly.

Directional treads do not bring water to the center line of the tire and it disperses water from the right and left positions and repels water from the tire, Differences in tread direction play a big role in the movement and control of your bike.

How to tell tires direction :

Arrows are clearly designed and visible on tires of mountain bikes and gravel bikes but these arrows are not shown on road bike tires, it shows that tread direction is important for mountain bikes but it does not have value for road bikes. the arrows are directed in the front direction and their sign is like this (>>>), this sign of arrows indicates that tread direction is important and mount the tire exactly in the same direction as the arrows are directing themselves in.

If you don’t see arrows on the tires this is how you can tell the direction of the tire :

picture shows brand name of the tire

As you can see the brand name is spelled in the correct manner you can use it for the correct tread pattern

If the tire does not have arrow signs then, expect the sides of the tire which usually contain something written like the company name and the brand of the tire you can see which direction the company name is spelled in and mount the tires in that direction, it is a DIY method that can come handy if you don’t see any directional arrows on the tire.

there is also the tread pattern on the tire as well but it’s not common any way you can see if your tires have them that’s a good indicator for the tread pattern direction as well

how to tell the tire direction if there are no tread patterns, arrow signs, or brand names on the tire :

If you don’t see any arrow signs or tread patterns that could indicate the direction of the tire then there should be the brand name on the tire that could help you know the direction if there’s not even the brand name on it then we can assume tires are multi-directional but I think that answer might not be so satisfactory for you so here’s a quick trick to do.

Assuming that there are no tread patterns, brand name, or even arrow signs on your tires then simply put your tires in any direction you want and run them through the water if the water is sticking to the tires and splashing on the handlebar or head tube than that’s the wrong direction you can do the same trick on the rear tires and see if your tires are splashing water on your seat post or not if they are you can turn the tire around and everything should be fine.

Beware tread patterns on the front and rear tires of the bike are different :

Tread patterns are different for front and rear bike tires, this difference is made more widely and broadly just for mountain bikes due to trail differences. right and accurate tread patterns for front and rear bike tires help a lot in the handling of the bike, Usually, beginners don’t spot the difference right away and once the tires start rolling you can feel the difference kick in your handling is all over the place and brakes don’t work the same as usual if you are experiencing something like that then it’s best that you check your tread pattern.

 Treads of the front tire give grip and rear tire treads are used for increasing bike speed and decrease in resistance level.

The difference in tread patterns for the front and the rear tire is helpful for both tires to give excellent grip with the ground on rough terrains. the tread pattern is important for uphills when you are climbing a mountain and also for downhill steep trails.

Both tires with accurate tread patterns give traction to the bike for any kind of terrain, mostly directional treads are important and necessary for rear tires which are mostly responsible for braking while climbing uphills. Sometimes tires do not have any sign of directional treads, in such cases, you can install tires in any direction.

Advantages of directional tread tires :

There is a big difference between good company tires and cheap company tires, treads will make a clear difference which you can feel on the trails while riding your bike at high-speed levels. best quality tread directional tires will perform much better than other tires in the braking system, increases traction, and runs smoothly on the trails because treads are made to give much more speed in forwarding direction.

Treads also perform much better on corners where the grip of the tire and the ground decreases, the directional treads will maintain the speed, and traction and provide better grip on corners.

Also treads decrease the resistance of rotational rear tire when you are riding through the trails.

Although treads are small tiny designs these play a big role for the knobs of the tires in providing grip on the trails, these are directional signs and help the rider to run bike tires unidirectional, knobs also perform much better with treads on the tires, simply we can say as tread directional tires will perform much better and smoother than lack of tread tires for mountain biking.

Sometimes your bike tires start slipping while climbing and downhills, all this happens just because of the wrong direction of knobs and treads due to which the tire does not make a good grip with the ground surface, that’s why tread directional tires are a must for mountain biking.

Treads are usually designed to repel dirt, mud, water, and the other tiny particles of the rough trails.

It also depends on the trails where you are riding your bike, for rough, hard, and steep trails treads and knobby tires are helpful.

Tires are made of rubber and fibers, treads are designed to mount knobby tires in a forward direction, it is important due to the inner composition and material of the tire used in manufacturing.

How to correct the direction of treads on bike tires :

You can inspect the bike tire from the top front of the tire and see the direction of the tire, if it’s in the wrong direction then simply uninstall the tire from the rim and give the tire the correct direction, again install it within the rim. apply this method for both front and rear tires if you have any issues regarding tread direction. also, there is an easy method you can unscrew the screwer of the tire and change the position of the tire along with the rim and again install it after bringing it into an accurate unidirectional position.

Can you run a bike with no tread on the tires :

for most bikes you will see designs on the tires which basically do nothing for the bike at most they disperse water and don’t carry the water with them other than that they are just a nice pattern

but for most mountain bike tires are equipped with a tread pattern that is engineered to sustain the different weather conditions, prolonging the tires life, accommodate less dirt and water and provide better traction on the trails.