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Handlebar Bags vs. Saddlebags (Straightforward Comparison)

Handlebar bags are installed in front of your bike and saddle bags are installed on the rear or underside of your saddle, usually installing or mounting handlebar bags have many disadvantages and problems when you are riding on a road or single terrain. all the weight of the stuff, tools, snacks, and tire tubes is directly pushed in the downward direction toward the front tire, and the bike fork, stem body, and spokes of your wheel are also affected, as you know mountain bikes and fat tire bikes use their front brakes to decrease bike speed, but in this heavy condition, there are more chances of slipping and skidding of your front tire.

But handlebars bags have also many advantages you can easily pick up and drop off any of your essential food or eating snacks with an easy and minimum accessible range, but saddle bags are mounted too far from the rider, you have to stop your bike if you want to pick anything from seat bag, both of these bags have their own advantages and disadvantages. there are many riders who should always go on Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights and they spend the whole night touring places on their bikes, probably you have to carry many things which include tents, wearing clothes or bibs, pair of shoes, a pillow and other many things which compulsory to spend whole nights, all of these things require a large volume and space but handlebar bags have not enough space, these riders would install saddle bags and handlebar bags are avoided.

Handlebar Bags Also Affect Bike Speed:

It is the main issue or disadvantage of bar bags, if you are a racer and you have to reach a destination within the required time, then these handlebars would limit your bike and you would not be able to run your bike with the other group of your riders in this way these bags would limit bike speed, on the other hand, saddle bags do not interfere in bike speed, but if you are a commuter and you don’t like races, and you just want to commute on the trails with all the necessary stuff then handlebar bags would be an excellent or better option.

Size Of Saddle And Handlebar Bags:

The size of both of these bags would play a major role in riding, gripping, and handling the bar on rough and road trails, if these bags are of larger sizes then it will affect the center of gravity of both the rider and your bike, the best and recommended size is smaller sized bags, which do not effect anything on your bike, there are also riders which have both front and rear saddle flashlights installed on their bikes, so smaller sizes would be a better option for your to avoid irritating moments while riding.

Types of Handlebars For Mounting Of Bar Bags:

there are widely two types of handlebars for both road and mountain bikes which are flat bars and drop bars, if your bike has drop bars then it is not possible to mount handlebar bags, you have another option of mounting saddle bags under the seat of your bike, but if your bike has flat handlebars then you have two options and places for mounting of both saddle and handlebar bags, then you can easily choose your best and most comfortable bag for stuff. as a result we can say choosing of the bag for your bike would also depend on the geometry, handlebar and the saddle of your bike.

Types Of Trails:

Choosing stuff bg would also depend on the single and road trails, uphill and downhill trails, there are different types of twisted and zig-zag trails, where you can easily have a little experience with the selection of bags, and you can easily come to a conclusion about which bag is most comfortable for you. trails also a major major role, because all bike riders have different experiences of riding on different trails, there are beginners, standard riders, and pro or most experienced riders, and based on these things you have to choose your bag on your own decision.

Handlebar Components:

The handlebar of your bike contains many components and important handling and gripping accessories, which play a major role to prevent the rider from crashes or accidents, these components include, gear shifters, brake levers, and bar grips, so bar bags would affect a lot and plays a negative role with the cables of brakes and gear shifters, and also you will much harder and trouble on corner trails where you want to turn your bike in right or left direction of the trails, mostly on uphill and downhill trails, handlebars are not recommended.

Weight Problem:

Both handlebar and saddle bags would depend on the stuff, water, or snacks you are carrying within these bags, so make sure always keep the inner weight at a medium level. greater or higher weight would affect the handling of your bike and affects bike speed negatively.

Handlebar Gripping:

Normally handlebar bags would decrease the gripping and handling space on the tube of the bar, so bar bags would decrease spacing if you have a habit of shifting and changing your palm hands on different places of the handlebar, so if you install bar bags, then you have to grip your bars from a single place. ( handlebar grips) if you are also this type of rider then avoid handlebar bags and saddle bags would be a better option for you.