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Good mountain bike tires How to know whats best

Although a thousand brands of mountain bikes are popular among the riders most liked tires are Maxxis tires Since 2020 or before the Maxxis company tires are in the top trend this company has launched many types of Maxxis tires, riders with different mountain bikes probably depends on how you ride through tracks and the track is whether muddy, sandy, or rocky, and how you riding your body figure plays an important role in the bike riding.

But reliable tires play a major role and provide much more traction and comfortability.

Here is the list of some of the best tires to choose from. 

  • MAxxis DHF
  • MAxxis Agressor
  • Maxxis Ardent
  • MAxxis Crossmark
  • MAxxis Forekaster
  • MAxxis Highroller
  • MAxxis Rekon
  • MAxxis Minion DHR2
  • MAxxis Assegai
  • MAxxis Dissector


These tires have the best grips and they have excellent traction and a charming contact with the earth surface while you riding through downhills and uphills. These are popular worldwide mostly used in world races also have worth among the local mechanics.

Tires depend on how long they last and how heavy they are because the weight of the tire also plays an important role in riding a mountain bike. Maxxis tires have thick casing outside. while you riding through rocky tracks the rocks may bring cut to the outer surface of the tire if you have a low-rated tire.

Many shapes and designs on the casing of the tire indicate how strong the tire is and the designs of the tire able the tire for long-lasting. 

There are fewer chances of puncturing tires or cuts while riding through rocky trials.

Double down DD tire casing is around 200G or 0.5LBS heavier than Exo casings.

Maxxis tire casing is  usually made up of three rubbers

  • The dual-compound is very solid in structure
  • MAxxTera is grippy but
  • MAxxGrip is very very grippy

The sides of the Maxxis tire contain strong rubber because the design is flat so that it cannot bring a cut when the wheel goes through the rocks. while at the top the construction contains a soft rubber due to the shape which contains combs of rubber. The tire is made in such a way that it has a strong grip relation with the down surface.

Riders 70 percent weight mostly is on the back tire while riding through the tracks Maxxis is a solid tire and it will not expire in a short time. these rubbers play an important role in adjusting traction.

While you riding down the hills the max grip plays a role in gripping the tire.

It’s your choice to choose which tire among all them.  these are strong, grippy, fast, and rolling tires, Depending on your ride while you riding uphills or downhills the weight of the tire plays an important role.

Maxxis reckon tire is basically used to ride uphills because when you pedal the bike you riding uphills it will cost much force if your bike contains any other tire it will tire you soon so choose a Rikon tire for a better traveling also it’s very fast.

Maxxis Agressor tire is used for long rides with fast speed,  the best thing I like about this tire is the combs they are made such that they are not far apart from each other so it will damage itself while passing through harsh places.

Maxxis dissector tire is used as a front tire the hidden significance of this tire is that it’s 15 grams heavier than the Maxxis aggressor tire. the heaviness of this tire is helpful in grips,  the purpose of describing this tire is that its combs are designed in such a way it provides the best grip to your bike while you riding offroads.

Maxxis Minion DHR2 tire is also used as a front tire because it provides balance, this tire helps in maintaining balance while you are siding on your bike left and right, it is manufactured in such a way that its top front combs help the riders from falling and balance maintaining.

 Maxxis DHF is very popular among all the bike holders we have researched about this tire and asked from riders and also we saw that around 90 percent of riders have this tire in their bike. Most of the pro riders have been using this tire in down-country races and other race matches.

it is available mostly in every local mechanic. it is a long-lasting tire, the rubber used for this tire is an expensive material. it has good contact with the surface. it creates resistance between its top surface with the ground. it’s not slippy when you twist through the corner it resists itself and there is no chance of falling.

Maxxis supply its tires in 170 countries, these are manufactured in the United States of America, Taiwan, China, and Australia. 

Maxxis tires are not only for mountain bikes, but Maxxis company has also expanded so far, Maxxis tires are used for dirt bikes, auto vehicles, and trucks. 

Maxxis tires or any other types of famous tires companies mostly make both tube and tubeless tires, preferably on rough tracks or for mountain bikes tubeless tires are preferred due to their durability.


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