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Going From Hard Tail to Full Suspension (The Struggle)

Switching from hardtail to full suspension does not make any difference in the riding experience of your skills but as far as comfort goes it’s a big step forward and it becomes easier to be more agile and ride with more confidence if you are thinking that how can I convert my hardtail to a full suspension bike from the mechanic shop then:

Yes, you can change your hardtail mountain bike into a full-suspension bike, but it may cost you a lot more than a new full suspension bike, here’s how and when to convert from a hardtail to a full-suspension bike

Taking a quick decision of changing one bike into another with the tools might create trouble for you it costs too much also not durable for the long term.

When should I switch from hardtail to full suspension?

You can switch from hardtail to full suspension at any time given that your current bike is holding you back or you are having trouble cruising the trails smoothly.

I don’t know the tracks of your town surely you have been riding there for many years choosing a new bike depends on the trails where you ride. that’s the reason for choosing a new bike after noticing its relation to the trails whether the full-suspension bike would make you comfortable on these trails and you can afford to buy a full-suspension then go for it.

are hardtail bikes dead?

Definitely not, riders have been riding on hardtails for years the best thing about hardtails is that these are lighter in weight as compared to the full suspension and are best to learn skills on.

  •  The name suggesting the hardtail means these bikes are a little bit on the wild and rough side compared to the full suspension bikes
  • Higher-end hardtail bikes are more fast, comfortable while riding through technical tracks.

  • Hardtail bikes make you feel like you are flying on single trails.
  • Hardtail bikes are lighter in weight make you feel right while pedaling toward the uphills, burn your feet less as compared to the other bikes.
  • Hardtails have a much firm setup that helps in nailing the flowy tracks
  • Hardtail bikes are cheaper and rigid
  • Hardtails are famous because of their linings.
  • People own hardtail bikes because of their stiffness these are easy to handle well for sitting and cutting corners also learning skills as a beginner going downhills and climbing uphills compared to the soft tails.

Most riders turn back from the decision of switching into the full suspensions or you will mostly see people owning multiple bikes including hardtails and full suspensions for wider trails options.

Hardtails are not going away anytime soon they are worth that much while they may be a bit on the rough side but still, their lightweight and maneuverability is an overwhelming added bonus that cannot be replaced by full suspension bikes.

Budget estimation of full-suspension bikes?

Full suspension bikes have many types with many qualities. all differ in their buying values and manufacturing it depends on the trails you own near you through which you have gone many years your experience plays an important role in buying a new brand if you know about each bike very well. here are some of the full suspension bikes listed below:

  • Polygon siskiu D7
  • Vitus Mythique VR
  • Canyon Neuron AL 6
  • Marin Rift Zone
  • Norco Fluid FS3

Polygon siskiu D7 bike costs 1700$ but if you want to change any of its parts it will cost you further. it has a good geometry maintaining balance while riding through single tracks. every part of this bike is branded, the size of the stem is 45mm bar with a wider bar length of 780mm containing most comfortable rubber grips does not make your palms sweat with good gripping quality.

it contains the lock-up in the air fork the back cassette contains 11-speed chains and the front crank contains 50 cogs set. usually, this bike manufactures in 2 or 3 colors of its frame. the size of the frame varies differently smaller and larger with a 5mm difference.

Vitus MythiqueVR bike costs about 1500$ . it is the most beneficial bike for the long trails because of the grippy tire wheels which are 27.5 and 29. The frame structure is different from the other bikes especially in the center also the front suspension of this bike is pretty good compared to the other bikes with lighter weight as compared to other full-suspension bikes.

It’s a little bit different from the other brands like it is too high in geometry for taller people also it has bad suspensions as compared to the Polygon siskiu D7

Canyon Neuron AL 6 price is 1900$ if you want to change the fork, drive train and the tires you have to cost further to buy them according to my concern the value of this bike is perfectly good in this price if you own money you will be able to buy it.

the most irritating thing about this bike is that you cannot lock the rear shock in this brand but it’s long-lasting with more durability the derailer hanger of this bike sometimes brokes for this issue take an extra one with you while riding the single trails.

Marin Rift Zone price is 2050$ you can ride it for long trails its most firm with tubeless tires containing 27.5 and 29 sizes. has a good suspension with a dropper, usually Marin rift zone bike has further three types 1,2 and 3 with back cassette speed of 11 and 12 all are best the difference is just in their prices it depends on you how much you can afford and the same bike you will buy for yourself. the bike 3 is famous for its fork. The marine rift zone 27.5 contains an 11-speed cassette 

Norco Fluid FS3 costs around 1800$ you can use it for long-distance rides does not cause any trouble even riding a whole day. the size of the stem is 15mm. it is not that much expensive. pretty good structure of the frame, many people love it because of the frame structure’s well-made parts. this bike provides good traction mostly used for jumpy trails. the chain does not slip from the cassette.

Budgets of these bikes have roundabout 1500$ to 2000$ before buying them understand totally which one you have to choose among them.

What to look for in an entry-level suspension bike?

  •  Entry-level means inspecting each and every part of the new bike before buying these parts include the pedals of the bike,  the tubeless tires, Seatpost dropper post, the handlebar, and stem, drivetrain, dropper post, Air fork and shocks, hydraulic disk brakes, Tapered headtube, boost frame.

  • Check the wheels especially because while hitting the bumps the cheaper wheels ding the lips inward.
  • Suspension bike weight should not be large so that does not become out of control while riding trails. Make in mind the saddle should be straight
  • Make sure to go for a ride on the new bike to test it.
  • The frame should be in aluminum metal. The handlebar should be of alloy metal.
  • remember stay away from carbon-made parts these are not better for the full suspension bikes.
  •  The most common thing among bikes own the fork, coil fork, and air fork, if you want a lesser-weight fork use an air fork the bike becomes heavier by using a coil fork but its firm holds for many years.
  • you can change any part of your bike as you want to depend on your budget remember not to buy cheaper things these parts may rip in the trails and put you in trouble because these are not long-lasting.
  • After buying a new bike most of the riders change the parts and take off new parts of their bike just because the bike parts remain new when you want another bike to change the parts the benefit is that it can be sold at the same price as you bought.
  • Norco company is outstanding because of their long-lasting warranty.
  • Shimano company is the best in the mountain bike world. At entry-level you should look for each and every part of the bike whether Shimano parts or not because Shimano parts are much more powerful heard about them these are bulletproof.


At least no one anywhere tries to change its hardtail into a full suspension bike because it’s a cheap thing it’s not possible to convert hardtail into full suspension either you can do if you can use your bike for daily based works but you will not be able to go on this variable bike to long journeys and single tracks of uphills and downhills there is a lot of difference between the hardtails and the full suspension bikes. you can buy any type of bike either its hardtail and full suspension the main thing which differentiates these two bikes is money, how much you can afford for buying a new bike.

hardtails bikes are usually fast from the full suspension bikes the best bike you can prefer for yourself is having a good suspension bike. Read the instructions of the bike before buying otherwise after receiving you may think that it is not that one I wished for myself.

General things to look for:

You can check this post for general things to look for and shortlist the bikes you are going to buy based on these little things that we would usually ignore.