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Comparison Of Mynesweeper Inserts With Other Inserts

These are cheap when you compare them with the crush core inserts but durability is the same as that of the other tire inserts these are actually non-available in some countries, although these have a better consistency with the tire when the wheel rotates on the trails, these would not cause any wobble or shaking of the tire and these would remain smoothly within the bike tires, even you can ride 6 days regularly within the week, these would not become expire so much earlier, that’s the reason many riders have installed them within their tires.

These are smooth and flat within the tires and you would claim for bike tires with rubbing or puncturing on the trails. even if you can run your bike on any type of aggressive and hard terrains, if you have replaced the cush core or any of the inserts from this miyesweeper, surely you would not feel any noticeable difference when riding on the trails. another advantage is that these mynesweepers are for road and mountain bike tires, including gravel tires because their size and width are also compatible with all types and brands of bike wheels and they stay close with the rim and tires.

There are few brands of tire inserts that usually cause damage to bike wheels including carbon and aluminum, but if you want to hear about the mynesweeper then, these have a friendly relationship with bike wheels and tires, even if your wheel is an extensive new brand, these will not cause any damage and give a safe ride for bike wheels. including this, these inserts are widely accepted all over the world because of the better handling of bike on the trails and give a smooth ride, there are few inserts which use cause difficulty and are not consistent on the trails, when you compare them with this insert it will perform differently and too much better on the trails when the wheel is rotating.


Due to the lighter nature of these inserts, their weight is also less which is 240grams and their inner material is not compatible with the sealants these are used with all types of sealants, there are other inserts that would start absorbing the liquid material which is present within the sealants, but the material used for the manufacturing of these inserts are totally non-compatible with the sealant liquids, that’s the reason these will look like a simple foam when you are inserting them within the tires but in an actual way, these would perform much better and greater within the tires.

Inner Construction Of Material:

The inner molecules are tightly held with each other due to which there is not any space between the material which are used in making of these inserts, it usually has two basic advantage, 1st one these would absorb the bumps and jumps of the trails coming down from the hard and solid trails, and the other is that these are water or liquid resistant and does not absorb anything, that’s the reason these will stay light after remaining for a long time within the tires.

Are They Better For A Heavy Rider?

Highlighting the weight of these inserts, their weight is almost heavier than all the other inserts, if you insert them in a single tire then 240gram of weight is increased within the tire and if you are inserting the same insert within the other tire, the weight of tires almost increase to 500 grams which are enough more for a light rider, but if you are a heavy rider then due to heavier weight of this insert it will protect thoroughly the sidewalls of the tires and the top flat surface of the tires, and gives a smooth ride if your weight is from 100Ib to 120Ib.

Psi Difference:

Insertion of mynesweeper tire inserts, it is necessary to run the tire with lower tire pressures, there is a difference in tire pressure with or without inserts, those tires which are without these inserts are pumped up to 4 to 5spi pressure, but tires with installing mynesweeper inserts are pumped lesser from the actually recommended tire pressures, because of the heavier weight of these inserts and dense inner structure, these would give a smooth and comfortable ride at lower internal pressures.

Recommended Pressure:

Running these inserts at lower pressures is only applicable if you have got any emergency conditions like when your tire has got punctured or became flat on the trails, lower pressure also has disadvantages with these inserts because the tire will wobble continuously on the trails by hitting woods and rocks of the trails because these inserts would move within the tire from side to side at lower pressures, their recommended pressure is 25 to 30psi.

Stem Valve:

These are usually less protective on stem valve places because both head ends are making a V-shaped structure at stem place and often mynesweepers tires got punctured from stem places, there are specific valves for these inserts which provide enough protection to stem valve.

Mynesweepers Give Enough Tire Protection When Punctured On The Trails:

As these inserts are much better manufactured by the company and the other benefit of heavier weight when the tires get punctured on the trails, then it loses all the internal air pressure but having installed these inserts within the tires, you will easily and comfortably reach your home or any mechanic shop, even if the sidewalls of tires have got any puncture or flat on the trails, these inserts would not cause any damage to sidewalls of the tires and beads and more than 2km to 3km of trails you will easily cover with the punctured tires.

It is the main reason these inserts are somehow different from the other inserts because these would provide enough safety to the rim beads and the edges of the tires, due to their foam nature.

Difference In Densities For Front And Rear Tires:

70% of body weight lifts rea tire while 30 of the weight is lifted by the front tire, highlighting this difference mynesweepers inserts were also made differently for front and rear tires, front tire mynesweepers have soft and flexible material sued in their manufacturing, and rear mynesweepers have a firm and hard material and foam which is denser than the front, also front tires are wider tires and these inserts are also bigger and thicker for front tires but for rear tires, these inserts are different and these have thin nature according to the tire differences.

Weight Difference For Different Tire Sizes:

these inserts have different weights according to the difference in tire sizes, 26 and 27.5 tires have lesser weight than the 29e tires. all of this difference is made in the foam material when these are manufactured within the companies. their weight varies from size to size of tires.

How You Can Run Tires With Mynesweepers At Zero To 10 PSi?

The solid foam of these inserts would fill the internal space of the rim thoroughly, and by experiment, it has been proved that when your bike rim hit the bumps of the trails without these inserts at zero to 10 internal pressure, then clearly you will hear a sound the bumps and drops of the trails are hitting or crashing the rim beads and you will hear a hollow noise of steel rims, but if your tires have these inserts, then you will hear as deaden sound without any noise and it feels like there is something within the3 tire which is preventing the rim beads and sidewalls of the tires interiorly at lower pressure, this is the reason you can run bike tires at lower pressures with these inserts installed within the tires.

How To Inject Sealant With Mynesweeper Inserts Inside?

There is a V-shaped Hollow Space on both heads of the foam where thee are roundly attached at the valve stem place, this sealant would easily go deeply within the tubeless tires and there is another cut or hollow space at the center of these inserts from where the sealant sweeps and reaches the hidden places of the tire.

These Inserts Rotate Within The Tires Over Time:

It is common for these inserts, would rotate from the stem valve place and the hollow injection place of these inserts would rotate from the right or left side of the valve easily over time when you continuously ride with these inserts many times within the month.

At the time when to unmount the tire from the rim, you will see the insert has changed its position and has been rotated from its actual place.

Price Difference:

Mynesweepers inserts are 30 bucks cheaper than the other inserts.


It is to be concluded that the advantage of these inserts is that, they are cheaper inserts and the disadvantage is that these are rare and these are not common widely in different countries like France. and the other disadvantage is that these are not installed with tube tires, also weight of the rider and the bike makes a difference with these inserts due to the foam material.