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Coil vs air Forks Which one is better (Harsh comparison)

if you are confused on what kind of coils are better where they are used and what is the main difference between them if you should witch from any or any other question well I did some research since I was confused myself as well, In this article you can find anything you had like to know about air vs coil shocks and all the answers to your questions.

Riders mostly choose the coil or air forks according to their own riding styles both are beneficial in their own ways. these forks contain springs in their inner regions while riding through difficult trials the suspension of these forks work as moving upward and downward to sustain the bike in their way according to the changing positions of the rider’s forearms.

Forks are designed in such a way they contain a tube with the top end connected to the stem and the lower end connected to the crown through which the legs are generated which contains inner seals. Forks vary in different sizes some are longer and some are shorter some contain air-filled in them and the old traditional type includes coil forks. An axle is present in the bottom of the fork which connects both legs of the fork typically. Every part of a mountain bike is designed in such a way that they are lighter in weight probably used only for a single biker for adventuring and riding through rocky trails.

Coil forks/shocks qualities

  • Coil forks are heavier than air forks
  • feels nice while riding downhills
  • Coil forks are made for jumpy and hard trails
  • Very easy in maintenance and upgrading to a new coil fork
  • sustains the bike stable while riding downhills due to heavier weight
  • Pro racers recommend coil forks for downhill rides.
  • Due to the heavier weight, you can avoid the bumps of the hardtails.
  • Coil forks cost less
  • Coil forks are good for snow


Coil forks are mostly used for a single riding in a week because of the heavier weight these forks are not used for riding all the time on your bike these are only capable of downhill racing. Coil forks are solid also cheap versions are available but it would be bad for riding over 500km.

Air forks/shocks qualities

  • Air forks are used for uphills, downhills, and local trails
  • lighter in weight used for all kinds of trails
  • faster in speed than coil forks
  • preferred for long rides
  • Air fork needs air change rather than a fork change according to your riding style and the trail
  • changing the pressure of the air provides you experience while riding through different trails
  • Air forks cost more
  • advantage of setting the air pressure according to your weight and the mileage
  • Air forks are bad for snow

Air forks are made for riding all the time due to the advantage of lesser weight. Air forks contain valves through you can adjust the air of the forks you can push the valve to release the air. These forks are very easy to handle and use as compared to the coil forks. You can change the air of the fork after every 2 months they cannot perfectly act as a bridge between the fork and the bumps on the other side the life span of coil fork is much more than the air forks but the coil forks do act typically against the bumps as air fork. never use the hand pump for inserting the air always use the fork-purposed pump available in the local shops.

What most people use

Forks basically depend on their budget qualities, the high budget forks last longer and low budget forks are temporary. Some people prefer high-quality coils while the others use high-quality air forks both are the same in using both are high-quality forks you can use them for long riding purposes. people use both forks according to their own riding skills and experiences they buy a fork as they want for their ride. Forks also depend on your own bodyweight types the more you heavy use coil forks for lesser weight people air forks bikes are best for riding.

Choosing a fork depends on the budget how much you can afford. Both forks are best in their own ways depending on your own weight you will decide which type of fork I am going to choose for my bike. the best fork would be the one you can afford for it. it will make your journey wonderful for long tourism.

Most Commonly used forks/shocks

  • RockShox SID Ultimate
  • RockShox pike ultimate
  • Fox Float 38 Performance Elite
  • Marzocchi Bomber Z2
  • Cane Creek Helm air MKIII
  • Fox 36 Factory GRIP2
  • Rockshox Lyrik RC2
  • Rockshox Zeb Ultimate
  • DVO Onyx SC D1
  • Ohlins RFX 36 M2
  • Formula Selva R

Best fork/shock for local riding

Air shocks probably are lesser in weight mostly people use air coils. the air containing shocks does not heat up does not create any burden on the shocks breaks, handlebars, and tires.

Air fork has the ability to adjust the air pressure of the air cork according to your own desire of riding style and it’s the most precise thing you can buy at a single price. Most people use an air fork for their daily chores.

The most recommended air forks are 36s or Lyrik.

Most people use this fork as well on a daily basis these forks do not tire you so much easier you can ride them feeling comfortable. you can put the air pressure of your own demand in them and enjoy the ride. it does not feel like an ugly inexpensive fork it’s a pretty much good fork you can easily climb to the mountains and fastly returns back on downhill trails. it’s a branded fork you can use anywhere on your daily based exercise for riding outside.

It’s also pretty much good in doing the stunts you can easily lift the front tire due to lightweight advantage. Adjust the air according to your body weight.

Best fork/shock for long touring

The firmest shock with durability is actually coil fork while you decided to go for a large mileage touring through the hard trails which contain twisty, jumpy areas also you are holding the handlebar of the coil fork for many hours it does not cause any pain in the wrist and forearm.

 These are quality-based forks for long adventuring, mostly high-end coils are used for such long journeys simply if you have some cheap fork you have been riding after that when you switch to the coil fork you will notice that it’s not any cheap material never bought from any Chinese company.

Coil and air forks/shocks cost breakdown

You can buy a coil fork from amazon at a price of 49$ to 150$ it does not cost too much besides this if you want to buy some of its precious types it will cost largely because for a better coil fork actually notice the price of your bike on one side and the fork price on the other side so it depends on your wealth conditions having a good budget you can buy a better one.

air fork prices are from 300$ to 900$ you can buy the fork you want from Amazon and also from the local shops while you can go with your bike choose a fork and apply it to your bike.

General maintenance costs

Normally for giving oil or in case of any service or seal, you need some basic tools or a kit because the presence of the right tools helps you in consuming the time and it prevents you from going to shop where the shop keeper easily costs around 30 to 50$ for all these things, rather this if the fork is broken in this case

if your mechanic is in between 1 and 2 miles go for it it will fix the broken one into a new one it costs at least 150 to 200$ and if the condition is understandable and you also own tools you will fix it by yourself.

Common tools used for the  forks/shocks

For every bike owner its necessary to buy a tool kit for the forks including the listed tools:

  • Circlip pliers
  • Valve tool
  • Spanner
  • Allen key
  • SRAM grease
  • Actual shock pump

Use these tools for the insertion of the new fork in the handlebar of your bike.


Nowadays bike industry has changed riders have air fork bikes in the past coil forks were common because these are long-lasting does need any kind of air pump to fill in them. this was the most beneficial thing about the mountain bikes for long rides often coil forks were used. coil fork is in my own use. but if you buy a cheap coil fork it will drop you in big trouble. I am not an expert I am just giving my opinion you can buy the fork you want for your bike. Also, the air forks are the new version of the mountain bike forks every rider own air forks the thing I like the most about air forks is that you can fix the air of the fork relatable to your body weight.



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