Trek Marlin 4 bike | A detailed guide

Marlin 4 is not a bike made to take a beating its a bike for laid back easy trail commuters who love to explore nature get some cardio exercise and generally just enjoy it’s not a bike for hardcore mountain bikers but a beginner could use it to try to get the feel of the […]

Mountain Vs Road Bike Helmets|Best Helmet For Both MTB and Road biking

There are a number of different factors when finding a perfect helmet for yourself and finding a hybrid for both mountain biking and road biking can be hard. Making a decision gets even harder because there are no viable sources that are understanding the user intent instead everyone is just trying to pour fuel on […]

Ways To Train On Mountain Bikes Without Training Wheels

Recently I bought a mountain bike for my 7 year old nephew as his birthday present and I bought training wheels with it only to realize later that training wheels don’t fit mountain bikes for various reasons. It was frustrating at first and then I thought is there a way for him to train on […]

How to pop a perfect wheelie on any bike| tips and tricks

Popping a wheelie is 40% strength and 60% technique but it can be quite intimidating for someone new, I started learning how to pop a wheelie recently on my mountain bike and I wanted to share some tips and tricks that I learned along the way and feel like they can help you out better […]

Why Not To Buy Cheap mountain Bikes

If you are thinking of buying dirt cheap mongoose bikes available at Walmart or any store, STOP! reading this first may save you your money and pain This is an informative article for everyone out there who’s looking into buying mongoose bikes. I am a mountain biker and a blogger at the same time so […]

Cannondale Short history and brand review

Cannondale started back in 1971 with Joe Montgomery and Murdock MacGregor the company saw a fair share of ups and downs while the original owners may be no more the owners but the company managed to survive and for some who could see the sudden death of Cannondale the company managed to survive and become […]

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