Lubricating Mtb pedals | How to do it and its benefits

When it comes to lubricating pedals most of us tend to ignore them which can cause problems in the long run also if you are installing new pedals on your bike you should definitely lube them. Problems you can face if you don’t Lube your pedals : If you don’t lube your pedals for a […]

Dropper Seat Post Lubricants | what to use and what to avoid

In this article i will walk you through whats best for (long term) and when its best and how to apply the lubricants,We often dont apply the lubricants the right way or we are simply using lubricants that don’t even last a week are they are not even compatible with the sropper post without even […]

How many punctures can a mtb tubeless tire take

If you ride tubeless tires you might have always wondered how many punctures thing can take or if you already have enough on your bike and you are wondering how many more it can take before it goes out of commission, here’s what I have come up with my experiments and a little bit of […]

Why people lose interest in mountain biking over the years

If you are a mountain biker you must have noticed people losing interest in cycling and mountain biking is top of the list people are quitting mountain biking and the reasons are astonishing. The overall trend for mountain biking has long been declining over the years and the only reason for its survival can be […]

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