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Can You Use Magura Brakes With SRAM Rotors?

Yes, Magura brakes are compatible with SRAM rotors, but these rotors would perform as better as the recommended rotors for Magura brakes because there is a difference of 0.2mm between SRAM and Magura rotors. Magura brakes have rotors that have 2mm of thickness but SRAM rotors have 1.8mm of thickness, so the difference is negligible which makes Magura brakes compatible with Sram rotors. this setup is mostly used when you have already installed SRAM rotors and you have upgraded Magura brakes, it is not necessary to buy the same Magura rotors for Magura brakes.

But the difference comes in braking power and performance on the trails, because SRAM rotors have lower thicknesses than Magura rotors for braking, and if the rotors have less thickness, these would perform not as much better as those rotors which have greater thicknesses. a little bit of difference comes in your riding and braking capacity with Magura brakes. even thin rotors would also have a lower life span than thicker rotors, on a normal basis for aggressive and hard terrains thicker rotors are recommended with greater diameters.

Size Of Magura And SRAM Rotors:

Magura rotors have different sizes, from 180mm to 220mm. all of these sizes perform differently on different bikes with different weights and different terrains. larger Magura rotors are recommended for greater weight riders and small rotors are for lesser weight riders, if you are looking for the Magura rotor size with higher quality and performance and with much more braking power on the trails, then go for small buy small-sized rotors.

SRAM Adapters:

You can use any size SRAM adapters for Magura brakes, but the recommended adapter size is 20mm if the calipers of Magura brakes are not adjusting correctly on the SRAM rotors then the next step is to use small washers when inserting two bolts of adapters into the Magura calipers, these washers would also decrease the distance between the rotor and calipers, washers are inserted in those conditions when the adapters would not stay accurately with the Magura brake calipers.

Because of the difference in thickness, Between Sram and Magura rotors, calipers brakes or Magura rotors would not clutch the SRAM rotor surfaces, and you will feel a noticeable decrease in braking performance in this setup. this difference also comes by highlighting the quality and weight of SRAM and Magura rotors, SRAM rotors have less weight while Magura rotors are much heavier in weight.

Is It Possible To Use Any Adapter For SRAM Rotors With Magura Brakes?

Yes, it is possible, there are many adapters which from other companies like Shimano, Magura adapters would also work with the Sram rotors but sometimes the Magura calipers would not fit and would not stay comfortable with the other company adapters, although it is possible to use any adapters for Magura brakes.

Calipers Of Magura Brakes:

Magura brakes are totally different from the other normal brakes, even the routing of these brakes is also complicated, due to which sometimes the calipers would not adjust accurately with the brakes, but the skilled mechanic would do the job without any difficulty.

Heat Capacity Difference:

Sram rotors are thin as compared to Magura rotors and Magura brakes are exactly made for Magura rotors which shows according to the diameter and thickness of the Magura rotors, and when you install SRAM rotors with Magura brakes, then these SRAM rotors will heat up much more on hard and rough terrains, uphills and downhills, and especially when you are skidding on cornering terrains. but Magura rotors would not heat up so early.

When you ride for longer mileage distances, thin rotors got heated soon but Magura rotors are thick and are especially recommended rotors for long trail distances.

Pistons Of Magura Brakes With SRAM Rotors:

Pistons of these brakes would start rubbing with the rotors if you have not adjusted them properly and accurately, you have to adjust the levers of these brakes by tightening and loosening due to which their pistons would also start working fine and normal with the rotors.

How do Magura Brakes perform Better with SRAM Rotors?

Magura brakes have a large ability to stop power, especially for high-speed riders as compared to other brakes and their weight is also lighter than the other brakes, when these light weighted brakes combine with the light weighted rotors, obviously, these would make an excellent relationship with each other, when you are riding at higher speeds on downhills, applying the Magura brakes would not cause rubbing and skidding of the tires like the other brakes but the rotors would stop the rotating tire with power and bike wheels jam on a sudden basis.

Noisy Setup:

This setup is a little bit noisy, the reason is that rotors are not of their own recommended Magura size, but the rotors are SRAM, which will make your ride a little bit noisy, but you have to get rid of this problem, inspect the calipers of Magura brakes if these are too closely attached with the SRAM rotors then keep them installed at a distance from the rotors so that pads of calipers would not rub and touch with the rotors when the wheel rotates.

Bleeding Of Magura Brakes:

Their bleeding system is totally different from Shimano and SRAM brakes, it is complex and difficult because their brake cables have greater lengths which need cutting and adjusting accurately within the levers of the Magura brakes. these Magura brakes have their own bleeding kits which are available at online stores and if you are nearer to any mechanic shop, then it would be better to bring your bike to a shop because these brakes would need braking skills as these are different from the other brakes.

Sometimes their master cylinders would cause leakage due to which all the fluid would sweep and leave the cylinder and the air starts penetrating within the cylinder due to which the braking power decreases and it needs proper bleeding and filling of fluid again to increase the braking capacity, Magura brake cylinders usually are soft and not durable due to which these would burst and cause fluid leakage.