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Can You Use a SRAM Powerlink On a Shimano Chain?(Straightforward Answer)

Yes, it is possible, SRAM power links are used to reconnect Shimano bike chains, although SRAM links are not recommended for Shimano chains, because there are specific Shimano power links for Shinano chains and SRAM power links for SRAM chains. SRAM quick links are usually difficult in installing and uninstalling Shimano and SRAM chains, and also there are specific SRAM power links for a specific number of speeds, 8,9,10,11 and 12-speed chains have their specific compatible SRAM links and it is not possible to replace or interchange 9-speed SRAM power links with 10-speed SRAM power link chains. there is a proper pin place for Shimano chains where these chains are cut and broken for mounting SRAM power links, another serious concept in this setup is that always use proper, accurate, and compatible chain tools for breaking Shimano chains and mounting SRAM power links.

Using Of SRAM PowerLinks On Shimano Chains:

When you are installing a new SRAM Powerlink to join the Shimano chain, then you have to adjust the length of the Shimano chains, usually, you have to cut 1 to 2 links of your Shimano chains, because when new power links are installed then the length of the chain is also decreased, longer chain lengths further cause many issues and problems when you shift gears from higher to lower and lower to higher cogs of your bike cassette.

Is All SRAM Powerlink’s Universal?

No, it is not possible to install all lengths of SRAM power links Shimano, SRAM, and KMC power links, there is a large difference in pins of SRAM power links, these pins are shorter and longer in their lengths, and most of the time when you are installing 10-speed SRAM power links on !)-sped Shimano chain, then you will notice the length of the pin of SRAM link have different length and it is not compatible with the inner width and diameter of the right and left side of your chain plates.

How To Check The Inner Width OF Shimano Chain For SRAM Powerlink Compatibility?

Inner width is the distance from the right side of the chain plate to the left side, it can easily be checked with the help of feeler gauges, these gauges would measure exactly the internal diameter of the Shimano chain and SRAM power links, if your Shimano chain is new in condition and you have not used it for a longer and regular rides, then the inner width of your chain would have a normal and accurate width, but if your chain is in bad condition and there have been many years and month you re using the same chain for longer mileages rides then the inner width and diameter of your Shimano chain should have greater width as compared to new branded chains.

SRAM, Campy, Shimano and KMC bike chains have different internal widths, and their internal width is smaller or greater than SRAM power links, so when you are installing a new SRAM power link within the Shimano chain, then before breaking and cutting your chain always check the length of the SRAM link and the internal chain width. those chains which are normal and are new in condition have 0.005 to 0.007-inch distance between both of their plates but if you have not replaced your bike chain for many months and years, then the inner width distance of your bike chain is increased from0.007 to more than 0.010 inches, it is the sign that your chain has badly worn out and now its time to buy new Shimano chain to make your long-distance trails much safer.

Tool For Bringing Both Ends Of Shimano Chain Closer:

You have to bring the ends of the chain of your bike much closer to each other, it can also be done without using any tools, but lack of tools is a difficult process, it is common that almost once a time in month you have to do changes in your bike chain, so buy a single tool so that it would help you a lot in bringing the chain nearer and you can easily install SRAM power link in your Shimano chain. park tools are also long-lasting and much better than the other tools named Park MLP-1 Plier.

Shimano 9 & 10-Speed Chains:

Both of these chains are swappable and interchangeable with each other, you can install link pins and side plates of Shimano 9-speed chains with 10-speed chains and vice versa, and also you can mount your Shimano chain with the other brands of power links.

Disadvantages Of SRAM Power Link With Shimano Chain:

If you are using the SRAM link with the Shimano chain you will clearly hear rubbing and irritating noise coming from the rear drivetrain and also from the front crankset, the reason is that when your bike chain rotates by applying rotating torque force, at the same time when SRAM link reaches the rear cogs of the cassette teeth, the right and left side plates of the SRAM link would touch with the cogs and start rubbing and creating noise, same happens when this link reaches in the teeth of the front crankset.

Difference Between Power Links ANd Power Locks:

SRAM 8,9,11 ad 12-speeds are power links, while SRAM 10-speed power links are not power links but are called power locks, the difference between both of these pins is clear, power links are used more than a single time, and if power links have not been damaged, rubbed or broken then you can further use it with any of other bike chains, but power locks are not used more than a single time, power locks are used just a single and 2nd time these are not installed in bike chains.

KMC Quick Links And Shimano Chain:

KMC quick links are also used to rejoin and reconnect both broken ends of the Shimano chain because KMC links are compatible and do not create any barrier when the Shimano chains start rotating within the cogs, cassettes, and cranksets of your bike.