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Can You Use a Single-speed Chain With a Narrow Wide Chainring?

Single-speed chains are used on narrow wide chain rings, but not all speed chains would work fine with these rings, only 10 and 11-speed cassette normal chains would work fine on narrow wide chain rings, but you have to face another difficulty, these normal chains would not work properly at their bending and flexing points, which includes the lower and higher head of the derailer where the chain is making n angle of 90 degrees and also at 3 chains rings of the crankset where the chain is bending in when rotating, but it can be easily adjusted, there are chain links which are connecting the whole chain and prevent the chain from breaking, do not these chain links for narrow and wide chainrings, you have to use those chains which do not have these links for the smooth working of chains on these N/W chainrings.

Narrow wide chainrings are usually recommended and are manufactured for 8,9,10,11 and 12-speed chains, these are multi-speed chains, but you can also use single-speed chains on these narrow wide chains, there are specific chains for these chin rings which are used to install on these rings, z610 chain is one of the examples for these chainrings, these are specific chain and are properly used for installing on the rings.

Single-speed chains are normal chains and these are specific for single-speed chain rings but narrow wide chainrings have also narrow wide tooths for their specific narrow wide chains when you are installing normal single-speed chains on these rings then the cogs of the chainrings would decrease the working and smooth running of the normal chin on these rings, and the chain will be stuck on these rings, you will feel like these chains would require larger force for pedaling o the trails due to the smaller and wider sized spacing within the rings.

Chain Guide:

A chain guide is a small accessory that is used to prevent skipping and sliding of chain from the cranksets and it will keep the lining of the chain straightforward, multi-speed chains would also these guides for their narrow wide chainrings, but if you are using single speed chain, then you can install the guides above the crankset to preventing skipping of the single speed chain from narrow-wide chainrings.

Frame Difference:

Single-speed and multi-speed chains are specific for specific frames and also narrow wide chainrings and normal chin rings are also specific for specific frames. so sometimes you have to face these types of frame non-compatibility issues.

Chain tensioners are installed on the rear dropouts of the frame, if the bike frame is compatible with installing a tensioner for stretching and tensioning of the chain, then the setup is compatible with the SS chain and N/W chain ring.

Working Capacity Of Single Speed Chain With Narrow Wide chain Rings:

Narrow-wide chainrings also depend on the working capacity of the chains. when the chain is passing through the cogs and teeth of these rings then check the running quality of the chain, most of the time the chain links do not jump smoothly from one cog to another on these rings due to non-compatibility issues, sometimes the single speed chain you are going to install on narrow wide chain rings would not work smoothly in running conditions.

Stretching And Tightening Of Chain:

Check the tensioning and tightening of the single speed before installing it on narrow wide chain rings if the chain is not stretched properly then it will not work on these rings, give the chain proper tension when the chains within the cogs and teeth of the narrow wide chainrings and the rear multi-speed cassette.

Single Speed Chain And Narrow Wide Chain Ring Setup Is For Commuting Purposes:

This setup is usually limited to specific flat and smooth trails and for commuting and touring purposes, because the chain would not operate properly on longer mileage trails, and also this setup is not used for hard and aggressive mountain bike trails, which include uphills and downhill trails. because when you pedal hardly ad in a standing position, then the chain will slip and skip out of the cogs due to the narrower and wider cogs of the chainrings.

Width Of Single Speed Chain:

Single-speed chains have thousands of brands with different sizes, so the width and thickness of the single-speed chains also matter a lot for narrow wide chainrings, if the width of the chain is matching and is compatible with the N/W chain ring then you can easily install your SS chain on these rings.

Are Narrow Wide Chain Rims And Single Speed Setup Better For  MTB And Road Bikes?

No, this setup is not better for those bikes which have thumb shifters, gears, and derailleurs, because the chain would not work properly, narrow wide chainrings have their own narrow wide chain on Mtb and road bikes, but single-speed chains finally stuck within the derailleur and small jockey wheels of the derailleur due to non-compatibility.