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Can You Use a Shimano Crankset With a SRAM Bottom Bracket?

Shimano crankset and SRAM bottom bracket are not compatible with each other, the difference is 2 millimeters, the length of the Shimano cranks is greater and is 24mm but SRAM bottom brackets are 22 millimeters in their size, so it is not possible to compromise and upgrade this setup. Shimano cranks are only compatible with the compatible Shimano bottom brackets. the frame is the main non-compatible part for this setup, bike frames are designed and manufactured for their specific bottom brackets and cranksets and Shimano company cranksets are not recommended for SRAM bottom brackets.

Shimano and SRAM have the same 24 millimeters of cranksets but cranksets have two legs on both left and right sides, Shimano crank legs are 24 millimeters of threads on both right and left sides of the crankset but SRAM crank legs have 24 millimeters of spindles and threads on the drive side or cassette side and 22 millimeters of threads on the left side or non-drive side, it is the main difference which is making a big difference between the Shimano and SRAM cranks, due to which cranksets of both of these brands are non-compatible with each other.

There is a major difference between the spindles of the Shimano and SRAM cranksets, the diameter of the spindles of the Shimano cranksets is non-compatible with the SRAM bottom brackets. these crank spindles are also designed and manufactured for their specific bike geometry and thee are not installed on different bike frames. spindles of cranks are not welded and cut and cannot be modified, if the bike frame is compatible with the smaller Shimano spindles then it is not possible to install a greater crank spindle on the same frame and if the bike frame is compatible with the greater crank spindle then it is not possible to install smaller crank spindles on the same frame.

Shimano Crankset And SRAM DUB Bottom Bracket:

Cranksets are different in their spindles, Shimano and SRAM crank spindles are of different millimeters, SRAM DUB has 28.9 millimeters of crank spindles and Shimano crank spindles are 24 millimeters, the difference is 4.9millimeter, which is not a small value, it shows that SRAM DUB is not compatible and are not recommended for Shimano cranks.

Press Fit Tools:

These are the tools of the Shimano cranksets and Shimano bottom bracket, the main problem is not buying a new Shimano BB92 bottom bracket, because Shimano BBs are cheap in price range but tools which are needed to install Shimano BB92 bottom brackets with the Shimano crank legs are much expensive in price ranges, even more, expensive than Shimano and SRAM BBs prices. you have to buy the same brands of tools, bottom brackets,s and cranksets for compatibility.

Is It Possible To Use Adapters For Compatibility?

No adapters are not suitable and compatible for Shimano cranksets with SRAM bottom bracket, BB and crankset is the main sensitive part of the bicycles and bikes which are continuously in rotating torque force, only those BB and cranksets are used and installed which have same threadings and are compatible with bike frame and geometry.

But if you are going to install Shimano bottom brackets with the SRAM cranksets then there are many adapters available on online stores, you can easily get a compatible adapter for Shimano BB and SRAM cranksets. everything will work fine with the adapter but the main thing which will change is chain lining, which is actually not a good idea because false chain lining would result in skipping of the chain from higher and lower cogs of the rear cassette and also skip from front cranksets.

Length Of Crank Legs:

Cranksets are specific for specifically sized frames and the length of the crank legs is also compatible with the specific bike frames, which means it is not possible to install different length crank legs on non-compatible frames.

Q Factor:

It is the length of both crank legs when these are stable in the center line of the bottom bracket, and when both of the crank legs are parallel with each other. q factor is also affected with different brands of cranksets and bottom brackets, crank legs would start hitting and rubbing with the chain and chain stay tube due to abnormal q factor.

Shimano Vs SRAM Bottom Brackets:

If you want to mount the Shimano crankset with the SRAM bottom bracket, then, first of all, you can check the width and diameter of the Shimano and SRAM bottom brackets, if the frames of both BBs are of the same size then the bottom brackets of these brands are also compatible with each other but if Shimano bottom bracket is not installing within the frame of the SRAM bottom bracket then it will also cause issue and problems with the Shimano cranksets. In the same way, you have to check the cranksets on both of these BBs, your confusion will become clear and you will clearly understand the cranksets and bottom brackets of two different brands.


Shimano cranks and SRAM bottom brackets are not compatible with each other but Shimano brackets and SRAM cranksets are compatible with each other by adding small wavy washers on the drive side of the front cranksets. the main purpose of this article is to highlight the major problems and issues due to which cranksets and bottom brackets of both of these different brands are non-compatible with each other.