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Can You Use a Floor Pump For Shocks?

Floor pumps are not used as shock pumps because shock pumps are recommended for bike shocks but when you start using floor pumps as a shock pump, you will not reach higher air pressure because the setup is widely different between floor and shock pumps. also, floor pumps would give wrong and inaccurate results, and these pumps are not able to hold the air within the shocks. floor pumps have lower pressures and it needs a lot of time to inflate shocks, even when the tire reaches higher pressures, the air does not further go internally due to a higher pressure difference between the shocks and the atmosphere.

Losing Of Air Pressure:

Floor pumps do not have any ability to control the air within the shocks, when you are pumping with the floor pump and the pressure reached its higher level after that, you won’t be able to fill 2 to 3 psi more within them because when you start pushing the pump, the air will not flow accurately and when the air flows, again it will deflate from the shocks, it only happens with the floor pumps, so almost it is not possible to use floor pumps as shock pumps. internal pressure is not maintained carefully with floor pumps and it is hard to recognize the air pressure of the suspension shocks, so air pressure does not remain stable and you will lose the recommended pressure for the suspensions of your bike.

Best Pumps For Both Shocks And Tires:

Their mall-sized shock pumps are used and recommended for both shocks and tires, and due to their smaller size, you can easily carry them on the trails by tightening them with the straps and bike frame tubes. floor pumps are also larger in size as compared to shock pumps, floor pumps are old traditional pumps but shock pumps are new modern pumps.

Volume Difference:

Floor pumps have higher volume and lower pressure but shock pumps have higher pressure and lower volume, suspension shocks of ikes require higher pressure and lower volume pumps which are shock pumps, based on this difference, it is not possible to use floor pumps as shock pumps.

Lower Pressure Affects Suspension Shocks:

Floor pumps inflate the shocks with lower air pressure which is bad for riding on flat and hard trails because you can easily pump the shocks but your shocks would ruin and damage if you are riding with the same lower pressure for longer mileages.

Bleed Button Of Shock Pumps:

Shocks pumps have a small tiny button through which you can easily lose the air pressure of the shocks, in case the pressure is high within the shocks, but floor pumps do not have any inflating and deflating air buttons, and you would know about the air pressure of the shocks, bleed button of shock pumps are exactly made for shocks to maintain the air pressure within the shocks for comfortable riding.

 Floor Pump Chuck And Shock Valves:

The pump chuck is the mounting and dismounting valve of the floor pumps, these chucks are not compatible with the shock chucks or shock valves, both front suspension shocks of the fork and rear shocks have different and non-compatible valves, and the air would start losing and decreasing the internal pressure of the shocks due to non-compatible chucks and valves.

Adapters For Maintaining The Air Pressure:

There are small sealed adapters that are used for mounting on the valve shocks, these adapters are necessary with the floor pumps because when you dismount the floor chuck from the shock valve, you will hear a piss of sound which is the internal shock pressure released from the shock valve when you have dismounted the pump chuck, to prevent this issue buy a small adapter if you have a floor pump.

Guage Difference Between Floor And Shock Pumps:

Air pressure gauges of both floor and shock pumps are different and these would measure the internal pressure in different ways, gauges of floor pumps would jump and skip 2 to 3 psi of psi because floor pumps are used for bike tires whereas it s normal of skipping 1 to 2 psi pressure, but 1 to 2 air pressure difference for suspension shocks is too much difference of pressure, gauges for shock pumps would measurer accurately, even a single psi is measured by shock pump gauges, that’s the reason gauges of shock pups are better than floor pump gauges.

 Is It Possible To Use Floor Pumps As Shock Pumps?

it is possible in one single condition if you make a tight relationship between the pump chuck and forks and shocks valves so that the air would cause leakage from the chuck place, and also with the addition of adapters, if you do the same setup with a floor pump, you will start continuously using your floor pump for suspension shocks.

What If The Air Leaking From The Shocks After 1 Week Or 1 Month?

Most of the time even with shock pumps you will notice the air is leaking from the seals and valves of the shocks, it is not the issue of the shock pump but these are the shocks and valves of your bike which are not sealed properly and their seals are damaged which is causing air leakage, in this case, you have to replace suspension seals with new seals, and cleans the internal hollow space of the shocks thoroughly, after riding on longer mileages, the dirt, and dust of the trails would start accumulating and penetrating within the shocks, give the shocks a proper service after that dry them with a rag or rough cloth and again pump the shocks with a shock pump before going on a ride.