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Can You Shorten Bike Spokes?(Advanages, Disadvantages, Method And Tools)

Yes, it is possible and you can easily cut down the ends of spokes to decrease and reduce their actual length. Dremel and pliers are basic tools that are used in cutting and minimizing the length of the spokes. the process is much easier, first of all, you can measure the size and length of the spokes, after that you have to mark the place from where you are going to cut the spoke, it would be done with a blue or black marker or any colored paint. again check the length of the spoke from the marketplace where you are going to cut down the wheel spokes. after that with the help of cutter tools you can easily cut the spoke, after cutting rub the cut end of the spoke by touching its end with steel cutter tools to make the end nice and smooth, there are special machines and tools which are known as threading tools which can easily produce threads within the spokes, you have to insert the same cut end spoke with the threading machine.

After that, the process starts and you will notice the cut end of the spoke contain many round-shaped threads, and the choice is yours you can easily choose the number of threads on the spokes. when you have marked the spoke then you can bend the spoke from the exact place before using cutters and tools, it would help a lot in smooth cutting and there are no chances of jumping, slipping, and skidding of Dremel and cutter tools from their actual marked place, usually threaded tools are rare in some areas or towns, if you are not finding thread tool then you have to buy it from online, these are widely available in different affiliated websites.

Risks And Disadvantages Of Cutting Of Spokes:

When you cut the spoke, then you have to rethread the cut end of the spoke, and when you rethread the spoke by using of rethread tool, then the diameter and angle of the rethreaded spokes are changed from the previous original threads, now the next step is you are going to insert the same newly threaded spoke within the spoke nipples of the rim, mostly the major complain about rethread spokes were found that these threads become non-compatible for the spoke nipples, you can check this issue by threading non-cut spokes within the same brands or same quality spoke nipples and when you start threading cut thread spoke, this spoke is not going to insert within the same spoke nipple.

There is also another comeback and disadvantage of rethreaded spokes when you start cutting, then you have to heat up the same spoke before using cutter tools and the other way is using different expensive machines to do the same job, but these machines, when its time to rethread the spoke, then the strength and power of the same spoke becomes higher than the normal non-cutted spoke, this increase in strength would also increase the diameter of the threading of the same spoke, it is the main reason you will find difficulty when you re-insert the cut spoke with in the spoke nipple.

Process Of Cutting Or Shortening Of Spokes:

There are special spoke-cutting machines or grind wheels, the main function of these wheels is to make the cut edge of the sp[oke smooth and flat, so that it can easily insert within the spoke nipples of the wheel, you have to make cut edge cone shaped and after finishing grinding work, you will notice the end of the spoke is too much hot due to heat up, find some tray or any small bowl, fill it with water, dip the cut end spoke within the bowl of water and leave it for a few seconds so that it becomes cool thoroughly.

When you notice, the spoke is totally cooled down, now before inserting it within the spoke nipple, you have to bleed the exact end of the spoke with lube or oil to make its way of insertion much easier and more comfortable.

Hozan Threading Tool:

There are many ways and tools of cutting and shortening spokes, Hozan tool is among one them if the spoke is enough long from the eyelets of your wheel then simply insert the spoke within the wheel, now the upper top end of the spoke is threaded within the wheel and you are easily watching and noticing its length, uninstall the spoke and make more threads on the same spoke nipple end of the spoke, after that cut the upper area of the threads, we can say as you have to cut the old threaded region of the spoke, it can easily be cutted by Hozan cutter, with the help of this cutter you can also cut the longer end of the spoke even in the installed condition of the spoke within the wheel, and also you can easily increase the number of threads on the top end of the spoke with the help of Hozan tool.

Morizumi spoke cutter is also used for decreasing and shortening the length of bike spokes.

Is It a Better Or Worthy Step To Cut Bike Spokes?

No, on a normal basis usually it would not be a better step of cutting and shortening the length of bike spokes, if you have bought longer-length spokes, then after checking and observing, change them and order new shorter-length spokes, but if you have bought smaller length spokes, then also rechange them and order new longer length spokes, it would be better stepping than cutting the length of the spokes.