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Can You Put MTB Chain On A BMX And Vice Versa?-Here’s what you need to know

It is only possible if the width of the BMX chain is compatible with the cogs and cassette of the Mtb bike and BMX chains are usually not compatible with the Mtb cassettes and cogs because the derailleur of the Mtb and small jockey wheels are not compatible with the BMX chains. the cassette teeth and cogs of the BMX bike are wider in diameter as compared to the Mtb cassettes teeth and cogs because BMX bikes are single-speed bikes with more firm and long-lasting freewheels as compared to 7-speed and 10-speed cassettes teeth and cogs, due to this difference these cogs and teeth would cause a big difference in the diameter and width of the chain links of both Mtb and BMX chains.

Experiments have proved that the BMX chain is almost much wider than the Mtb chain and the width of the BMX chain covers two sprockets in the Mtb cassette also there is a large difference in the gapping and distance between the sprockets of the Mtb and BMX cassette, you have made all of these non-compatible parts compatible with the BMX ad Mtb chain for interchanging their chains with each other.


Cranksets of Mtb and BMX are also not the same nor equal-sized, there is a big difference in the spacing of the teeth of the cranksets and also the thickness of the cogs of the cranksets of Mtb and BMX bikes are different from each other, and also the distance and spacing of the cranksets from the frame tube and the crank legs is not same and equal for Mtb and BMX chains, you need to make crankset of your bike compatible with the new interchanging BMX or Mtb chain to make the setup compatible with each other.

Difference In Chains Of BMX And MTB Bikes:

There is a big difference between both of these chains, mountain bike chains are thinner and narrow diameter and BMX chains are thicker, heavier, and greater diameter than Mtb,  mountain bike chains can easily slip from higher to lower cogs and lower to higher cogs while shifting gears on the cassette due to their thinner nature and lighter in weight but BMX chains are heavier, if you want to swap BMX chain on Mtb then you have to install single wheel or freewheel hub and it is not possible to use BMX chain on Mtb cassette, cogs and cranksets, but on the other way if you want to install Mtb chain on a BMX bike then you need thin and narrow freewheel hub and narrow teeth cranksets to make thinner and narrower Mtb chain compatible with the BMX hub and crankset, then you have to install new Mtb hub and narrow crankset which is not aesthetic for BMX bikes because your bike does not give you a professional look, this setup is usually made by beginners and teenagers which are new in BMX biking.

Difference In Chain Widths:

There are different categories of cycling with different widths of chain links, width is the internal space and internal diameter of the chain links from left to the right side, and in cycling, world chains are manufactured in four internal widths which are given below:

  • 4.76mm
  • 3.18mm
  • 2.30mm
  • 2.29mm

These are the four widths of chains and these are installed differently on bike cassettes and cranksets also these are specific for derailleur bikes which include road bikes, mountain bikes, and gravel bikes. based on this difference you have to choose the right width for your BMX and Mtb by inspecting the teeth of the cassettes and cranksets.

2.30mm Width Chain And 8-Speed Cassette:

If your bc chain width is 2.30mm and you are going to insert this chain on a mountain bike cassette and mountain bike crankset, then yes this setup is compatible because 2.30mm is not much wider and greater diameter chain, it is a normal width of the chaIN WHICH is almost installed on 40% of BMX bikes, so you can easily make this chain compatible with the 8-speed cassette on a mountain bike.

Difference Between Full Link And Half Link Chains:

Mountain bike chains are manufactured and come in full links but BMX chains have two options both full link chains and half link chains. so in this case when you are going to swap or interchange BMX chains with the Mtb chains or vice versa then keep in mind you have to check the BMX chain. if it is a half link chain then it is non-compatible with the Mtb cassette and cranksets but if it’s a full link chain then it is surely possible to swap or replace the Mtb chain with the BMX chain. in the case of the Mtb chain then these chains are full link chains and if the previous BMX chain was a full link chain then the BMX hub and crankset are compatible with the mountain bike full link chains, all these things would matter a lot for swapping and shifting from BMX chain to Mtb chain and vice versa.

You can only run half link BMX chain on an Mtb bike, if your mountain bike has single speed hub without containing 7-speed and 8 to 12-speed cassette and derailleur, it shows that half-link chains are not installed on mountain bikes with cassette and derailleur due to width issues.

Is It Possible To Fix a Wider BMX Chain On A Mountain Bike?

Yes, it is possible you can maintain or fix wider BMX chai on a mountain bike cassette and crankset cogs and teeth but Mtb cassettes are thin diameter as compared to BMX chains so we can say this setup is 50% compatible with each other because, this setup would cause a lot of friction between the chain and the cassette and decreases the rolling speed of the chain through cogs and teeth due to resistance, including this it will also create much noise and sound which would be irritating when you pedal your Mtb bike on the terrains.

Is It Worth To Swap BMX Chain With A Mountain bike Chain?

BMX chains are heavier and Mtb trails are hard and aggressive, on every bump of the trail heavier chain would constantly start hitting the frame tube and causes deep permanent scratches but mountain bike chains are lighter in weight, so it would not be a better step to shift from mountain bike chain to BMX chain on MTB bike but yes it is a worthy step for swapping and interchanging mountain bike chain on a BMX bike.