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Can You Put Lock-On Grips On Carbon Handlebars?-Here’s what you need to know

Yes, Lock-on grips can be installed on carbon handlebars but the main thing is how much rotating torque force you are applying while tightening the grips above the carbon bars, because if you apply a larger newton meter force with a tool wrench you are going to destroy or damage your carbon handlebars because carbon does not have enough compression strength of tolerance, as a result, these carbon bars are much more sensitive a compared to aluminum and steel bars, so you have to install lock-on grips on carbon handlebars very carefully to avoid any damage or cracking within the carbon tubes.

Allen Wrench:

This tool is a must for installing lock-on bars on the carbon handlebars, it is a specially recommended tool used for tightening the lock-on grips, if you are using any other tool in place of the Allen wrench then you are going to destroy or damage your carbon bar tube.

Friction Paste:

It is a mixture used to reduce friction and resistance between the lock-on grips and the carbon bars, with the help of this paste you don’t need to apply much more and greater torque force, because this paste would help a lot and makes the way of the lock-on grips much better and easier, using this paste is must for this setup.

Edges Of The Lock-On Grips:

Edges of the lock on grips would sometimes break or crack when fitting and adjusting the grips within the bars, due to which grips become totally useless, it only happens when you have applied a large torque force on the tool in the beginning steps, adjust the rips within the bar and then rotate both the grips by your palm hands, if the grips are rotating and have not tightened, then tight them and again check them with your hands, when you notice both of these grips are not rotating further then leave them and never apply more force otherwise the grips or bar will crack or break.

Shifters And Brake Levers:

Lock-on grips are also installed and tightened by clamping the gear shifters and levers of the brakes above the edges of these grips, both of these shifters and brake levers will hold tightly to the lock-on grips and you do not need to apply rotating torque force by any wrench tool, this setup will run smoothly and you do not face any problem or issue by installing shifters and levers above the grips. the reach of the shifters and levers should be nearer to your hands, fingers, and thumbs to change the gears and pull the levers of the brakes much easier than usual.

Small Round Pieces Of Metals Above The Carbon Bars:

You also have another option of inserting small round pipes or pieces of metals which include aluminum and titanium above the carbon bar pipes before the insertion of lock-on grips. but it cannot be done by a beginner mechanic, you also need grease and carbon paste when you insert metal pieces within the carbon bars, you have to find smooth, and compatible metal pieces so that the lock-on grips would stay accurately above these metals, the main purpose of the insertion of round pieces of metals above the carbon bars is to tight the lock-on grips above the carbon bars so that it won’t move or rotate when you ride your bike on the terrains.

These small round metal pieces of pipes would also be installed on the interior side of the carbon bars to avoid cracking and breaking of the carbon bars and these pieces would also increase the lifespan of the inner layers of the carbon fibers and resin layers. the main problem or issue that happens, is that these pieces would sometimes cause slipping and skidding and reach outside easily due to which you have to install these metals again within the carbon bars. or you can use some sticky material for adjusting these metal pieces within the interior surface of the carbon bars.

Weight Of The Lock-On Grips:

These lock-on grips are much greater in weight as compared to other aluminum rubber plastic grips, so if you are a racer and you participate in racing festivals, then it would be a bad idea for your carbon bike to install these grips on the carbon bars, but on the other way, most riders would install them in their carbon bikes just for comfortability and smoothness, your hands, fingers, and wrist would not tire or fatigue much earlier when you have to decide to travel longer mileages.


The main thing you need to follow and keep in mind is never to apply greater torque force, and aso when buying lock-on grips make sure that these grips are compatible with the carbon handlebars or not. you have to look for compatibility between both of them, and the recommended torque force for lock-on grips and carbon handlebars is 5Nm force.