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Can You Put Aero Bars on a Hybrid Bike?

Aerobars are helpful accessories in the biking world because these are longer in size and length and have flat bars on which you can easily place your hands and use them for longer rides when you are traveling on your hybrid bike, your hands, wrist, and fingers would tire too much and almost go numb for holding the handlebar of the bike for a long time, installing of these aero bars would prevent your hands from numbing and you will be able to ride with these bars in a most comfortable position. Aerobars would provide you an extra place for gripping your hands and you can easily replace your palm and fingers with different positions on these bars, it is the reason that multiple positions of these bars would also shift the position of your hands continuously and prevent you from fatigue and numbness.

Aero bars are usually recommended for touring and commuting bikes, hybrid bikes usually do not contain these aero bars, because installing these bars would require proper and accurate geometry and the frames of these bikes would have different and inaccurate angles after the installation of these bars. weight of the rider is also important when riding on each and every kind of bike in the cycling world and in this case weight does not maintain and matches with the aero bars, because of the different geometry and size of the hybrid bikes.

Seat Tube Of Hybrid Bike Frames:

Seat tubes of hybrid bikes are of slack width different angles and the angle of these seat tubes do not recommend installing of these aero bars on the handlebar of these bikes, because seat tube angle will give a rider different position and the weight of the rider is constantly pushed in the forward direction towards the handlebar, and when you install the aero bars the setup will remain non-compatible and you would not be able to maintain your body in a comfortable position.

Head Tube Of Hybrid Frame Bikes:

The height and length of the head tubes would make a better angle for giving comfort and sitting for a long time on the saddle without any issue, tube length starts from the seat tube of the saddle towards the front stem body of the handlebar, head tubes of hybrid bikes are not recommended for the aero bars.

HGead tubes of hybrid bikes are manufactured with an appropriate length depending on the height of the rider and the size of the bike.

Bottom Bracket:

Hybrid bikes have different heights and sizes of bottom brackets ad their distance from the ground and saddle is different from the road and mountain bikes when you install an aero bar you have to push your weight in the forward direction which disturbs comfortability.

Centre Of Gravity:

The Center of gravity is also affected after installing aero bars in the handlebars because due to different seat tube, head tube, and bottom bracket, the center of gravity would cause a negative effect and affects the comfort zone of a rider. pedal striking increases which will increase fatigue and tiredness of the rider.

Stability Issues:

Aerobars have different hand positioning than flat handlebars of bikes, you have to stabilize your hands after some time when you are riding for longer mileages. but flat handlebars would not allow your hands to move in different directions easily.

Turning Angle Of Hybrid Bike With Aerobars:

If you are riding on flat and smooth roads for longer mileages then it would affect your ride but if your trail is twisted and zig-zag corner trails then you will face a little bit of difficulty and also your hands will tire early at corner trails by continuous rotation of the bars on right and left side.

What Are The Purpose Of Aerobars?

Aerobars are mainly used for longer rides to avoid hand numbness but these are not installed o hybrid bikes, if you are looking to install aero bars in your bike, then it would be better to replace your bike with road bikes, road bikes have bar ends as compared to aero bars, and these bar ends are far better for hybrid bikes mostly used for longer mileages and longer travel rides.

Disadvantages Of Aerobars On A Hybrid Bike:

Aerobars have many disadvantages, you can easily turn the handlebar of your bike with these bars, and also gear shifters and brake levers are not installed on these bars, so you have to pick your hand after every second for pulling the levers brakes or for changing gears shifters.

If you want to speed up your hybrid then it is not possible to boost or accelerate the speed with these aero bars, these would not help in increasing bike speed, wind, and air in the opposing direction of the trails would decrease bike speed.

Saddle Position And Heigth of The Stem Body:

You have to adjust the position of the saddle by bringing the saddle in the forward position and also select a longer height stem body because shorter heights would cause back pain as a result of bending position for a longer time.