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Can You Install Bar Ends On Carbon Handlebars?-Here’s what you need to know

Bar ends are usually not recommended for carbon handlebars, the reason is that when you grip the bars, it will push pressure and downward force deep within the resin and material of the carbon, which will result in deforming and cracking of the carbon handlebar, mostly these bar ends are recommended for stronger and firm material handlebars which are steel and aluminum bars. these bar ends also require recommended and normal rotating torque force if you are persistently installing them within the carbon handlebars, applying a large force would also break and crack the carbon handlebar of your bike.

Also, there are limited and recommended tool wrenches for tightening and clamping purposes of the carbo material bikes and these tools are expensive in their prices as compared to normal tools which are for aluminum and steel material bikes and bike parts. carbon material bike parts are also used and touched very carefully because the internal layers and material sued in these carbon handlebars do not warn you about cracking and breaking from any part and these will directly and suddenly break with a click of sound without alarming you about the breaking.

There are some riders who have a bad habit of putting all of their upper body weight on the bar ends of the handlebars on the trails during riding, in these cases also you are destroying your carbon bars with your hands by doing these tricks by gripping the bar ends of the carbon bars. also, the proper way of installing bar ends on the carbon handlebars is to keep the tensioning of the bar lower so that the contact and the joining point of the ar ends and handlebars do not remain tight and firm like the other bike parts are joined with each other more firmly, low tensioning is important because of the material difference of the handlebars.

Bar ends also depend on the specifications and compatibility of the carbon handlebars, there are a few brands of carbon bars that are eligible and are compatible with adjusting and connecting bar ends with them, but there are a few brands that are not compatible with the attachment of the bar ends, so when you are looking and observing to attach the bar ends with the carbon bars, always check the compatibility, durability, and specifications of the carbon bars for this setup. the best checking for the compatibility and durability of the carbon handlebar is that you can ask the manufacturer or local experienced mechanic regarding the carbon bars and ask them about the warranty and durability of the carbon bars for the attachment of the bar ends.

Ritchey And Race Face Bars:

Quality and durability of the bar ends are also important in this setup, there are a few brands of bar ends that you can easily install and use for your carbon bars, but there are also some brands that you cannot use for the carbon bars, a few examples are explained. There are two brands of bar ends named Ritchey and race face bar ends, both of these brands of bar ends can easily be installed with the carbon handlebars without any issue because these ends don’t affect the carbon bars, and you can also use them for the longer term.

There are different types and brands of race-face carbon handlebars but the most common and compatible bar used for the bar ends are flat race-face handlebars, these bars are more durable and firm, and are recommended to install bar ends above them without any issues or problem.

Bontrager Bars:

These branded bar ends are also common to install with the carbon bar ends without any issue and these are recommended for the carbon bars, you just have to apply normal rotating torque force so that you can break or crack the carbon bars as a result of applying of too much rotating wrench tool force.

EC70s Brand:

It is also ok with the carbon handlebars, but for these brands, you have to replace or remove the clamps and bolts of these bar ends with the other carbon-compatible clamps and bolts to avoid scratching and cracking the carbon handlebars.

IME And EC90s:

Both of these brands are non-compatible with the carbon handlebars and these would not stay safe with the carbon handlebars, due to which both of them are strictly not allowed to install them above the carbon handlebars, you can choose any other brand as explained for the carbon handlebars but always avoid these two brands for the carbon material handlebars.

Handlebar Grips For Installing Bar Ends On Carbon Handlebars:

Easton grips are compatible with installing bar ends with the carbon handlebars, the best and most accurate method of installing bar ends above the carbon handlebars is that there are specific plugs and clamps which are available online and from the mechanic or cycling stores, you can buy compatible bar end plug and install these plugs above the grips of the bars after that adjust the bar ends with these plugs, this setup is compatible and is commonly used for carbon handlebars.