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Can You Cut Carbon Handlebars With a Pipe Cutter?-Here’s what you need to know

Pipe cutters are normally not used to cut carbon bars, the reason is that continuous cutting of carbon material with a cutter leaves bad signs on the edges of the carbon bars which is not good to install these bars in your bike, there are other cutters which is toothed hacksaw blade and Dremel, by using both of these products, carbon bars would remain safe and the edges of the bar would remain net and clean without any signs of rubbing. pipe cutters usually give bad results and also the correct use of a Dremel and blade is that you have to wrap the carbon tube with wrapping tape or material before cutting, this wrapping of carbon bars would keep the edges of the bars clean and safe and would not affect the edges badly, after wrapping you can easily use any material for cutting purpose.

Carbon contains small linings of fibers and resin materials, when you start cutting the carbon tubes, these small fibers will also pop out from the edges of the tube, the design and shape of these fibers are exactly the same as that of the small threads which are present on both left and right side of the bike tires when the tires ruin these threads pop on the surface of the tires and you can easily ins[pect them, to prevent these fibers or threads within the carbon pipes, different wrapping materials are used for cutting purpose. there are different types of blades and cutters which are threaded and threadless, threaded cutters would not work accurately for cutting carbon pipes, but mostly threadless cutters are used and recommended for cutting carbon tubes and handlebars, these cutters do not contain any threads and when you start cutting the tube, you will easily reach through all the dimensions and edges of the pipe and the shape of the pipe is not changed when you are continuously cutting the pipe by using threadless cutters as compared to threaded cutters.

All of these issues and problems are concerned with the carbon material steerer tubes, the reason is that the composition and material of carbon are different from the aluminum and other materials, carbon material has good and excellent tensile strength due to which they are more durable and firm that metals and other materials, but carbon fiber do not support compression, the inner layers of carbon fibers would compress easily and the layers are damaged, based on this difference pipe cutters are not used for carbon steerer tubes. the internal chemistry and composition of carbon layers are manufactured differently from the metal tubes, there are many infinite numbers of fiber layers of carbon, and when you start cutting them with a pipe cutter you will notice the outer and beginner layers are easily cut and when you continuously start cutting much deeper, you will notice that the inner layers of carbon are not easily cutting and the pipe is ruining or destroying with a pipe cutter, but it won’t happen with aluminum and titanium handlebars and steerer tubes.

For cutting purposes of carbon fiber piper and handlebars, these are especial 28 teeth per inch saw blades that are used for cutting carbon tubes, but more or less than 28-tooth saw blades are recommended for cutting these carbon handlebars, which will result in destroying the carbon pipes. and also you have to follow another safety instruction, the edges of the blade and the place of the carbon handlebar which you are going to cut with the blade, both these places should be covered or wet with nail polish or some paint to avoid ruining and destroying of the carbon fibers and resins when you start cutting with a blade.

Accurate Use Of Hacksaw And Dremel:

The carbon material is commonly releasing and spreading small tiny particles of carbon fiber within the air while cutting which are injurious to human health, so you have to use your hands properly when you are cutting the handlebar, and never make round signs through all the edges of the tube before cutting, because it will distract you from the cutting direction, cutting off the carbon pipe would be done abruptly without stopping and thinking about the process. dust particles are very dangerous, always cover up your body and face and also your hands when you are going to cut carbon pipes, your eyes, nose, and mouth should thoroughly be covered with a mask, protective sunglasses, and plastic sheets.

Electric Bosch Saw And Tile-Cutting Jigsaw Blade:

Both of these blades are used for cutting carbon pipes and carbon handlebars, these are much better than the handmade hacksaw and Dremel machines, the reason is that both of these cutters are automatically run by electricity, and there are no chances of jumping off the blade up and down and you can easily cut carbon layers without any damage.