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Can I Use A Center Lock Hub On A 6 Bolt Rotor?|Can I Use A Center Lock Rotors To 6 Bolt Hubs?

Yes, it is a compatible and interchangeable setup, all the center lock hubs are made by adding an adapter and base with the 6 bolt rotors, through which the 6 bolt rotors are adjusted with the center lock hubs, but if you want to do a setup of center lock rotor to make compatible with the 6 bolt hub then it is not possible and it is a non-compatible method. although center lock hubs are made compatible with 6 bolt rotors with the help of adapters which are present widely through online stores and through mechanic stores and you can easily get any side adapters related to the size of your 6 bolt rotors.

Upgrading to this setup you would not need new hubs for your drive train and also you would not need new bike wheels to make it compatible with the center lock hub with the 6 bolt rotors, just adapters will perform their work correctly and accurately but if you want to do an opposite setup in which you want to mount center lock rotors to 6 bolt hubs then, in this case, these adapters will fail and you have to buy new compatible hubs for center lock rotors to make non-compatible center lock rotors compatible with the 6 bolts hubs, which is an extra cost of money because the rotors will also not work and you have to buy new rotors.

Small compatible round adapters are performing the function and saving many bucks which you will spend on the non-compatible setup to make it compatible for center lock hubs to 6 bolt rotors, but these adapters would not work for 6 bolt hubs with center lock rotors and the wheel even does not work properly as it was rotating on the compatible setup, adding adapters in this non-compatible setup will push the rotor in outside direction and far from the rotating wheel, as a result, the rotors and brakes would start rubbing with the frame and this non-compatible setup will totally destroy your brakes, rotors, and the wheel hub.

 Problems Which Arise When Mounting Center Lock Hub on 6 Bolt Rotors?

The major problem which arises from every wheelset after making this compatible setup is that it starts creating rubbing noises arising from the center of the wheel, it happens when you have screwed the two bolts of the disc brakes which are present near the cable of the disc brakes are tightened too much, you have to lose them with the help of a flat head screwdriver. upside down your bike or hang your bike with the truing stand, after losing the two bolts of the brakes, pull the levers of brakes and check the distance of the levers from the grip of the handlebars and maintain the distance in the right way which should be comfortable for your palm and fingers on the trails.

After losing the two bolts of brake calipers, rotate the wheel with your hands by applying force and silently hear the noise from the center of the wheel, a little bit is still arising and you are hearing then again loose the two bolts, by loosening these bolts the rotors and disk brake pads will also become loose and does not rub with the drivetrain of the wheel, it is a necessary step which is almost done after doing this brake setup with each and every wheelset.

Rotor Diameter:

6 bolt rotors diameters should fit exactly on the adapters and base of the center lock hubs, a smaller or larger diameter would make everything non-compatible and the setup is ruined, that’s why its diameter is most important according to the diameter of the center lock rings and wheel hub of the drive train.

Thru Axle Length:

It also matters a lot for inserting the adapters within the center lock hub at the drive side of the wheel, if the axle length is small and not reachable then the adapters which you are going to insert within the center lock hub would not stand on the drive head of the axle and further you have to purchase new thru-axle for upgrading this setup.

Also, the rotors have a center lock and base including the adapters, all of these would not stay accurately on smaller lengths thru-axles of wheels.

Thru Axle Diameter:

Axle diameters are important for the accurate insertion of axles within the rotor diameters. if these both diameters are not compatible with each other then no matter how much you will screw tightly the thru-axle or end caps of the hub axles, still everything will remain looses and with this junky setup you would not be able to run your bike on the single trails and aggressive trails, these will constantly make noise and all of this brake setup will constantly rub with the wheelsets, that’s why these small things would matter a lot for upgrading disc brake setup in wheels.

Proper Way Of Installation Of Rotors, Adapters, And Lockring On The Threads of Thru Axles:

First of all install the center lock hub within the wheel, after that place the adapter on the threads of the hub axle, after placing the adapter now its time to install the rotor, place the rotor exactly on the contact surface of the rotor, so that the diameter of the rotor and adapter would exactly matching with each other, after that now its time to place center lock above the rotor in the center area which is also known as lock ring, when all of these parts were placed, with the help of a recommended tool, screw them tightly, the rotor size would matter a lot for the new adapter which you are going to install within the center lock hub.

Can You Convert 6 Bolt Hub To CenterLock?

No, it is not possible to convert 6 bolt hub center lock, you have to purchase a new hub and new rotors for this setup, the reason is that adapters would not work for this setup, but these adapters are only compatible with 6 bolt rotors with center lock hubs.

One Piece And Two Piece Rotors Compatibility With The Adapters?

There are two types of rotors, both will work fine for braking purposes on the trails, but these both will make a difference in compatibility with center lock and 6 bolt hubs, piece rotors are compatible with the adapters of the center lock hub but these single piece rotors are not compatible with 6 bolt rotors, on the other hand, two-piece rotors are also compatible with the center lock and 6 bolt hubs. both will provide the same stopping power to the wheelsets.

Are Center Lock Hubs Compatible With The Lock Rings?

Lock rings are placed outside of the rotors, so yes all the center lock hubs which are manufactured within the industry are compatible with the lockring which are mounted on the outside of the rotors, and there is no difference between the lock rings, these would support all types of rotors for the braking system.

12mm thru-axles of wheels are compatible with almost all center lock rings, but totally depends on the tool which you are using for the center lock hub, and you can also replace the 12mm lock ring with the size of the tool which you are using for the hub and lock ring.

Is It Possible To Swap Front And Rear Disc Brakes With Rotors And Lock Rings?

It is only possible if your front wheel has a center lock hub and the rear wheel has 6 bolt rotors, and if the front wheel contains 6 bolt rotors or the rear wheel contains a center lock hub, then in this case the setup is compatible and you can easily swap disk brakes of your bike between the front and rear wheelsets.

But if your front wheel contains center lock rotors and the rear wheel have 6 bolt hubs then it is non-compatible for both front and rear wheels and you would not be able to swap disc brakes of both front and rear wheelsets.

Which Is Common Center Lock Or 6 Bolt Brakes?

6 bolt brake system is common and is widely installed in mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel, and BMX bikes, but it is confirmed the hubs of 6 bolts brakes are not compatible with the center lock brakes, that is the reason many times you will face many difficulties when you are going to swap bike brakes and you want to change rotor, hub or anything from center lock to 6 bolt because of the non-compatibility.

Center lock brakes are usually not common so much but these are compatible with the 6-bolt brakes, if you don’t know about the best setup of brake installation then go for center lock hubs, these would be much useful for you in the future when you want to make them compatible with the 6 bolt brakes.

Hubs of 6 bolt brakes are not of the same size and same threads and these would create a difference that’s why these are non-compatible with the center lock brakes and hub.

Which Brakes Are compatible With SRAM?

6-bolt brakes are compatible with the SRAM brakes.

Which brakes are compatible with Shimano?

Centerlock brakes are compatible with the Shimano braking system.