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Brand Review and Short History of KROSS Mountain Bikes |Quick Read

There are many mountain bikes brands out there and as the saying goes you get what you pay for this review was not written in anyways to degrade the brand but if we are talking about mountain bikes specifically then certain standards are to be set and of course, overall people opinions of the brand and other factors are taken well into consideration based on their experience with these bikes and we write them as it is.

Disclaimer: All the opinions come from the people and are written as they are we do not have anything against any brand or their merchandise but facts are facts and when a review is written there are many things that might get overlooked as well because there are times when the prices or quality can be justified according to each of these so, in the end, a brand review is based on the overall review of the brand in people’s eyes and is not based or said about individual models/bikes.


Short History of Kross Bikes :

In 1990, Zbigniew Sowsnowski began selling bicycles and bikes at a small market in Przasnysz, Poland. Initially, his bike shop only had a few bicycles, but over time it grew into a large company and industry that manufactured KROSS bicycles and bikes in large quantities. After 13 years, in 2003, KROSS became popular worldwide, and people and bike shop owners started ordering KROSS bikes in large numbers. As a result, KROSS became one of the largest bike companies in the world

The second largest KROSS company was opened in India, and it also grew in popularity over time. Currently, both Poland and India are the main cities where KROSS bikes are manufactured and supplied worldwide.

Quality VS Price Check:

These KROSS bikes are relatively cheap mountain bikes. In Europe, they typically cost 800 to 1000$. However, their quality is not as good as that of other European brands. Despite being called “mountain bikes,” they may not perform well on rough, hard, and aggressive terrains. Additionally, they are not considered high-end bikes, so pro riders often avoid them. However, if you’re looking for a bike for commuting and touring, KROSS bikes are a good choice because they are comfortable for low-speed rides and not too expensive.

Geometry and Replaceable Parts: (Up to Date or Lacking)

The geometry of KROSS bikes has been updated and upgraded over time. When they were first manufactured, they did not have modern and up-to-date features in their frames and parts. However, now KROSS bikes are made with more advanced and expensive parts, and the more advanced KROSS bikes are 100% accurate and recommended for racing or longer mileage trails.

In the past, the bottom bracket of KROSS bikes was straight, but new KROSS brands have a lower bottom bracket. The head angle of the stem body used to be different, but new bikes are upgraded with a 65-degree angle on all of their bikes

Upgraded Parts Of KROSS bikes:

  • Non-boost to boost frame.
  • The longer chain stay length was upgraded to a shorter 430mm chain stay length.
  • Travel fork upgraded from 150mm to 160mm.

Does Kross Brand Offer a Warranty on Its Bikes?

KROSS bikes offer a two-year warranty. If any part of your KROSS bike, including the frame, fork, drivetrain, or wheelsets, becomes damaged or cracked within two years of purchase, you can have the exact part replaced. If you have purchased a KROSS brand and notice any issues with the manufacturing of any part of your bike, you can contact KROSS by email and they will respond within a specified time. In cases where the bike is brand new and still in the box, you can easily exchange it if you notice any damage.

What types of bikes does the Kross make?

Kross company brand does make only 4 brands for the riders and its customers which are given below:

  • Mountain Bikes
  • City Bikes
  • Ladies Bikes
  • Kids Bikes

Features of all of these bikes are different because these bikes are manufactured with different weights and different materials and for different terrain uses.

What Is The General Opinion Of Kross Bikes In People’s Eyes?

When compared to high-end mountain bikes that are used on hard and rough trails, Kross bikes may not perform as well. In general, the Kross bikes manufactured in Poland are as good as those manufactured in India

When compared to giant, trek, and specialized bike brands, Kross bikes may not be able to compete

Low and High-End Bikes:

Kross bikes make both low-end and high-end bikes. The low-end bikes are not as good and people often complain that their parts are not upgraded and that they are cheaper and do not last as long. In contrast, high-end bikes are better than low-end bikes. If you want to buy a Kross brand, it is recommended to avoid low-end bikes and upgrade to high-end Kross bikes instead.

Durability Of KROSS Bike Frames:

In other words, Kross bike frames are Chinese bike frames, which means that their durability is not as good as that of other MTB, road, and gravel bikes. If you are looking for an entry-level bike frame in the KROSS brand, it is recommended to buy a high-end bike and then replace its frame with an expensive aluminum or carbon frame

Size Of KROSS Bikes:

One drawback of Kross bikes is that they are usually larger in size and do not come in a 26 size. This means that they may not be compatible with the body height and leg size of some people and riders. Additionally, the handlebars on Kross bikes can cause discomfort in the legs, toes, and knees when climbing uphill. Many riders have complained about this issue.

Front Fork Suspensions:

KROSS bikes have many advantages, including the presence of suspension forks. These forks are designed to absorb the bumps and jumps of the terrain, which has made KROSS bikes popular among riders and people. The suspension forks are one of the main reasons why people choose to buy KROSS bikes

More Brands and their Reviews :

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Customer Support:

One area where KROSS bikes may not perform as well as other bike brands are customer support. If you receive a damaged bike or have issues with a bike part that is still under warranty, the manufacturers and dealers may not respond to your concerns in a timely manner. When you contact them, they may say that they will come to you and resolve the issue, but they may not actually do so within the time frame they have given. Additionally, if you contact them by email, they may not respond at all. Overall, KROSS bikes may not have as good customer support as other bike brands.


When comparing KROSS bikes to other major brands, there are some areas where they may not perform as well. For example, in terms of price, KROSS bikes may not be as good as other bikes in the same price range of 700 to 800$. In this price range, you can find other brands that offer better and more durable bikes, such as Schnell, Raleigh, Sun cross, and Caya. Overall, when comparing KROSS bikes to other major brands, there may be some areas where they do not perform as well.