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Brand Review and Short History of K2 Mountain Bikes |Quick Read

This blog post is written by taking opinions from those riders and bikers who are currently riding K2 bikes on daily basis, this article does not negatively affect the value of the brand and its standard.

Disclaimer: All the opinions come from the people and are written as they are we do not have anything against any brand or their merchandise but facts are facts and when a review is written there are many things that might get overlooked as well because there are times when the prices or quality can be justified according to each of these so, in the end, a brand review is based on the overall review of the brand in people’s eyes and is not based or said about individual models/bikes.

Short History Of K2 Bikes:

K2 Sports is a company that was known for manufacturing bikes, skis, and snowboards. The company’s bike production ran from 1961 to 2000, when the company shifted its manufacturing operations to Guangdong, China. Currently, the company no longer produces mountain bikes as its license has been canceled. The company’s headquarters are located in Washington and it was founded by Bill Kirschner. While K2 no longer produces bikes, it continues to manufacture skis and snowboards.

Geometry And Replaceable Parts( Up to Date or Lacking):

K2 bikes were better and more affordable. They were designed for tough, aggressive terrain, which is why they are known as K2 mountain bikes. While the parts and accessories of K2 bikes may not be as durable as those from more expensive bike companies and also may not be available now that the brand has discontinued the production of its bikes however you might be able to find K2 bikes in the market even now but they are usually all used bikes and you have to make do with other bikes parts.

, the frames are sturdy and stiff. This is because K2 also used to manufacture high-end bike brands, and both their cheap and expensive bike frames were made with care in the same facility.

Their parts can easily be replaced, and their bikes are not upgrading day by day, which means if you wish to buy a new K2 bike with advanced features, you will not find any on the market, all of them contain similar old and traditional features and functions.

Quality Vs Price Check:

K2 bikes offer great value for their price, making them a budget-friendly option for riders on a budget. All of their bikes are priced under $1000, making them accessible to a wide range of riders. While the parts and accessories of K2 bikes may not be as durable as those from more expensive bike companies, the frames are sturdy and long-lasting. This means that the quality of K2 bikes is closely tied to their price, with their more affordable models offering good value for money

Does The Brand Offer A Warranty On Its Bikes?

K2 bikes used to have a warranty of 1 year, but they no longer produce any kind of bikes so there might not be a warranty left on their bikes they do offer other products now and they are mainly focused on those products only as I have mentioned above.

If you are lucky find any k2 bike in good condition they can be good entry-level bikes but nothing more can be said as they have discontinued their bikes production

Customer Support:

As K2 no longer produces any bikes and the warranties they had offered on their bikes and parts have been discontinued they no longer offer any customer support on their bikes but only on the other products that they are still producing today.

Overall the customer support reviews that we got from people are way better than its other competitors and they are very responsive and serious in that regard which is a good sign for a brand

What types Of Bikes Does K2 Brand Used to Make?

K2 brand used to manufacture a lot of bike categories including both men’s and women’s mountain bikes, all of the bike categories of K2 bike brand are given below:

  • MTB Xc
  • Freeride
  • Cruiser
  • Cross Bikes
  • Kids Bikes
  • Women’s K2 Bikes
  • Terrain Mountain Bike

The Dilemma of K2 bikes Right Now be aware :

The K2 brand has officially ended and any new bike produced or sold today on the market is fake they are just using the K2 stickers on low-quality cheap bikes which is really sad.

The brand has already announced that it stopped the production of its bikes so any new bikes that you might see on the market today are fake dealers robbing people of their money so be aware if you really wanted a K2 bike I had to look for an old bike and ask them for the bike’s warranty and check that warranty with K2’s business days other than that all the bikes being sold today in the name of K2 are a scam.

There are numerous threads that you can find on K2 and other brands just like this being called out while the product doesn’t even belong to them so be very careful.

How Much Does A Typical Beginner Bike Cost?

Beginner bikes of the K2 brand are not expensive, their price ranges start from 300$ to 500$. in these ranges, you can get a better K2 brand mountain bike, but further, these bikes would need upgradation of their parts and accessories.

Since K2 is a fairly old brand and you would only get a used bike at most.

Conclusion :

Beware that K2 has stopped its bike production and sold its license to worldwide cyclery in 2005 and there are no longer new bikes being produced in the name of K2 if you see new ones they might be fake but of course, their old models are still circling the market even today and you might be able to get one as an entry-level bike but do not expect anything more than that.