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Brand Review and Short History of Bakcou Bikes |Quick Read

There are many Electric hunter Bike brands Bokcou is one of them and by far it’s a relatively good brand of course the saying also stands that you get what you pay for and This Review is not written in any way to degrade or praise the brand is just a simple review based on people’s view of the brand and its overall products and other aspects like the customer services and other aspects.

Disclaimer: All the opinions come from the people and are written as they are we do not have anything against any brand or their merchandise but facts are facts and when a review is written there are many things that might get overlooked as well because there are times when the prices or quality can be justified according to each of these so, in the end, a brand review is based on the overall evaluation of the brand in people’s eyes and is not based or said about individual models/bikes.

Short History of Bakcou  Bikes :

In 2016 BRYAN CHILD & DAVE ANDRE made the Bakcou brand and there was one main focus of these bikes were made for hunters not essentially made as mountain bikes but are well-known as mountain bikes and hunter bikes as well it is one of the most reputable brands the brand gained quite a name far too quickly where we see most brands struggling to even get noticed today.

But they managed to get the brand off the ground in a matter of a few years and easily gained credibility and fame as one of the major electric bike brands and are still gaining popularity at a rapid speed.

The brand is located in the United States but its bikes are made in china which some of you might not find very appealing the truth of the matter is that most bikes these days whether they are road, mountain, or casual bikes are made or assembled in china for fast production and price control as well

And in my opinion, this doesn’t necessarily mean that quality is always going to be bad quality has nothing to do with where the bike is manufactured, it’s always dependent on the brand itself, it focuses its efforts on and how there products and prices are fair with people, which exactly is my next point in this comparison.

Quality VS Price Check:

Starting with the famous quotation that I always say “you get what you pay for” bakcou bikes’ prices usually start from 350$ and go as high up as 10000$, but since we are comparing both quality and prices here are some noticeable points that I came across that you might want to know.

Bakcou Bikes are a little priced compared to other brands offering the same thing at much fewer prices for example as we are comparing and talking brands here bakcou’s competitor brands like Frey and Ms2 Bikes have much lower prices than that Bakcou at lower prices but there is a downside to those brands as well which is time and overcharges, both these brands may cost you extra and you might have to wait for a week or two or even a month or two to get your bike delivered to you

So there are pros and cons attached to every brand and this is something that you as a consumer have to keep in mind and work your way around against some things.

Geometry and Replaceable Parts: (Up to Date or Lacking)

All Bakcou Bikes have modern geometry that is well-suited for rough trails and hunting purposes. However, it’s important to note that Bakcou’s bike geometry is more geared towards hunting, rather than typical mountain biking. While the frames are sturdy and can handle mountain biking trails, they are not designed specifically for that purpose. Instead, they are focused on providing power and performance for hunting expeditions. In other words, while these bikes can be used for mountain biking, they are not designed to be typical mountain bikes.

A typical electric mountain bike or a pedal-assisted cannot be compared with these bikes since they are more maneuverability-focused and more trail focused while these bikes are trailed focused but still lack that kind of movement that you might find with an electric mountain bike rather they are power-focused more torque production is simple words.

As far as the replaceable parts you can easily find them on their own website or any retail shop as well It used to be in past it was difficult to find them but as the electric bikes market has matured you can easily find the parts you might need even on your local bike shop.

Does Bakcou Brand Offer a Warranty on Its Bikes?

Bakcou does offer a warranty on all its bikes and they do keep up with that, that is if the defect is not done by you and it’s by the manufacturer’s side and they have a replacement policy of 1-time parts replacement except for their mini electric scooter which has a 30-day warranty all Bakcou bikes come with a warranty of 1-year.

What types of bikes does Bakcou make?

Bakcou Exceles in making bikes for hunters almost all of the Bakcou Bikes are electric bikes and almost all the bikes are hunters oriented the bike’s geometry and all other aspects revolve around hunting bikes which are quite powerful and mounted with powerful batteries for maximum load carrying, These bikes can be used as mountain bikes and they claim that they can be used as mountain bikes but generally they are designed to withstand the churn and burns of unruly trails by that angle of course they are much more than well-suited mountain bikes.

What Is The General Opinion Of Bakcou Bikes In People’s Eyes?

The general opinions in people’s eyes for bakcou bikes are as follows.

  • They are expensive
  • They are fairly tough and good bikes
  • Hunters-oriented good bikes

There are price complaints about the brand but most people’s opinion about the bikes themselves is fairly positive and I haven’t yet come across anyone complaining about the quality of their bikes.

That being said there is always a “you get what you pay for” constant in that case it’s not the brand’s fault it falls down to the customer if you expect a 500$ to perform as well as a 5000$ bike it never will move that aside they are loosing to their competition for being a little overpriced and still holding strong on quality basis.

What Size Bikes do the Bakcou brand offer:

Bakcou usually offers only 3 sizes with bike frames ranging from 16inch,18inch,20inch

According to them, their 16-inch bikes are good for 5-5.6 inch tall riders similarly 18-inch frames are good for 5.6 inch- 6inch tall riders, and 20-inch bikes are good for riders 6 feet and above

Customer Support of Bakcou :

The most crucial thing for a brand and its market rep, the one area that Bakcou Excels at compared to its competitor is its customer service they are quick to respond and they deliver on time as well and take other issues seriously as well of course there are always bad dealers in between but overall they are pretty good at customer service and that is one more thing to love this brand.

Word of advice :

No matter which brand you buy from or you are thinking of buying from always try to get your bike directly from the manufacturer rather than a dealer or at least a trusted dealer and check some reviews on the dealer you are buying from, I have seen many people totally scammed where the bikes come with a bike with a company logo but the thing in itself is something else so make sure to take cautions since this is, unfortunately, growing lately and it also falls on your shoulders to be pro-active cautious at all times.

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Conclusion :

Bakcou is a good brand over all the reputation they have is great online except the prices being high compared to its other competitors which is a big downer but it excels in other fields like customer support and quick delivery where its competitors are usually way behind it.