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Brand Review And Short History Of AtomLab Bikes|Quick Read

This article describes the history of Atomlab bikes, their frame, geometry angles, durability, quality, warranty time period, the categories of Atomlab bikes, and also the prices of beginner and entry-level Atomlab bikes.

Disclaimer: All the opinions come from the people and are written as they are we do not have anything against any brand or their merchandise but facts are facts and when a review is written there are many things that might get overlooked as well because there are times when the prices or quality can be justified according to each of these so, in the end, a brand review is based on the overall evaluation of the brand in people’s eyes and is not based or said about individual models/bikes.

Short History Of AtomLab Bikes:

The founder of Atomlab bikes, Mike Flaherty, invented the brand in December 1996. These bikes are manufactured and outsourced in various countries, with the main production taking place in Taichung, Taiwan, and Singapore. As a racer with a passion for performing stunts on BMX bikes, Mike initially focused on manufacturing BMX bikes. Later, he expanded to include mountain and city bikes. However, the company stopped production in 2008 and has since closed its doors. Mike’s journey with Atomlab bikes lasted just 12 years.

Quality Vs Price Check:

Atomlab bikes are known for their affordable prices. While the quality of these bikes is good, the aesthetic and design may not appeal to all riders, as they tend to have a more traditional look. Additionally, the weight of these bikes is minimal, making them easy to ride for a normal-weight rider. However, when compared to newer, more expensive bike models and brands, Atomlab bikes may fall short in terms of advanced features and limited options for mounting accessories and bike parts. these bikes are old model bikes, and nowadays in this advanced world, it’s hard to see any rider or any mechanic shop[ with these atom lab bikes.

Geometry And Replaceable Parts Of Atomlab Bikes:

A few years ago, parts and components of Atom Lab bikes were readily available in their company stores and mechanics. However, nowadays it can be difficult to find a replacement or upgraded parts for these bikes. If you are still riding one of these bikes, you may need to upgrade them with parts from other companies. Additionally, Atom Lab bike parts are relatively inexpensive, which means that they may not be suitable for riding on technical or challenging terrains. On the other hand, the frames of Atom Lab bikes are lightweight and durable, making them well-suited for stunts and jumping in your backyard or on rough terrain.

Customer Response Of Atomlab Bikes:

“Customers have reported poor responsiveness from the brands and categories of Atom Lab bikes. Many have attempted to contact the official company via email and phone, but have received no response. Even manufacturers are unresponsive when it comes to purchasing small, cheap bike parts for replacement or interchange. Contacting the manufacturers and workers of Atom Lab bikes is difficult as they do not respond to customer inquiries via phone or online. The best approach is to reach out to bike mechanic shopkeepers and dealers who have direct contact with the company. According to customers, Atom Lab can be reached through their official Facebook and Instagram pages.”

Do Atomlab Bikes Offer a Warranty On Its Bikes?

“Currently, Atom Lab bikes is no longer manufacturing their bike frames and parts. As a result, the owner Mike is unable to offer any warranty period on the bikes, frames, and parts. Additionally, the official website does not provide clear information on warranty timing for their products. Due to this lack of information, customers are facing difficulties when trying to purchase new Atom Lab bike frames or parts from the company.”

What Types Of Bikes Atomlab Brand Make?

The manufacturers and owners of the atom lab brand have manufactured a few bike categories, all of which are given below.

  • Mountain Bikes
  • BMX Bikes
  • Dirt Jumper Bikes

All of these categories of atom lab bikes are subdivided into different bike brands which are also available on eBay and other online stores, their bike parts are also widely available in online stores, even still their parts are purchased through online shops.

Price Of Beginner And Entry-Level Atomlab Bikes:

“It can be challenging to find prices for Atom Lab bikes as the company has discontinued all of its brands and bikes. However, if you’re looking to assemble, build, or customize a bike, you can easily find Atom Lab bike parts, wheelsets, handlebars, saddles, and forks in online stores.”

The most famous atom lab bikes are given below:

  • Atomlab Trailking
  • Atomlab Pimplite DJ
  • Atomlab General Issue

These 3 bikes are the most popular bikes of the atom lab brand all over the world.


“Atomlab bikes are outdated and traditional and their company is no longer in operation. Nowadays, there are many new bike brands available at affordable prices. It would be a better option to consider other options.”