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Best mountain bike brands in USA | A quick read

A little while ago when I was purchasing my very first mountain bike I was looking for all of the brands, their repute in the market, price ranges and do they sell out of their respective country or not, and of course, which brand should I go with for my first mountain bike I think you are facing the same problem, All the brand’s list here are for the US and all of them are old/reputable brands I didn’t list any brands that are fairly new to the market since there isn’t much info available on them.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can find in this article.

  • Most reputable mountain bikes brands in the USA
  • gear/material availability
  • Cost variety
  • Market availability
  • Best brands for beginner mountain bikers(reputable and budget-friendly)
  • Most expensive mountain bike brands in the US(why and how).

Unlike most of the other countries, the us is rich in mountain bike brands and you can find many good mountain bikes even in low-cost ranges.

Best mountain bike brands in the United States :

Here’s the list of some of the most reputable/trusted brands in the Us right now.

  • Trek
  • Giant
  • Huffy
  • Mongoose
  • Diamondback
  • Specialized
  • Cannondale
  • Evil
  • Santa Cruz
  • Scott
  • yeti
  • Transition
  • Marine

There are other companies like YT and canyon but opinions are divided on them some of the models that they released a bit earlier didn’t have so many spare parts available in the market but still, these companies are making great progress as well, but I will mostly cover the best of best in this list.

Marine may not be the most popular name that you have heard of a lot but they are making quite a nice name in the market for themselves as well so I decided to include them as well.

Gear/Materials availability :

All of these brands are innovative and they produce mountain bikes based on up-to-date geometry and keep up with the market so you won’t have a hard time searching for spare parts.

As for the materials almost all of them offer Aluminium, Carbon and steel frames as well you can find titanium and other variety as well but aluminum and carbon are the most popular materials used in today’s mountain bikes and you can choose from any of the materials and almost all are up to date in design so again you can easily find spare parts for them in the market without much effort.

Cost variety :

All of these brands offer a large buffet of costs from beginners to pro-level almost all of them do provide listing for beginner mountain bikers but of course, there are ups and downs some are better than others in the cost matter and vice versa so you can easily find everything you are looking for in your budget from as low as 500-thousands of dollars.

Market availability :

Most of these brands’ bikes are always available in the market for the takings but sometimes some models may be out of stock and some may even go away they are constantly looking into people’s interests and trying to do better with keeping the minimum budget and better quality so even if the model that you were eyeing for the most year passes by they will soon launch another one so you may have to be patient in order not to spend your money on trash.

Best brands for beginner mountain bikers(reputable and budget-friendly) :

All of the brands that I mentioned are always producing budget-friendly mountain bikes and with the cost keeping up with the quality but some brands offer a larger range for others while other brands focus on more seasoned mountain bikers, while you should always try to buy something that doesn’t dry your pocket but always look for quality as well, some bikes may meet your criteria for buying in terms of budget but they might be lacking in quality.


You can use this guide for purchasing your brand new mountain bike in case you don’t know what to look for in a mountain bike.

I also did an article on the best mountain bikes for beginners you can check that out as well in case you are having a hard time following the steps given above.

Here are the brands which offer the best rates for new/beginner mountain bikes and provide good quality for the value as well.

  • trek
  • diamondback
  • marine

It’s not that only these brands offer the best prices (giant bikes) also offer some good mountain bikes for much less prices as well and you can also find some other brands on the internet as well but always and independent research can be great and save you a lot of money and value as well.

Most expensive mountain bike brands in the US :

It doesn’t actually stand to say that they just don’t offer lower price value bikes but if you have an expensive taste then yeah these companies offer from as low as 1000-unlimited you can ask them for anything and you can count on them to make it for you in most cases they will have previously made some of the best of the best bikes already.

There are some of the most reputable most trusted and most famous mountain bike brands and of course, with so much experience quality and name prices do tend to fall out of line as well.

Here is a list of some of the most expensive mountain bike brands.

  • Trek
  • specialized
  • Giant
  • Cannondale
  • Evil

the list doesn’t stop here there are many other companies out there who have already made some of the most expensive mountain bikes and they are not just overkill of prices either they offer the specs and provide quality on the same level for those prices.

I think your favorite in this article would be about the brands which offer good budget-friendly mountain bikes for beginners, Thats alright always if you had like to buy a mountain bike in the future keep an eye on the market all of these brands often come with some of the best mountain bike deals and they are much suitable for beginners and are quality bikes as well if that’s hard to keep up with you can always count on us to keep you updated for good deals.

New vs old mountain bikes :

Well if you were thinking to snag an old mountain bike since it will be much cheaper than that’s alright as well if you had like you can check out this article I tried to snug as much info as I could and not bore you out of your mind as well I think it will really benefit you while making a choice.

You can find the link if you scroll up in this article.

As for used vs new well, we all know that if a thing is used before it will require some degree of maintenance but sometimes there are great deals out there as well and they happen to be much more profitable than any new bike.

by no means this article was biased there are still many mountain bike brands out there that are way more good with the people as well I wrote this article based on what I encounter everyday and from my own independent research.

Let me know which one you think is the best? and any tip that could help choose other new mountain bikers as well.

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