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Best Mountain Bike Brands in Different Countries Around the Globe

Although mountain biking is very famous in the world, old versions and new brands are also part of mountain biking let me tell you about the old/reputable brands that are bought in Australia, Canada, Newzealand, Italy with suitable budget ranges.

Here is the breakdown of the old/reputable brands of mountain bikes for the tough trails mostly used by the riders.

Most reputable mountain bikes brands in Australia, Canada, NewZealand, Italy

  • Gear/material availability
  • Cost variety
  • Market availability
  • Best brands for beginner mountain bikers(reputable and friendly)
  • Most expensive mountain bike brands in the US(why and how)

My article will highlight the reliable brands of mountain bikes in different countries either expensive or cheap you can buy as you want of your own choice.

Best mountain bike brands in Australia, Canada, Newzealand, Italy:

There are many mountain bike manufacturers placed in Australia Canada, Newzealand, Italy, but some reputable brands around the world offer their products in these countries. Here is the list of these Mtb bikes brand mostly riders wish to have a ride and buy them online plus from nearby stores.

Here’s the list of best mountain bike brands in Australia, Canada, Newzealand, and Italy.

  • polygon
  • Specialized
  • marine
  • Giant
  • trek
  • Norco
  • Focus
  • Reid
  • Cube
  • Ibis
  • Commencal
  • Merida

Almost all of the mountain bikes are available in these countries imports from Taiwan and the US. these companies are performing well role in shipping mountain bikes all over the world. you can easily find a good company mountain bike in Australia for rough trails.

Gear/Material Availability:

You can buy a mountain bike of your own liking and select what material you had like as well and even the parts including the speed gears of the cassette and the bike geometry. you have also the opportunity of changing the parts of your mountain bike of these brand companies. All the mountain bikes are usually made up of alloys of aluminum, carbon, steel, copper, and titanium metals.

the mountain bike parts are also available in online stores or through the shops you have easy access to upgrading your bike parts at an affordable price. carbon metal is a little bit expensive than alloy and steel but carbon and alloy both are famous among the riders who own mountain bikes.

Cost variety:

Costs of mountain bikes of these companies vary differently you have the opportunity to buy the mountain bike of your own choice you can take knowledge about the company brand before buying it. all of these companies have affordable prices of their bikes it ranges from 500$ to many of thousands it depends on your own range.

Costs of mountain biking differ from their lowest quality brand to the highest brand you can get the better quality brand in a little bit higher budget range and vice versa. but at least the prices of these bikes are not so much higher than it will disappoint you and you may start thinking that how can I get a mountain bike.

Market availability:

All of these brands import and export bikes in some cases they may charge you for exporting them to your country but the charges are not insanely high and the vast market of brands and models offers a larger variety to choose from.

because these countries import and export their brand qualities of mountain bikes which could be the best option you can find a good mountain bike of affordable price because these countries imports from all over the world so the best opinion is that you can take at least 2 to 3 options in your mind of company brands so that you may not be disappointed about your selection.

Mostly Taiwan company brands are everywhere in these countries with affordable price ranges also these are the rigid and long-lasting mountain bikes that do not create any trouble while riding through rough trails. you can buy second-hand Mtb from the Mtb bike shops or any of your friends in a low-budget range.

Best brands for beginner mountain bikers(reputable and friendly):

These companies are also designing the best quality beginner mountain bikes with a friendly budget range, mountain bikes are designed in different geometric shapes and different sizes depending upon the riding trails conditions, if you are a beginner let me tell you about the best beginner mountain bikes brands that offer a larger variety and are always producing trail-worthy low-cost bikes

  • Trek
  • Specialized
  • Merida
  • Merine

On a normal basis, all these companies are launching affordable range and expensive bikes but these are also producing middle-range bikes for beginners because beginners have a little bit of different experience from the pro riders. All of these companies have long-lasting lifespans and affordable budget ranges.

If you are confused with all the brands and still can’t find anything that best fits you or if you are having a hard time finding what to look for in a mountain bike this guide can be very helpful for you even if you are trying to find a good used bike or a good brand new bike for long term or as a beginner.

These companies are popular all over the world so don’t hesitate you will also find a bike of your own choice of best brand Mtb bike. for beginners, these companies are creating reliable and trusted Mtb bikes of your range prices.

Most expensive mountain bikes(why and how)

Expensive mountain bikes are usually for those riders who have spent more time in the mountain biking world. these bikes have a little bit high prices as compared to the beginner Mtb bikes because of their high-quality manufacturing used for long travels and tough single trails.

Mountain bikes can be on expensive sides because of the materials, well-thought structures, keeping weight under control while making them reliable, fast and sturdy.

If you are someone who likes to push the limits you may also need something that can withstand those lash back as well and that becomes costly even a normal low budget mountain bike comes through rigorous tests to be called trail-worthy and put into the market so a lot goes into the geometry, material, torque and stress dispersion while still trying to maintain the comfortability of the rider, so next time you wonder why mountain bikes are so damn expensive now you know.

It’s not necessary to have these expensive bikes only for the pro riders even the beginners also buy them you will learn about the trails after riding on them. so it depends on your budget range how much you can afford, to get the best out of your bike.

Here is the list of some expensive mountain bikes, almost all of the brands somehow differ in their prices.

  • House of solid gold 24k gold extreme mountain bike
  • Trek Yoshimoto Nara
  • Kaws Trek Madone
  • Butterfly Trek Madone
  • Aurumania Crystal edition gold bikes
  • Chrome hearts Cervelo Mountain bike
  • M55 bike
  • BMC fourstroke 01 XTR Di2
  • Cannondale Scalpel- SI Black Inc.
  • Felt virtue FRD
  • Bianchi Methanol 9.1 CV
  • BMC Teamlite 01 XTR Di2
  • Yeti SB5.5 XX1 Eagle Turq
  • Santa Cruz V10 Carbon
  • Budnitz FTB

These are highly expensive brands in the world of mountain bikes. of course, if you are wealthy you can easily get one of them.

Conclusion :

Expensive or not mountain biking is a sport that can be equally enjoyed by anyone and no money can buy skills for you an expensive bike may come with more perks and materials but a low budget bike in hands of a skilled rider can outdo anyone and anything on trails and shine brighter than any expensive bike.

So don’t get intimidated by the prices just go with what you like if you are a beginner just choose a bike and start riding it’s okay to have a low-budget bike as well as long as it serves the purpose it is useful and it is trustworthy.

But if you have some money on you and you are serious about the sport then go for it choose an entry-level nice bike that can last years rather than something that’s all gold and glitter and nothing else.

Hope this article helps you understand mountain biking a bit better and helps you regain that confidence.

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