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Best Hydraulic Brake Brands For Mountain Bikes A quick brands over view

Looking for the best hydraulic brakes here you can find all about the good brands of hydraulic brakes which are mostly used for locking up the wheel of your mountain bike thoroughly whether in front or a rear-wheel mostly recommended hydraulic  brakes brands are:

  • Trickstuff Diretissima
  • Shimano
  • Deore/SLX
  • Shimano hydraulic brakes
  • Tektro brakes
  • XTR brakes
  • Avid brake(Elixir 1 and 5)
  • Magura mt7
  • Tech 3 e4,s

All of these are the best and very popular hydraulic brake brands of mountain bikes. brakes are an essential part of mountain bikes and reliable brakes can save you from many unfortunate mistakes and incidents.

Trickstuff Diretissima Review :

Trick stuff Serenissima produces the world’s most powerful brakes among the brands of hydraulic brakes for mountain bikes and is well known for producing brakes for professional mountain bikers.

that I have listed above. this brake is used for the world cup racing festivals and these are the best quality brands of better quality and have worth among the pro experienced riders.

It is lighter in weight and the material used is made of aluminum with a very strong grip for holding the wheel tires. it also branches into several parts Maxima is one of them. it does not require much power of your wrist arm the grip the lever after every second it is clear that it is not among the junky brands that will frustrate you in stopping the faster speed mountain bikes while descending.

it is a four-piston caliper brake, the piston size is larger compared to other brake brands with 18 to 20mm diameter, and the price range from 950 to 1000$.

Trick stuff Diretissima brakes are manufactured in Germany these are the original material brands shown and these prices also are higher as compared to the other brands of hydraulic brakes.

Shimano Deore Review :

these are cheaper than the trick stuff Serenissima is always the best product for performing in the single-trail world. it has also a reliable lifespan they don’t break up or wear out so easily unless you decide to get them out of commission that is another whole story, but generally, they are well known for lasting longer and still being productive over the longest periods of time.

Even most of the time riding in unconsciousness you have no awareness about where the bike is going obviously it will save you from unseen circumstances it’s the best choice for every beginner or a classic mountain biker.

You can compare the Deore hydraulic brake with any of the other brands the stopping power would be the same as that of the expensive hydraulic brakes. these never create any kind of heat in its system rather it expels heat. Shimano Deore hydraulic brake is also used for the big tire wheels of 27.5 and 29. but if a single part of this brake breaks while riding, the downside of it is that you have to buy a whole brake set new for your bike.

Shimano SLX Review:

These are cheaper brands as compared to other more expensive brands, it does not require any tool in case of any loss or tightening of the lever pistons obviously there is not much difference between the shimanoSLX and the other hydraulic branks in locking the wheel in the downhill trails it’s also the best choice relatable with the other brands.


As you know price is the main thing that brings the difference in the quality, adjustment, material, and its stopping level. these are a little bit cheaper than the other heavier brands it shows that if you are a much fast racer then avoid Shimano SLX brakes while descending. the reason is that the cheap thing does not show 100% result in any trouble.

The price of Shimano SLX is 150 to 200$.

Tekto brakes Review:

After doing research for a week finally, I am of the opinion that the tekto brakes are not as good as compared to the other expensive brands, their negative point is that these can lose internal air pressure after having a riding of some miles

Every mountain biker complains the same thing about the tekto brakes these are not secure for long trails, especially for the downhill single flowy trails.

It costs money on its rotors and the pads you can exchange these both with larger-sized rotors and pads after that the tekto brakes will be able to control your weight in motion and it will stop the wheels instantly.

XTR Brakes Review:

Every mountain biker knows about the XT and XTR brakes both of their names are related but these are two different brakes in their weight and prices. XTR is lighter in weight and costs greater as compared to XT. Actually, the XT brakes have more durability as compared to the XTR and the difference in weight is 150 to 200g. 

Both are best just the difference is in their weight and in their prices but the recommended one is XT as compared to XTR. it has been confirmed after riding on the two mountain bikes one with Xt brake and the other with XTR brake, mostly the XT brake was good in its gripping and firmly bounded. that’s the reason most people prefer XT brakes.

Avid brake(Elixir 1 and 5) Review:

Avid brakes are famous for their strong locking/stopping power. among all of the brands Avid brakes have a lot of barrier power, these are very strong in holding the tire wheels firmly. despite these, the lever of these brakes is much lighter even with a single finger you can stop the rolling tire.

Some riders have a habit of applying the lever with their fingers some brands are tough you can not apply the pushing force to the lever but the levers of these avid brakes are much easier to stop your bike also avid brakes have a long lifespan.

The parts of avid brakes are easily found in mechanic shops these are easily interchangeable and there is no need of buying a new brake.

Magura mt5 and mt7 review:

There is no difference between the mt5 and the mt7 the reason is that both are of the same company and differ in their shapes but the working ability is fine. both contain the same calipers with 2.2mm of TRP rotors connected at the ends. 

As long as these become old their working quality starts decreasing and it requires much of our seeking, in this case, it would be unable for the riders who have been on a single track for years to handle with such creepy brakes, in short, their life span will decrease after using them too much. Any small mistake in their adjusting will put you in trouble so it would be better to adjust these brakes from the mechanic shop accurately.

Tech 3 e4:

E4 is an excellent brand for the tires mostly used for the flowy trails for skidding and jumping, and for fast-speed racers does not become a little inactive in locking the wheels of your bike.

The diameter of the tech E4 is 150 to 200mm and the weight of the tech E4 is 250 to 300g.these are used for small-sized bikes. E4 also is a good brand mostly used by riders used for all kinds of trails including single, flowy, twisted, and corner trails most suitable for long and short trails.

Conclusion :

Usually, you may see Shimano brakes on your bikes they are good and reliable if you don’t and the brakes that came with the bike are sluggish and not so trustworthy I highly recommend changing them for a good pair of standard nice brakes so you don’t run into more problems than you bargained for.

But most manufacturers do put on some standard brakes, especially on beginner bikes they should perform well if they are not well, it is time to change them and go for something that’s more reliable and secure.