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Best Dirt jumper bikes under 1000$

Dirt jumpers mountain bikes on a tight budget are really hard to find and sometimes you even wonder are there even dirt jumpers out there that don’t break the bank and still provide the value.

Well, worry not I have a complete list of them that would be a good fit for you and have the best specs for the value the thing that you have to watch out for now is to keep checking the list they are fairly popular and go out of stock far too soon.

Here’s the complete list of the best dirt jumper bikes under 1000$.

  • Haro SR 1.2
  • Polygon Trid
  • Airborne Skyhawk
  • giant STP 26
  • Giant STP 1
  • Polygon Trid J5
  • Rose Bruce 1
  • Dartmoor 26 player

Choice decision :

Availability :

Availability is the real deal-breaker and the most important thing you should be worried about most of these bikes are well known and people are always looking for them to buy at the right time if you can get them in a month are 2 consider yourself lucky mate.

durability :

Dirt jumping is all about durability if the bike is not well made it will slip and it will take your money with you this was the must check that I made all of the bikes are well made with aluminum frames.

price check :

There are high-end spec bikes out there but in your budget, this is the most value that you could get out of these bikes

I compared their specs with a lot of bikes that are selling for more price than what they offer, and believe me this is all that I came up with, and it’s a hell of a good price for all the specs they are giving.

A tight budget means fewer choice decisions but As they say

Diamonds are often found in Coal

All you have to have is a good eye but I already looked into all of them since I was recently developing interest in the dirt jumpers and my budget is as tight as you so I would love not to gamble it on a cheap bike.

Value for the money :

Find the bang for the buck is hard you often get either lucky or you are just good at what would go behind the scenes if you happen to make that choice always look for whats compatible with you and what would you benefit from for the longest period of time, A 1000$ price dirt jumper is worth the money if you know what you are looking for.

All of these bikes provide value for the money not one of them could be brushed off on the account of being low speed but then again availability is the real issue that you should look out for

Sustainability :

Dirt jumpers can be pricey and you wouldn’t want to end up with a broken bike every day or broken parts, Price can be negotiated but quality can not be compromised, When it comes to sustainability you have to look at the frame, the material used in it, if the parts are replaceable or not and how well it is assembled.

Long-term solutions are better than shortcomings on cheap models or saving a few bucks that may cost you more than the original price.

Specs consideration :

I went as deep as I could to compare the specs almost all of these bikes’ specs are the same here are some highlights.

Lightest Dirt jumper :

well, the lightest on the list is the Rose Bruce 1 with a weight of about 11.5kg

The heaviest is the Haro SR 1.2 

Best forks :

Airborne Skyhawk would be the winner in the case of suspension forks with 110 can be upgraded or you can ask to include 120mm rock Shox shocks, but the cost may vary.

Best tires :

Polygon tried would be the best in case you prefer tires above all

not that other bikes have any fewer specs or worse tires but the best equipped that come with the bike polygon is the winner.

Brief intro on polygon :

Polygon is a new company you may have heard its name in the past but it is on the rise in the recent years and is becoming more and more famous for its prices and the value they provide I would highly recommend checking out their other products as well not as an advertiser but just because I liked what I saw and what they are offering.

Brakes :

Almost All of the bikes that I have listed above are equipped with hydraulic brakes.

Final verdict, the best jumper for the right price :

As for me all of the above bikes have really really great specs and if I am honest I think they are the best of the best that you could find for 1000$ price tag with the best value pack, Still, I think the best of them all is

Polygon trid has everything you could find in an entry-level or a long term budget value bike it provides the best value for the price from forks to breaks and replace able parts it is also equipped with the front wheel thro axle which is a really good thing that i liked about it you can also check out other bikes as well, I didn’t make any choice best on what I liked or for advertisement purposes it just provides the value for the price and I loved it.

It is out of stock right now but by the time you check it out maybe it is available on the market again, Also check out all the other bikes that I mentioned I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

I list down some of the winning aspects of the bikes but for me all of them are winners and I listed down on what basis I listed them down but still you can check their price and specs on their websites and further decide what works best for you.

Conclusion :

The best bike is what suits your needs best and what you think is the best for you. If you didn’t like this list or couldn’t find what you were looking for or if the bike you liked is out of stock be patient take your time keep an eye on the market do not hurry and buy something that you regret for the longest time.


Leave a comment if you have a suggestion or what did you buy was worth your money, Let me know what are the things you look for in a dirt jumper?