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Best 26 inch mountain bikes for women Get an idea on what works

Finding a 26-inch mountain bike for women which fit can fit a 5 to 5.9 person could be hard to find but worry not I have the best lineup of mountain bikes that would fit your height comfortably and are budget-friendly and have high specs as well.

Mountain biking is also very popular among the women’s some of them have won uncountable trophies in the world cup races.

women also like the different colors of their bikes, which is totally understandable but I wouldn’t go for the looks only looks can be deceiving which is especially true in mountain biking, This list of mountain bikes was handpicked with great consideration into the trail worthiness and considering trail worthiness of the bikes.

Unlike men, In women’s mountain bikes we usually look for different parameters like the weight of the women also plays a role in choosing different types of mountain bikes. women’s also vary in size depending on their size and weight they will choose the bike of the exact size of the saddle, handlebar, and stem.

Here is the list of 20 best 26inch mountain bikes to choose from.

  • Louis Garneau Urbania SC4
  • Giant Talon 2
  • Specialized Rockhopper
  • GT Avalanche
  • Cannondale Trail 5 Hardtail
  • Orbea Occam H30
  • Whyte 805 V4 Hardtail
  • Orbea Rallon M20
  • Trek Remedy 9.8 Full Suspension
  • Specialized Stumpjumper EVO
  • Orbea Laufey H10 Hardtail
  • Orbea Oiz M20
  • Trek Marlin 4 Hardtail
  • Trek Roscoe 6 hardtail
  • Orbea MX30
  •  Orbea Alma H30
  • Trek Fuel EX5 Full suspension
  • 2021 X-Caliber 8 Hardtail
  • Trek Roscoe 8 Hardtail
  • specialized Rockhopper Expert Hardtail mountain bike in silver.

All are the same in their specs with hydraulic brakes. these are the hardtail, full suspension, enduro, trail, and the Stumpjumper women mountain bikes, I have broken them down for helping you choose better

You may get confused about what will suit you best and what to look for in a women mountain bike I have already written an article on that you can check that out as well if you are finding it hard to make a choice

Depending on the trails each type of mountain bike is different in performance level and also the comfortability level. I have highlighted some of these mountain bike types so that it can help with the types of bike you had like to ride.


I have listed above the women’s hardtail Mtb bikes mostly used for the single trails and their prices are from 2k to 3k$. Hardtail bikes are a little bit bumpy feels like you are riding on a rigid bike it has a quality of firmness.

Hardtails are good beginner bikes they are easy to learn new skills on and they are light and good for general commuting as well so they broaden up your way of using your bike as an everyday bike as well as a trail bike.

Some of the budget-friendly hardtails that I personally researched are given below:

  • Nashbar
  • GT Laguna Pro
  • Diamondback Lux
  • Liv Bliss 2

these women Mtb hardtails are cheap their price ranges are from 500 to 700$ these are manufactured for the short trails you can get them for your daily based purposes also these will entertain you while riding on a single trail but these are not made for the harsher terrains or trails,

the reason is that these are rigid when we compare them to the expensive hardtails. Well, it all depends on what kind of riding you have in mind if it’s light every 2 to 3 days of exercise or just enjoying normal trail riding they are best in that regard.

Full suspensions:

Full suspension bikes are comfortable to ride. Their shocks are made in such a way that the trail bumps would not hit you and these shocks will absorb the hits, full-suspension bikes are best for comfort riding especially if you are into racing are competitions they would suit you best in controlling the mountain bike while you are riding at a faster speed like when you are descending.

In the given list of women Mtb bikes, full-suspension bikes are also available you can easily choose them by comparing your size and weight with the bike size because these little things matter the most when you decided to buy a new full suspension.

The large size of the bike causes difficulty while riding through the trails you cannot appropriately lean and control, it brings fear of falling. Some women are short and some have longer heights so after testing the bike by riding it,

it would become clear whether your feet are reaching below the pedal level,  and the height of the stem is comfortable for your hands, after going through these tests you will find a better size of full suspension bike for the ride.

Budget suspensions:

Ever wiser know if you buy a solid thing it will last for a long time. 26 wheel mountain bikes for women have a high and low budget range depending on the type of bike, full-suspension bikes range from 800 to 1000$ for women of a better condition, choosing a bike and its budget depends on the trails you will face while riding.

Women mountain bikes also have expensive brands which have high budget ranges expensive bikes are available in a good condition and do not become junky for many years and their budget starts from a hundred dollars to many thousand dollars.

Buying a cheap bike will not fulfill your requirements on the trails because second hand used bikes are much old you do not know about the previous rider and also about the crashes of the bike, so it’s not a good decision of buying a mountain bike of your wish which does not support the faster and the rocky trails because your life is more important than a few extra bucks for achieving a first-class mountain would be a big terrible mistake of buying a bike based on your own wishes and ignore the trails.

All the types of mountain bikes (hardtail, full suspension, enduro, Stumpjumper) are best, these are budget-friendly and made for the rough tracks.

Beginner-friendly women mountain bikes:

Women riders who have not spent much time in mountain biking usually choose light trails, they may go a little bit up and down trails, and then she brings interest in riding through the harsh trails. the main thing in the riding skills is the balance of the bike through which the bike will follow its track without hesitating.

So the best balance maintaining mountain bikes for the women used for the local trails are given below:

Best women mountain bike under 500$

  • Scott Contessa Active 50

Best women mountain bike under 600$

  • Scott Contessa Active 40

Both are women bike models for beginners.

Experience: The past riding brings courage and you will learn more fastly by following the trails. but if you are a beginner You can learn thoroughly by riding through the trails, you can face the jumpy trails and the bumpy hits, no one will teach you better without your own self as far as you will face the trails.

Body type:

Every person has a different body figure including men and women it seems clear that the holding position of the bike also is different among the riders, the center of gravity also plays an important role in the weight of the rider because some are lighter in weight while the others are heavier it also brings the difference in choosing a mountain bike type so that the rider should be totally reliable on its bike.

Some tips for beginners :

If you are a beginner and you are trying out mountain biking for the first time, well you might be nervous. but here are some tips to ease you down.

  • Don’t be nervous
  • Don’t be shy asking for help on trails
  • Ask for tips if you are having trouble somewhere on the trails
  • don’t take things seriously
  • try enjoying more and worrying less
  • go with the flow
  • strat from less difficult trails
  • Don’t try to compete
  • Take it easy take your time it’s okay to move forward at a slower speed
  • Make goals and finish them
  • skills come with time be patient
  • try to stay on the trails
  • don’t block others way on the trail

Lastly, Be yourself and have a Blast

When you are going downward at a faster speed through the flowy trails your mind would be active but if you are a beginner it would be difficult for you to think like what should I do now and the crash does not take the time it happens suddenly with the blink of an eye and causes damage. because your mind becomes a blur and you will suddenly hit a crash. these are the basic tips for beginners to avoid terrible situations.

Hope this article helps you in some way if you have any questions write them down we would be happy to help out

Conclusion :

Have Fun Safe riding