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Are electric mountain bikes any good?

Electric mountain bikes are not a future concept they are already here and they are being regularly sold on the market as well, but the question is are they any good well…

electric mountain bikes are good especially if you have a hard time climbing, they might be a bit more pricey if you had like them to function as well as traditional mountain bikes also there are some restrictions on trails.

unlike traditional mountain bikes, electric mountain bikes do provide support and although they might have all the parts that you may see at first glance on an e-mountain bike they might be missing some specs they all might have the same cassettes 12, 11, 10, or lower speed they have their cons and you might want to consider them before buying a new electric mountain bike.

By no means I am criticizing or preventing anyone from making their choices these are just the actual facts. they are handy great on climbs we could all use some support insanely steep climbs but while they did try to keep up with the market prices of traditional mountain bikes, sometimes you may feel them lacking in some aspects.

Specs are not so bad that you may think they are not any good you can buy them see how they work for you in the long run and decide on what upgrades to make based on what you feel comfortable with.

that being said here are the pros and cons of electric bikes.

Pros :

  • good for people with disabilities
  • a good motivator for people who want to start exercising
  • smooth rides
  • great for climbs

Cons :

  • expensive
  • more maintenance
  • trail restrictions
  • may lack some features
  • heavy

These are just some of the obvious pros and cons that you would see or hear the real downer for me was trail restrictions, now what it means is that you can ride your mountain e-bikes on certain tracks and you may very well be not allowed to use a lot of trails, Also the maintenance the batteries will eventually dry out and the motor as well also they put a lot of pressure on-chain and cassettes you may be running a lot faster on the tracks now and climbing with ease but you may need to change your chain more often now, so the expenses list may increase greatly.

But on the flip side, the thing that I liked most about them is that they are really great for people with a passion for mountain biking but their disabilities were in the way these bikes are really great for those people and it will be great to see some of those people riding along and enjoying their time like everyone else.

things to watch out for before buying electric mountain bikes :

mountain bikes are damn expensive and those price tags may not be coming from the things you may think are the real cause for being so expensive.

Electric mountain bikes almost all have the same frame on them. they are not equipped with all the traditional mountain biking gear like the shocks/suspensions but they may have the same price tag or more to the same model that they are built on the reason being a lot of that price is going down in those batteries and motors and to keep the market afloat they need to cut down on somethings so you may see some lesser quality equipment on your e mountain bike but in a sense that is totally fair as well.

The equipment is not too low but if you are a hardcore rider you may feel the difference right away and may want to make some upgrades along the way if you like the bike’s feel.

Also, keep in mind they are a bit heavier than traditional mountain bikes so you might want to consider that for races.

How long it takes to charge the battery on an electric mountain bike :

It really depends on what kind of condition your battery is or whats the charger output but generally

It takes about 2 to 4 hours to fully charge the battery on an electric mountain bike, though the time may increase or decrease depending on the condition of the battery or charger output.

The battery may change depending on the price tags and also the battery capacity with the increase in the battery capacity you may see a slightly different figure than what I mentioned above but generally, it takes 2 to 4 hours of charging, also the charger plays a big role in it as well so it may take longer to or shorter to charge the battery.

If it’s equipped with a 500wh battery it may take around 2 to 3 hours and on higher or more expensive bikes the charger also changes so it takes about the same time or it may take a little more but that’s just for more mileage and power.

If the battery or charger conditions are not optimal you may see some differences in the given numbers.

How far you can go in one charge on an electric mountain bike :

Again it depends on the battery condition also different bike companies and bike models offer different milages based on the model or the battery conditions but generally

Electric mountain bikes can cover around 42 to 150 miles in one charge the number may vary depending on the condition of the battery or the model of the bike.

An electric mountain bike that may cost around 4k$ may take you a good mileage of 100 miles or less there are a lot of factors involved in this the weight of the rider the luggage or battery conditions it is as accurate as you could go on a new bike again depending on the conditions.

speed wise you may not see a lot on them on general commuting they are slower than the traditional mountain bikes but on a steep climb, they are definitely a lot faster and provide a lot of support.

Things to know about electric mountain bikes

here are some of the cool features and some information to know about electric mountain bikes.

You can wash your electric mountain bikes and perform the maintenance that you would do on a traditional mountain bike.

There are two types of electric mountain bikes

  • paddle assist mountain bikes
  • throttle e mountain bikes

paddle to assist electric mountain bikes to assist you when paddling and no they don’t paddle on their own they do assist tho

throttle e mountain bikes as other e-bikes do actually go on without paddling. you just turn the throttle mode on and they will paddle on their own. But one thing to remember is they are not considered mountain bikes and you may very well not be permitted to ride on those on normal mountain bike trails.

Electric mountain bikes come with a nice computers on the handle bars they give all kinds of information they can be changed as well if you want to upgrade them yes you can

Electric mountain bikes come with a tracker installed on them in case they are stolen you can use the tracker to track down your bike and recover.

You cannot board an airplane with your electric mountain bike you may need to remove the battery you have to transport the battery by some other means like getting them shipped to your destination by land or water transportation of some kind.

electric mountain bikes are heavier than traditional mountain bikes so if you had a cheap stand to perform maintenance on your traditional mountain bikes you may need to change that now as they weigh a lot more than traditional mountain bikes.

you may think of racing a road bike on the road, well don’t they may assist you greatly on the climbs and you may cross them but as soon as it clear road they will fly right past you.

They have sensors on the wheels and all around the bike to share speed and loads of different information.

If your ride has more than 25miles/h speed it may be restricted on many tracks and you may be confined to some tracks only almost all of the electric mountain bikes are made keeping this in mind so if you had like to some personal upgrades you may want to think about legal laws of your country or else you may be left with hefty fines on you.

Electric mountain bikes come with a lot more durable gear than traditional mountain bikes for example they are equipped with hybrid tires that are more durable than traditional mountain bikes because of their weight. The frames though are just like any other traditional mountain bike and they can be in aluminum or carbon.

Conclusion :

Electric mountain bikes are a really great upgrade there are loads of people out there who want to adventure like any of us but they are held back by their disabilities I really appreciate them in this sense

Although for me I will stick to my traditional bike and maybe in a year or two I may buy one for me as well because why not right they are fun and something new.

Let me know what you think about this guide, also let me know if i missed something as well, and would you buy an electric mountain bike or you are still thinking about it?

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