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Are 24 Spokes Enough for a Strong Wheel?-Explained

24 spokes rim is the lesser amount of spokes that are installed within the rims of bikes. and a lesser amount of spokes directly means you would not be able to carry the extra load on your bike, when you are going on a  tour with your friends and groups of riders, you would not be able to carry any luggage and stuff with 24 spokes, and when you are riding on hard and rough trails then it is must carry safety kit and tool with you, but carrying these tools your wheel will become risky and dangerous due to lesser number of spokes, but if the trails are not technical and are smooth and flat then 24 spoke rims are fine, but for hard and aggressive trains like for mountain biking, jumping, enduro and cross country trails, it is not better to install a lesser number of spokes in your bikes.

There is a large risk of breaking spokes on the trails with 24 wheels so it is a must to carry the spoke and hex key with you on the trails if any of the spoke breaks then you can easily replace the broken one with the key. and breaking of a single spoke does not mean that you can easily remove it and then again start your riding as before, but the wheel does not remain true after the breaking of the spoke and you have to true the same wheel by uninstalling spokes and spoke nipples from the rim, it is not an easy solution, it will take much of your time, so it would be better to remove 24 spoke wheel with a greater number of spoke wheels( 28 wheels, 32 wheels, and 36 wheels).

Carbon And Aluminum Wheels With 24 Spokes Rims:

Carbon rims are stiffer and stronger than aluminum rims, 24 spoke carbon wheels are used for riding all categories of bikes because after breaking a single spoke, these wheels would not lose the tensioning the wheel and the wheel remains true even after a long ride, but 24 spoke aluminum wheels would not perform better on the trails, because aluminum wheels will lose tensioning abruptly and the wheel goes out of true, even you would not be able to ride few kilometers with a broken spoke, because wheel starts wobbling and rubbing with the rim brakes and the frame tubes, so carbon 24 spoke wheels are much better than aluminum 24 spoke wheels.

Maximum capacity Weight For 24 Spoke Wheels:

24-spoke wheels are usually recommended for kids and children who are newly learning and improving their bike skills, but these are not recommended for riding on hard and rough terrains. because these bikes are not able to lift heavy weights and the maximum weight lifting capacity for 24 spoke wheels is 100kilograms.

Braking Level:

The riskiest point about the lower number of spokes is the braking and stopping of 24-spoke wheel bikes on downhill and cross-country trails, where you are riding at higher speed, you have to stop your bike by pulling the levers of the brakes, but if you will squeeze the levers with a larger force then there are more chances of breaking or losing of spokes at the same time, it mostly happens if a heavy rider is riding on 24 spoke wheels, but for small young boys and girlz, it would not cause any issue with a strong pull of braking.

Width Of The Front hub:

Lesser number of spokes also depends on the width, diameter, and durability of the front hub axles and the flange of the hubs, because if the hub has less width then the force generated by the rotation of the wheel and the spokes would directly hit on the center of the hub and the hub also repels forces towards the rim with the help of spokes, this conversion of energy between the hub, spokes and the center of the rim would badly affect a number of spokes and the durability of the hub, always buy better durability hub with lesser number of spokes( 24 hole spokes, 28 hole spokes, 32 hole spokes, 36 hole spokes).

Durability Of The 24 Spoke Wheels:

24 spoke wheels are not as durable as other higher numbers of spoke wheels, and if your age is above 20 years old, never buy 24 spoke wheels for uphill and downhill trails because a lesser number of spokes would not survive with a heavy rider for more than a single season or 6 to 8 months.

24 Spoke Wheels Are For Commuting Purposes:

Lesser number of spoke-on bike wheels are just for commuting and touring purposes, because you do not have to increase your bike speed on commuting trails, keep the bike at a limited speed and avoid racing, then you can easily survive these rims for many years.

Rim And Spoke Width For 24 Spoke Wheels:


Lesser number of spokes totally depends on the width of the rims but not on the weight of the spokes, lighter or heavier spokes would not make wheels stronger and weaker but these are the rim widths that decrease tensioning of the spokes, so wider rims are more suitable and recommended rims for lesser number of spokes.

And also wheel durability and tensioning also depend on the width of the spokes, thicker spokes are more durable than narrower pokes, which means double-butted spokes are better for 24 spokes than j-bend and straight pull spokes.

Pedal Striking:

less number of spokes does not make bike wheels much stronger, so you have to apply less striking force on the pedals on the trails, never apply large pull force on both of the pedals with 24 spoke wheels, there are more chances of breaking and unscrewing of wheels from the spoke nipples and the flange hub region

Spoke Nipples For 24 Spoke Nipples:

Durability and age of the spoke nipples are also must for 24 spoke wheels, the best and most durable spoke nipples are brass nipples these spokes because the threads of these nipples have enough space for screwing the head of the spokes, and the spokes also remain powerful with these nipples.

Building Of 24 Spoke Wheels:

Most importantly, 24 and 28-spoke wheels also depend on re-lacing and re-dishing of wheels, you have to look for an experienced wheel builder for rebuilding of wheels, because tensioning of the spokes and rim is more important than the number of spokes within the wheels.


24-spoke wheels are stronger for commuting and touring bikes, which include beach cruiser and road bikes but these are not stronger for mountain and gravel rides, and also you can install 24-spoke wheels on your kid’s bikes whose ages are smaller than 20 years.