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Hello and welcome to trusty sources we created this blog for solving the problems that we faced during our adventure as beginner mountain bikers.

In the beginning, there were a lot of problems we came across and there wasn’t much info for some problems that’s why decided to create this blog to help people like us who may be facing the same problems as us. That’s where it all started now we write about our experience and the problems that come our way, everything we write on this blog we make sure to fully research and try the sources that are already available on the internet.

We try to cover as much as we can all the problems you may be facing as we did at the beginning.

Your feedback is really important to us if we miss something and you had like us to research or write about something we had love to hear from you. you can contact us at any time we will try to be as quick as possible and respond to your queries.

Happy Riding people!