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32 Hole 3 Cross Wheel Lacing Pattren

Wheels that contain 32 rim holes are divided into 4 sets containing 8 spokes in each set and each set is accurately inserted within the rim hole and flange hub holes. basic tools which are necessary for 32 holes 3 cross wheel lacing pattern are given below:

  • Flat Head Spoke Wrench
  • Flat head Screw Driver
  • Spoke Key
  • Two Different color paints for differentiating between drive and non-drive spokes so that these would not mix with each other when lacing.
  • Wheel Hub
  • Recommended Size Spokes
  • Spoke Nipples
  • A spare spoke for threading of spoke nipples to avoid their falling within the hollow rim space.

Insertion of 32 spokes within the rim and hub holes are divided into four parts which you have to insert in them carefully.

Insertion Of 1st Set Of Spokes On One Side Of 32 Hole Wheel:

It contains 8 spokes which are inserted on any side of the hub( drive or non-drive side), place the rim on a smooth flat surface or on any table higher from the ground surface, after that place the hub in the center of the rim for lacing and inserting spokes within the wheel and freehub.

After that pick one spoke which is the first one, it is known as the spoke key because it is the main spoke which needs to be inserted much carefully, insert 1st spoke of 1st set near the neighbor stem valve hole on any side of the valve( left or right). and insert the 1st spoke key from the top position within the flange hub in the downward direction.

It’s the 1st spoke now you have to insert the 2nd spoke,  skip one hole of the hub flange hub and insert it within the 3rd hole, while for rim holes, skip 3 holes and insert the 2nd spoke in the fourth hole. which means the skipping pattern is the same as that when you are lacing the 36-hole spoke wheel pattern.

Follow the same step by skipping one hole within the hub flange and three holes within the rim for the insertion of all 8 spokes of 1st set. although it’s the first set of spokes and these do not need to cross with each other, simply you can install them within the hub and the rim holes by following the same given pattern.

Rim Hole Pattern For 1st set of spokes:

1st spoke on the right or left side of the valve hole, 2nd spoke in the 5th rim hole,3rd spoke in the 9th rim hole, 4th spoke in the 13th rim hole,5th spoke in the 17th rim hole, 6th spoke in 21st rim hole, 7th spoke in 25th rim hole,8th spoke in 29th rim hole, and after that, you will count and skip three rim holes you will get the 1st key spoke which you have inserted in the beginning.

In this way, the first set of 8 spokes is inserted within the rim holes.

Flange Hub Pattern For 1st Set:

1st spoke in the 1st hole of the hub, 2nd spoke in the 3rd hole, 3rd spoke in the 5th hole, 4th hole in 7th hole,5th hole in 9th hole,6th hole in the 11th hole,7th hole in the 13th hole,8th hole in 15th hole.

this is the pattern for 1st eight sets of spokes to insert accurately within the hub holes by skipping one hole.

Insertion of 2nd Set Of Spokes Within 32 Hole Wheel:

2nd set also 8 contains 8 spokes, now you can opposite the wheel and insert these 8 spokes on the other side of the flange hub holes. like if you have inserted the 1st set of 8 spokes on the non-drive side then insert the 2nd set of spokes on the drive side and vice versa.

Now the rim contains eight spokes and you are inserting the 9th one which is the 1st spoke of the second set, for this insertion you can insert this spoke in such a way so that it is exactly parallel with the opposite mounted spoke.

Insert the first spoke on exactly the same parallel position in the hub hole and left or right side of the exact parallel spoke, so that this new spoke would be the neighbor of the parallel opposite spoke.

In the same way, you have to insert the 2nd spoke in the nearer rim hole of the 2nd spoke of the 1st set, and the third spoke in the nearer third spoke of the 1st set, and insert all the spokes of this second set( 8 spokes) in the same way.

When you finish the 2nd set of spoke insertion, inspect all the spokes, you will see all 16 spokes are twins and these are making couples, and you will get 8 couples of spokes after the completion of the 2nd set.

There would be a large noticeable space between these two sets of spokes which you will clearly recognize because these two sets still do not cross spokes between them and crossing starts from the third set of spokes.

Insertion Of Third Set Of 8 Spokes Within 32 Hole Wheel:

Now it is the third step which starts from inserting the 17th spoke within the rim and hub holes and this set needs a crossing of spokes with the previous 16 spokes( two sets of spokes).

You can insert 1st spoke of the third set from any hub hole, there is not a specific hub hole for the 17th spoke of the third set for inserting within the hub hole, after inserting in the hub hole you can count the parallel and neighbor spoke and insert the head of this new spoke in the 10th rim hole by skipping 9 rim holes.

And this new spoke also needs crossing, you have to cross three neighbor spokes in such a way that this new spoke should go above two neighbor spokes and under the third spoke ( above, above, under). and there is also another way, you can cross this new spoke under two spokes and above the third spoke( under, under, above). both conditions are valid and possible but always skip 9 rim holes for this new spoke for inserting and threading the head of this spoke within the spoke nipples.

For the 1st spoke key of the third set you have to skip 9 rim holes but for the remaining spokes from 18 to 24 spokes, for these spokes skip 3 rim holes and insert them in the fourth one. it is the reason 1st spoke of the set is most important and accurately inserted on its accurate rim hole.

Final 4th Set Of Spoke Within The 32 Hole Wheel:

It is the final step in which just 8 spokes are left for lacing them and inserting them within the rim, the pattern is the same as 3rd set of spokes, now just 8 rim holes are left within the rim, and 8 holes are left within the flange hub, you can count them, if there is any misunderstanding or if the holes are more or less from 8 number then surely you have done anything wrong within the wheel lacing. you have to check further and you have to repeat the same complicated process to find the problem.

Insert the 1st spoke key of the 4th set within any hole within the rim, but the process is the same you can skip 9 rim holes or nice spokes and insert it within the 10th hole and after that when 7 spokes are left you can insert them near a neighbor rim hole where already three spokes are crossing with each other.

before insertion of the final set of spokes, you will see there are 8 groups of spokes with 3,3 partners staying and crossing with each other, and the 4th set also comes between the empty holes within them which make a group of 4 spokes.

The crossing pattern is the same for the 4th set of spokes, you have to cross each spoke under two spokes and above or over the third one and then within the rim hole and screw it within the threads of spoke nipples tightly.

In this way, you can insert all 7 spokes of the final set by skipping 3 rim holes and in the 4th one, this is the exact pattern and method of wheel lacing pattern for 32 rim holes and 3 cross spokes.


Always use a specific key for threading spoke nipples and if you do not have any recommended spoke nipple key then with any tool, you can wet the screwing head of the tool with any lube or gum or any sticky material so that you cannot lose these small spoke nipples within the hollow space of the rim.

And if you are confused about the position and location of the hub in the beginning when you are going to mount and insert all spokes within the flange hub holes, then the specific and correct way is that insert the 1st set of spokes within the rim hole and hub hole in such a way so that when you wrap or rotate the hub then the logo of the hub which is made in the center of the hub then it would be easily seen from the valve hole stem of the rim, in simply when you see from your eyes through the valve hole deeply within the rim, then your eye will directly see the logo of the hub, but it is not necessary, it’s just a formality.