11 Best thermal Base Layers for mountain biking to survive every season

Base layers are made of a single layer and are used to cover the chest, back, and hands. these are light weighted products mostly used for the winter and summer seasons. in winters you can wear them with better quality and more thick layer but in summers you can wear the light-weighted products although these are necessary products for wearing purpose especially when you have a ride.

These are useful in wearing because they act as a blocker against the front cold air and wind in winters when it’s too cold and shady trails. above these base layers, you can wear the chest and back protector and it keeps your upper body warm.

There are different brands with different designs and shapes which include zippers, ties, t-shirts, uppers, etc. you can experience all of these according to the weather condition if it’s too cold then buy a quality product which is made of thick layer because for sure it is expensive but it would not feel like its cold when you ride a mountain bike on trails.

Another advantage is that these are made of thin layers as compared to the thick jerseys that’s why the air ventilation remains good and the sweat and moisture that arises under the surface of the layer in contact with your body, will absorb immediately.

Base layers remain warm under the jacket and jersey even if it’s raining outside your body temperature remains warm and does not feel like it’s cold outside.

Another benefit is that if somehow they became wet on the trails then due to the lightweight and simple manufacturing they become dry after a few times, even in wet conditions these will keep your body warm.


Another noticeable thing is that buy your own body-sized base layer so that it would be properly fitted on your upper body when you move left and right it does not be tight enough and if it is lose too much then it would not block the air and wind which would easily enter through the open areas up and down and does not help on the trails.

Sometimes the smaller and bigger length of the base layer causes the issue, if you want your favorite base layer but it is long or short then you can fit it in the home after buying by cutting and adjusting the length.

Base layers also differ widely in their sleeves. these are available in long and short sleeves. it depends on you and your experience, the one which fits accurately on your arms and you feel comfortable with them.


Never buy cotton-made base layers because these will start to produce a bad smell to your body, also starts itching to the back and front, and are much uncomfortable for riding purposes. Wool, synthetic, polyester, and fabric base layers are perfectly good, light-weighted, and easy to wear.

Best Baselayers for a mountain bike:

  • Merino Wool Baselayer
  • Gore
  • Odlo
  • Uniqlo Airism
  • Assos Skinfoil base layers
  • Rapha
  • Uniqlo Heattech
  • Brynje Baselayer
  • Castelli Flanders Baselayer
  • Craft ADV Warm Fuseknit Intensity base layer

Although the warmer and forever guaranteed base layer is Merino Wool baselayer among all of them.

Merino Wool Baselayer:

Merino wool base layers are divided into many categories:

  • Meriwool
  • Smart wool
  • Merino Air baselayer
  • BlackOvis wool base layer
  • Ice breaker merino wool base layer

All of these are of the best quality with long durability ad compared to the other synthetic baselayers. all of these are light in weight and simply designed but the used material is genuine and totally warms your upper body. these are available in small, medium, and large sizes depending on your age and height. these are specially made for winters and for snowy days.

These have different designs and shapes and are made up of thin layers which totally warm up your body in cold.

Merino wool is the best to evaporate the water and sweat from your body because the design of this base layer in such a way it contains thick and thin parts where the water does not stay a long time and in biking it is usually good because the sweat comes on our upper body which has enough way of ventilation and evaporation.


The Gore company is further divided into many brands, all of these are the best, and Gore company has their own bike wears used to wear by the riders.

  • Gore Bike Wear
  • Gore Windstopper

Gore Bike Wear:

Gore bike wear is usually made up of a thin layer and less durable as compared to the merino wool and also it is not much comfortable in wearing because it is tightly fitted, it is made in such a way the rubber and material of this wearing itches to your chest and back.

On the other hand, the uppers and jackets of Gore company are highly branded products, if you wish to buy Gore Baselayer then buy an expensive and better base layer of this company for yourself so that it would last at least more than  2 years.

These are the best windbreaker and block the cold air and wind, especially in cold seasons.

Odlo Blackcomb Baselayer:

It is a little bit more tightened baselayer in wearing and it will stick with your body which sometimes does not dry sweat and water too early because the ventilation system is not as good as the other base layers. but it is the high classic base layer and contains a smallmouth pouch that can cover your mouth and works as a mask and it is enough to cover your both ears thoroughly, which is almost a new design for wearing.

It also has tightly fitted cap wear for your head and the mouth and head pouch layer is pretty thin so that it does not irritate you on the trails when you wear them while biking. simply I can say that it is a ninja wearing baselayer and the wrist arms are tight but comfortable and movable.

Uniqlo Airism:

These are usually made up of thin layers and used for summer seasons. these have the best ventilation system for air and sweat. these can easily be dry out if they became wet. these are light in weight and do not feel even you are wearing a base layer.

The Uniqlo company mostly manufactures light-weighted products of base layers and the quality is the best. Uniqlo baselayers have silky outer surfaces when you rub your hand you will feel slipness which usually helps to repel every dirt particle and water and does allow it to penetrate within the base layer. the material used for these baas layers is fiber.


It has a single claim of the smell of sweat when you wear it for long rides, you can feel that smell leaking through the inner surface of this base layer.

Assos skin foil baselayer:

These are further divided into many types of base layers for summer and winter seasons, if it’s summer you can buy without sleeve Assos baselayers and when winter comes you can buy Assos baselayers with full sleeves and thick base layer. so these have their own setup for summer and winter.

Assos company base layers are famous among the riders because of the difference in the layers for every season. these have small, medium, and large sizes. the box contains a base layer and a small instruction card where you can read the instruction for washing and preventing, the rubber used in their making is soft and flexible.

Rapha Pro Team Baselayer:

The material used in the Rapha base layer is Polyester and fiber and is used for winter seasons. it is light in weight and durability is good. these can fit and stay tightly on your upper body and it also contains coverage for the mouth and ears which fulfills the mask facility.

The thin layer is good enough to provide better ventilation to dry sweat and the air contact remains with your upper body.

Castelli Flanders baselayer:

These are usually available in black color and these are available in all sizes

  • extra small
  • small
  • medium
  • large
  • extra large

their price is 99$.

These are long sleeve base layers for the winter seasons. these are made up of fiber material.

Craft ADV Warm fuseknit intensity baselayer:

The material used for their making is polyester and the rubber is stretchy and flexible. Craft ADV is a thick base layer mostly used for minus-degree winter seasons.it can fully itches with your body and does not move and slips on your body, the neck and shoulder region is fully tightened and does not become loose when you move and position your upper body in any direction.

Brynje Baselayer:

These are usually made for summer seasons because they contain holes through which the air and wind directly hit on your upper body. these are classic brands for wearing because of the 100% open ventilation system. they have long sleeves, if you have this brand then you can also use it for the winter season by wearing any jersey or jacket above Brynje Baselayer.


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